Friday, September 13, 2013

Day 1- Weird things you do when you're alone.

I really want to start blogging again, but I just haven't felt motivated to start. I found a little 30 day challenge questionnaire on Pinterest and I think it will be a fun way to get me back into it, so here it goes.

Day 1- Weird things you do when you're alone.

First of all I am rarely alone. I always have Cutecumber with me during the day, and even when I run errands in the evening, when the kids are out of school, one usually tags along. On the weekends I do get to hit a couple of thrift stores alone (usually) and the trip goes something like this:

I get out of bed and "freshen up" my PJs. That is a step below getting dress. This usually consists of me putting a bra on under the t-shirt I wore to bed, changing into jean capris (my bottoms of choice) and throwing my hair into a ponytail, sliding on some flip flops, a quick face and teeth cleaning, a little deodorant and I'm out the door! I think I rush it because I want to go before anyone notices I'm leaving. If Cutecumber sees me getting dressed, I get the "Where are you going? Can I come?" and if the others see me it's "Will you pick up ____ for me while you are out?" It's my only "me" time and these things ruin my vibe!

First thing I do is turn the radio from Kids Place Live to XM9!  Usually a song from the 90s brings me right back to who I was before kids, before marriage. A really selfish time in my life that was all about me. It sets the mood! And I belt it out, especially the songs that I normally wouldn't play with the kids in the car. CAUSE I CAN!

"...REGULATORS! Mount up! It was a clear black night, a clear white moon..."

*I can sing that whole song word for word. Ms. Thang caught me once. She was shocked..I felt amazingly cool, her omgosh-my-mom-is-such-a-nerd face did not phase me at all. 

I hit up Helping Hands first. I have this route that I always take through the store. Basically I leave the home decor (my fav) for last. I usually rush a big circle around the rest of the store, glancing at a few things, but I'm in a hurry to get to the back, where I spend 90% of my time and buy most of my items. I am slightly oblivious to everyone around me (aside from making sure people can get by) and I pick up lots of things, hold them up, turn them over and figure out what exactly they are for, or what I could use them for. I talk to myself A LOT. It's not so bad if Cutecumber is with me because I can pretend to ask her things (although I did this even when she was unable to talk). The fact that she can  doesn't make much of a difference. She's learned to ignore me. I answer for her and when she isn't there I answer my own questions.

"Would this shelf hold fingernail polish?" "No, I think it's too short."

Don't worry, I whisper it. I'm not "full blown" crazy.

After I'm done there, I usually want a snack or breakfast that I don't have to share. I love the bacon egg and cheese tacos at the donut place that used to be a Taco Villa (way back!) that sits across Midland Dr. from Goodwill. It takes them a little while to make it so I usually have to pull around to the front and wait.

"Can't stand it, I know you planned it. I'm gonna set it straight, this watergate...."

Oh, you startled me. I didn't see you bring my order around. Hope my singing skills didn't intimidate you...

 Then I drive across the street to Goodwill and I do a parking-lot-scarfing of my breakfast. Taco gone in 4 giant bites, rinse it will OJ. I pop a breath mint and head inside. Same routine as Helping Hands, except that I end up in the toy section and I always try to  grab a little something for the kids. It's a  transition back into my real life where it isn't all about me. Even though the kids have learned that I don't always walk in the door with gifts, the truth is,  they are hoping I have something for them. The rushing to the door, eyeing my bags for clues as they try to hide their suspense with "You're home!"  showering me with hugs.  I like to be the good guy after a good morning. I love coming in the door and confirming that I do, in fact, "have something for you guys!" :)

There is also the rare occasion when I have an evening to myself once the kids all go to bed and my Honey turns in early as well. Nothing interesting there, I just watch a little Netflix (Scrubs, Parenthood) enjoying the moment until my head jolts up from that "almost falling" feeling you get as you start to nod off on the couch. I really need more alone time....

Friday, February 1, 2013

Not everything turns out great

I had this ugly (and disgusting) storage ottoman in the garage. It was filthy so I couldn't give it away and I didn't want to just throw it out because it had a bit of sentimental value. Ms. Thang's BFF gave her this for Christmas filled with gifts. (Talk about awesome wrapping idea right?) but after a bunch of abuse, it started to look a little icky. So it sat out there in the dust for about a year.

I was thinking the living room could use a touch of fun fabric and seeing this ottoman outside, I decided to recover it. Now, I should say that I have had a lot of trouble when it comes to picking fabric prints that work well together in a room. That's why most of my throw pillows, blankets, curtains etc.. are solids.

Yes, I am foreshadowing. This project did not go as I had hoped. And it started out so well!

I found a few reupholstering blogs on pinterest, specifically for these storage ottomans (originally from Target for $20 and if you are interested in doing one yourself (which I doubt after you see mine finished) there is one on Craigslist right now. It's even pink.) anyway, the tutorials were great. I looked up a bunch of fabric inspirations on pinterest as well and came up with these.

Take a good look at #2. See how its kind of the odd ball out? That should have been a sign NOT to go with it, however, when I went to Hancock Fabrics and I found something SO similar for HALF OFF, I took it as a sign to go for it!

Here is my fabric. Pretty close right?
When I got it home, I put it in the room and I felt hopeful. The print seemed a little small but the colors were working...
Oh, there are a few changes to my tray? How nice of you to notice! Lets zoom in...
Flowers were in the Target section at Salvation army. I paid $3 and they are still at Target currently for $15. Score! Also grabbed a bird from my fall decor box and sprayed it with silver metallic paint.

Ok ok...I'm procrastinating the bad ending. Back to the ottoman... so the fabric seemed ok. I was hopeful but leery because, as I said before, I have trouble when it comes to working patterned fabric into a room.

The tutorials online were great and with one quick seam (made a giant tube to go around the box) and my staple gun, I was done in a flash.

Hmm. Does it look like mosquito larvae to you? WELL IT DOES TO ME! I tried it around the room and it just wasn't working. Once the larvae thing was in my mind, I couldn't get it out. And the color just seamed to be reading as gray and...I don't like it. I've been hoping it grows on me.

I stuck it over by the yellow cabinet (I love the cabinet, but hate the decor on top and inside. It needs help) and I've been looking for something to put on either end, thinking of  something like these
but the ottoman looks wrong. boxy next to boxy. It's the stack of Christmas gifts I don't feel like opening. lol

At least someone loves it...
My precious Cutecumber sitting on the larvae box.

I whipped up a couple of other projects to make myself feel better. I found 3 fabric covered canvases for under $1 each at Helping Hands. I ripped off the fabric (FYI, hot glue peels right off canvas) and used one of them to show a little Beatles love on the mantle..

I need to paint the edges black. Not sure if it will stay here, but I like it. I just printed it off, colored the back with pencil, retraced it onto my canvas (pencil acts like copy paper) and filled it in with a sharpie. Done. And while I was printing, I came up with this too. I think they call it subway art? I don't know if I did it right, I just put it together in a way that looked good to me.

I was going to put it on canvas too, but I got lazy and just stuck it in a frame I already had. Hey, 3 projects in one day, I'm allowed to take short cuts. I added sticky tabs I had left over from some command hooks since it's near the door and in danger of being slammed off the wall.

I still have two more canvases to play with. One is really narrow and long rectangle, the other is about a 10x13 or something. I thought about painting a lucky horseshoe to put above a door, but then I started wanting a real horseshoe and painting it a fun color. A fun solid color, because patterns are not my thing....

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Coffee Table

So after seeing that black ottoman in my last post I knew I had to replace it with a real table.

 It's just been really hard to find one low and small enough to fit in the strange little space of my sectional.

Found this table on Craigslist for $15.

Although I had my heart set on something a little more dainty and perhaps a pedestal bottom to make it easier to move around, the slatted top and legs (there is a round medallion at the bottom of each leg that matches the medallion on my fireplace mantel exactly) plus the extra storage of a drawer, helped me be a little more open minded. Not to mention it was solid wood for $15.

I knew I wanted to paint it white. The Fireplace is on the right of this photo, across from the sectional, and I needed something weighty and white to balance it out.

After an ungodly amount of time (no kids..took advantage of it) looking at handles and knobs in Lowes (Hob-lob was closed and I wanted it NOW) I decided on a really simple brushed nickel piece.

Once I got it painted and in the room, it was like a huge sea of whiteness. I needed some coffee table decor. I hit up Pinterest and by accident I came across this photo of a Hermes tray. I had never heard of a Hermes tray before, but I was IN LOVE!

Until I saw that they range from $300 (knock offs) to $6000. Yes you read that right. And why is it so expensive? Because I love it that's why. So yeah, I'll never have one, but I was still inspired by the color. Again, I looked at thrift shops and craigslist for a round tray, and although I could have bought one online or something, I have a limited budget and I wanted it NOW. So I hit up Goodwill and this was seriously the only tray they had.

Definitely not what I was looking for, but I bought it for under $1. Accessorizing it is still not quite where I want it, but I've saved a few things on pinterest and I've got a few ideas in mind, just need to find them at the right price :) but for now....

 I was really lazy and just painted the whole thing orange, then used the side of my paintbrush to rub off paint along the edges to let some of the navy blue shine through for a more rustic look. Not quite the black and orange beauty of Hermes, but cute anyway.

and with the table...Ta-da!
There is more room around the table than the picture lets on, but for $19 (table=$15, tray & new handle=$4) and some paint..I'll take it. I really love it with all the poppy prints I have in there. It helps with balancing out the fireplace which I wanted.

Now if I can just get my Honey to make that cornice board with crown moulding for the window. I have high hopes because income tax is coming, then my birthday..then Mother's day, oh and Valentines Day before all that. Skip the jewelery honey, just give me a cornice board lol

Like this:

Now for those before and afters...

Oh, one last thing, the succulents on the coffee table, totally fake (pulled them out of another pot I had in the garage and stuck them in that yellow ramekin I got from the kitchen) so don't worry. No plants will be harmed in this decor decision even though I can't keep a plant alive for more than a week. :/
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