Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 10

Well, I didn't do a fantastic job outside today, but I did work on the flower bed.



Ok, I cheated and got everything wet for the picture, but I did do quite a bit to improve the area. I weeded, and planted a few daylilies along the inside of the brick. I had to dig a new groove for the brick to lay right on that far corner too. I also threw a quick wash of craft paint on the planters because they were looking pretty faded and sad. I'll look for better paint later. I just worked with what I had. I need to get some potting soil and some flower seeds from the Dollar Tree to put in those and I think it will look fairly decent until I know what I really want to do with it. It will really look nice with GREEN grass. Hopefully it will start coming in soon.

I'm preoccupied by our decision to buy a minivan. We just can't fit comfortably in the Stratus when we are all in it. Long trips are impossibly cramped and we are thinking of going to AR in July to see my dad's new place. We looked around yesterday and are torn between an 08 Toyota Sienna and an 07 Honda Odyssey. I'm going to test drive today and see which I like better. I didn't have time yesterday.

08 Sienna- Exterior looks better imo, and has less miles and about $1000 cheaper.

07 Odyssey- Nicer interior and an extra seat that can be removed (Will be removed so the Scientist can get to his seat easier).

Both have side doors that open with the push of a button on the key chain. Niiiiice! I just hate the idea of driving around something so big. I wish I could pack the kids into my old Mazda 323 clown style, but apparently they think that sucks.

As a side note to all this crap posting, and actually on the topic of this entire blog, I am feeling great! The interior of my home needs some serious TLC. I need to balance out big projects like the backyard while still maintaining the inside. I'll see if I can't get in sync by the weekend.


  1. I like the outside look of the 08 Sienna BUT from experience you will want to get the 07 mainly for the leather seats because the cloth wont last long with kids!!! You will especially love the captains chairs in the middle with or without the little seat in the middle cause of the room in the center to walk.........

  2. We did get the 07 odyssey. lol

  3. We actually want the Odessy, as soon as I am done with the Matrix bill we are going for it!


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