Saturday, February 26, 2011

It all comes out in the wash.

See this washer and drier here?

They seem perfectly fine, but looks can be deceiving. The washer was a quick (cheap) emergency purchase when our old one went out. I learned a lot about buying appliances that day.

*Look at everything! Who knew that hot/cold options are not standard on every washer? I learned the hard way and had to manually turn the faucet behind the machine to adjust the correct temperature for each load.

*Bleach/liquid dispenser-also optional and not standard. I had to add bleach into an empty "small load" after it was filled with water, making sure it's mixed through and then adding all the clothing and turning it to "large load" each and every time. Yeah, totally worth saving the money I could have lost on the model next to it for $20 more had I taken 2 seconds to look...

I'm starting to get angry all over again, lets move along.

The drier is actually an older higher-end machine, handed down from my in-laws. It still runs like a dream, but the inside "fins" have all broken off. 2 were gone when I got the machine, and the last one bit the dust shortly after. Seems like it wouldn't be a big deal, except those "fins" are there to continually toss the clothing around and without them, you get a nice, solid, tightly packed burrito of wet clothing that never dries. I used drier balls which helped some, but I still had to stop it every 15 minutes, unravel the ball of wet clothing, and start again.

But on Friday, things changed! The heavens parted and angel's sang...

I can do a double sized load in half the time! and as an added bonus, IT BABYSITS!

I'm pampering them and using name brand detergent. They deserve it after all.

The skinny little Puerto Rican kid that did the install... adorable! He was friendly and talkative too. I pretty much got his whole life story, my favorite topic being his overly superstitious family back home, particularly his grandmother. She cried and told him to move out of his apt upon seeing a picture of him standing in front of it because it was bad luck and she would not eat until he moved! Why? Because "It's bad luck to walk under a stairs and she toll me I risk my life going in my door under the stairs ebery day and ebentually she would get a call that I was dead!" He also said she watched a movie about the end of the world and thought it was a documentary and told him it was really happening. "I says, Grandma, that movie says the world ended in 2009! It's 2011 today! It didn't habben! We are still alive! And jew know what she says to me? She says that I am to young to argue wiss her and too blind to see it. She is crazy."

He was awesome, and because of him, I've been revisiting that part of my brain where I stored Spanish II from high school and now say Tengo que lavar mi ropa instead of "I need to wash my laundry" and it really spices up the phrase making it suitable for my sexy w/d duo don't ya think?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

He amazes me

The Scientist has befriended the new girl at school. I'll call her "cute cheeks" for this story. :)

Everyday after school, the Scientist goes out of his way to say goodbye to this particular girl. Now, he is not usually so suave with the ladies. As a matter of fact they usually swarm him with goodbyes and he ignores every single one of them, or grunts a goodbye in their general direction as he starts telling me about all the cool things he found on the playground that day. They love him though. Guess that attraction to the boys that ignore you starts really young. lol

Cute Cheeks came into his class just after Christmas, I believe it was, and right away I noticed how the Scientist was particularly nice to her.

"Bye CC!" He yells as we walk along the cross walk and she seems surprised every time. Shyly, she will say bye back and smile. We always seem to be crossing at the same time.

"You like CC don't you?" I asked as every prodding mother would do.

"Yeah, but just as a friend cause I'm still marrying Tyler (Ms. Thang's bff)."

Everyday, it's been the same thing, he says hi loudly, she seems surprised, and then shyly says so back, but yesterday it went down like this...

We were just stepping on the curb after crossing the crosswalk to get back to the van when I saw a little finger come out from behind us and poke the Scientist on the backpack. He didn't notice (gabbing about how awesome he is because his teacher just informed me that he is the top reader in the class WOOT WOOT!) so I said, "Hey, did someone just poke your back pack?"

"Huh?" he says and as he realizes it was little Cute Cheeks he turns to her and says her name in a teasingly angry voice, and she just BEAMS from ear to ear.

"She's starting to not be as shy around you anymore." I noted aloud to him as I loaded Cutecumber into her car seat.

"Yeah, I've been working on it. Being the new kid is hard ya know? And besides, she IS the funniest kid in the whole class and I NEED those kinds of friends."

He amazes me. :)

Just so I keep things in perspective though, the other day as I was shopping for shampoo, I mentioned that his hair was looking a little dull lately and he loudly announces for the whole world to hear, 'Oh, that's because I haven't washed it with shampoo since I was like 2."

As soon as he saw my face he back pedaled the comment with a "I'm just kidding!" and of course I was still washing his hair up until he was 5, but we know there is some truth to that statement.

Like I said, he amazes me. lol

Sneak peek @ the girls room

Walls painted- check
mirrored door replaced- check
bunk bed put together- check

Still working on Ms. Thang's quilt
Still need to do the "art above the bed" **updated at the bottom eek!**
Still need all the accessories

But it's coming along!

Hard shot cause of the window..

For the record, Ms. Thang and Cutecumber are loving it, and Honey doesn't. He says it looks boring and like a baby boys room because it's boy colors. I can see where he is coming from, but I'm hoping that changes once all the accessories are in there. His bad reviews started as soon as he saw that I painted over the door that he had a big part in making. :S

I'm thinking of stapling a bed skirt to the bottom bunk (under side) because the ladder makes it impossible to use one the traditional way.

Still on the hunt for a good reading chair and a long 6 drawer dresser. These items may take awhile.

I've got the red doll high chair and the red doll bed, just waiting on the doll bed to dry.

Ms. Thang decoupaged two crosses and they are absolutely perfect. She picked everything out and aside from a bit of help with the xacto knife, they are all her.

The toy box still needs a make over too. I'm having trouble deciding what to do with it.

Ok I just finished this and had to show you how cute it came out! Dreaming of love...

This is the idea Ms. Thang and I collaborated on and actually agreed on from the start. Hand painted, and I know I say it all the time, but I think the imperfections make it so charming.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Making progress

The board and batten in the girls room is coming along!

I but the "bones" up (aka pvc moulding) and Honey went behind me with caulk and fixed all my mistakes lol

Then I edged it all out with semigloss white, to seal it and hit areas where the roller won't. I also went ahead and touched up the chair rail and base boards as I went along.

Now I'm just taking a little break, getting some fresh air (and drinking a Coke for some much needed energy) and then going after it with the roller.

The bunk beds were sent in 3 different boxes and the one with the ladder and rails was delayed. So we are waiting a little longer for those.

Also, on Friday I will be saying goodbye to these:

and HELLO to new front loaders! That's what happens when you take your Honey with you to get the moulding and nails and he has a tax refund in the bank burning a hole in his pocket. SWEET!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Thrift shop finds

The weather is so beautiful today I have to make up ways to get out in it. I want to go to the park, but I feel guilty taking only Cutecumber when I know the other two want to go, so I just HAD to go out shopping. What else is there?
I found this large wooden top (under a $1) and LOVE it. Although I don't know what I'm going to do with it. It's really dusty, and about the size of a small cantaloupe or large grape fruit.

It immediately reminded me of these paintings by Jill O'Flannery:

Doesn't the top look as though it could have been plucked from one of these works? I have always loved these prints and it was actually the direction I wanted to go for the den/playroom. I ended up going very bright and primary, but this just shows that you can bring lots of color in without it being in-your-face color.

I'm tempted to repaint it white and distress it, because I've been surfing the Pottery Barn too much. If I went in that direct, I'd probably put it near my desk and let it bring out the kid in me. I'm thinking it would be adorable in one of the kids rooms, but I'm pretty sure it's one of those things Mom loves and kiddo hates.

I also picked up this wooden shelf for $3 @ Goodwill. It has a missing shelf in the middle, but it's sturdy and has really good mounting hardware. It will be painted and placed in the girls room, possibly as part of that collage wall across from the bunk beds, or maybe as a mounted night stand for books, an alarm clock, and that ever-important glass of water.

Red, white or black..hmmm. It will probably be painted today after the kids get out of school since I have a "paint-date" with the Scientist. He's going to paint the "pencil holder" he found at school and I told him we could do it today after he put a guilt trip on me by saying "You never spend time with JUST me anymore." Words that go straight to a mother's heart! I may end up painting a little beat up gnome that Cutecumber picked up on our outing, which she has named Santa. lol

And speaking of the little cutie, if you didn't notice her fingers itching to be in the photo I took of the top, I bet her presence wasn't missed in the shelf photo. My little camera hog. <3

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Movie mess and Uncle D

Last Saturday we went to the drive-in and watched a double feature. Gnomeo and Juliet, followed by Tron.

SO, all you mom's out there know where I was on the following Monday right? Vacuuming out the popcorn encrusted van.

I used to try and keep it clean by giving 3 or so popped kernels to each child in a tiny little bowl. It only took 5 minutes of consistent tapping and silent motioning at their bowls every millisecond to end that. They were disturbing the previews I love (I'm one of those that forces frowning children to sit through every single one of them on rented dvds). I ended up throwing the entire box at them and spent the rest of the movie in "peace" (ha) and ignoring the smell of melted butter that threatened to be "one" with the carpet of my van for many..many..years.

Now back to Monday, I have a 30 minute window between picking up the Scientist at the elementary and then going to the Jr. High to pick up Ms. Thang. I decided this would be the perfect time to squeeze in the job.

I'm in mid-work out, sweating like a pig, my shirt is clinging and my bootie crack is probably taking quarter tips for the viewing of my tramp stamp now streetttchhed across my "not 20 yr old" lower back. I am WAY past the point of adjusting my clothing. Every single time I do this, I forget how much of a work out it is for a fat girl to vacuum a van ( which I now refuse to call a mini-van and am leaning more towards aircraft carrier!) on my hands and knees, sliding seats back and forth, crawling and reaching in places my body wasn't meant to be. I wore a long sleeved button-up shirt too. You better believe the sleeves were pushed up. It was bunching on me, and the buttons were gaping, exposing parts of me that even I don't look at. Luckily for me, the place I use has vacuums in the back, far away from the street, kind of hidden by the car wash area.

I sometimes wrangle the Scientist into helping, but he isn't that great at it (as his interest in getting every piece is at a zero) so I was letting him run around the parking lot.

Out of the corner of my eye I see someone pull up entirely too close to me, with their window open and for a split second I thought some creep was going to take my crack's offer and slip a quarter in. Instead, I turned to look a bit more and it was my Honey's Uncle D.

For a minute, I wished it had been a creep. Don't get me wrong! I love Uncle D, but he just caught me looking absolutely disgusting and being a terrible mother, letting my child peruse the parking lot, probably picking up drug coated pennies and rusted beer caps. Plus, if he found me, the idea of being hidden back there away from the main street was thrown out the window and I didn't even want to think about that.

Uncle D didn't even bat an eye and actually walked up and held the hose so it wouldn't keep beating Cutecumber in the face while she slept, as I had apparently been doing for 5 minutes.

He also hung around and chatted for a bit, laughing as I made the Scientist empty his pockets before he got in the van so I could make the final call on what would be coming home with us. He made the comment that it was like seeing my Honey as a child all over again. It's funny because as he stood there, leaning with his hand on the trunk of his car, he really favored my Honey as well. I've always thought so, in looks and demeanor. That's probably why I like Uncle D so much.

One year, we were all at my MIL's house watching their old movies at Christmas, and a little clip of Uncle D came on. There wasn't any sound, but Uncle D was shirtless and tan, wearing nothing but jeans and sporting a long wavy blond surfer do, classic 70s heart-throb. He was strutting around showing off some muscle car he must have owned, probably exaggerating it's speed. I looked over at him and saw that ol' spark in his eye, remembering that car and those days.

"Who's the hottie?" I said aloud smiling as he blushed, but then it was my face that burned red as my MIL said "It's D, and he was around 15 in that shot."

I spent the rest of the day feeling like a pedophile, which really amused my Honey, who still dies laughing as this story is retold at holiday dinners.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Note to self

I need to take a picture of the Scientist and his perfectly 6yr old smile. He has a few baby teeth, a few adult sized, some missing, and a few half-in for good measure. The new teeth are just changing his appearance so much. I feel a desperate need to capture him on camera often, as if the baby in him is leaving with every baby tooth.


**Obviously I came through, and this is as good as it gets. You can barely see his teeth but oh well. He allowed me to take one and only one because
1) the sun was in his face (lie)
2) he needed to finish making a pencil holder out of a piece of wood he found at school (cause that can not wait)
He needs a haircut (when does he not?) which he reguards in the same light as having his photo taken; and he also has a bruise in the middle of his forehead. That ichthys necklace has been around his neck for 2 weeks now. I think I mastered taking a picture of him in his "perfectly 6" stage. It's funny how different it was to get the picture of the boy above vs the picture of the girl below. Like night and day. :)

Here is one of Ms. Thang in a toothless grin as well. I miss this little girl...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mental productivity

I did SO much today in the girls room!

1. Bought paint at walmart in Ms. Thang's color choice of Shimmering Summer Pool.

2. Took before pictures of their room.

I am so pooped!

ok ok.. I didn't do much, but regardless I feel it all coming together. I wonder if most of you are sick of hearing about it, (and blog, not caring) but with my bathroom makeover, and recent master bedroom redo, I didn't blog about the steps leading up to how it all came about. I just gave a couple of hinting ideas and then the before and after. That is the part I LOVE about decorating and whether or not I'm good or bad at it, I just love bringing it all together. Some of the design is required more than wanted, like the bunk beds.
Some of it is requests like the mirrored closet doors and the color pallet.
Most of it is totally stolen ideas from the internet.
A lot of it is limited by funds.
Part of it is just luck or being in the right place at the right time (or what someone gave away to a thrift store while I was doing the make over lol)
but ALL of it is fun for me. I feel like I put a lot of myself into the design because I love doing it so much and I hope that shows, especially in my children's rooms. I really try to choose things they will love and give them a place that makes them happy.

Now, how about some before pictures of the girls rooms and I'll give a few more visuals about what is going on in my head and a few problems I'm running into and hope you have advice about.

Here is what you see as you walk into the room:

1. Ms. Thang actually has a "grass skirt" bed skirt but it's tucked up under the mattress because it gets tangled in the vacuum cleaner. I suggest NEVER buying one of those. She also has a sham that matches her bed. The pillow that had the sham is now on Cutecumbers bed and the sham hasn't been out since. Cutecumber also has a pretty comforter, but it's in the wash after a fruit snack mishap. I did not clean to snap before shots. That will make for even better after shots lol

2. The curtain. First of all, the bottom left corner was shredded to bits one night when Hamilton the Hamster (rip) was set too close to the window. Also it's WAY too sheer for the room. The kids windows get a lot of sun.

3 Ms. Thang hung these in her room after her birthday party. I'm flattered that she loved them enough to keep them, but those dust collectors have gotta go.

More on Ms. Thangs side:

1. This is where the board and batten will go.

2. The aqua/turquoise paint will go only above the chair rail. This is also the area where I plan to put the bunk beds with their handmade quilts.

3. This is a "snag" area. Ms. Thang is slowly getting over her infatuation with this particular guy, but there will always be another poster she will beg to put up. I want to allow her to hang up ONE and in a poster frame I don't mind it as much, but this will take up a lot of wall space and I'm trying not to fight it. I'm thinking of having 2 framed cork boards (one for each girl) and letting them decorate those with their ever changing fads. I hope I can talk Ms. Thang into it. I have a great plan for "art" above the bunk bed though that we both agree on.

4. You can probably see this better in the first picture, but Honey applied dark tint to the window hoping it would keep the sun/heat out and that was an ugly idea. I'm hoping thick curtains will help out here.

Lets look at Cutecumbers side shall we?

1. This wall is so neglected and it always was. That shelf was an after-thought, thrown up there to fill in the vast blankness. It's going to look even MORE empty when her bed is removed from this side. I need ideas for this wall. Ms. Thang wants a collage type art wall, with frames, shelves, and knick-knacks in the room colors, and I like the idea because I can make it as small or large as I want, and add to it as we go, but I worry it will look cluttered. It would be a good way to incorporate the stars I made-over. I'm leaning a little more to a large vinyl quote.

2. This baby bed will go in the play room, but she will use a wooden cradle my mom gave Ms. Thang when she was younger and I plan to paint it red to match this highchair. It's not really flying well with Ms. Thang (too baby-ish) but it IS Cutecumber's room too and she enjoys putting her babies to bed, so I put my foot down for her on that one, but opted to make the crib match at least. I'm pretty nice if you ask me.

3. This is the toy box and I am thinking of moving it under the window and making a seat cushion on top. I'm still undecided since it's so small. I do plan to have a chair in the corner where Cutecumber's bed is now as a reading area and possibly repainting this magazine rack and mounting it near the seating area as well.

4. I seriously need to vacuum, but I've been so busy today... lol

At the end of Ms. Thangs bed:

1. The dresser. The drawers DO shut all the way, but the bottom one is falling apart because Cutecumber uses it as a stepping stool to the TV. I think this is going out and I'm hoping to get a long 6 drawer piece to put along the long wall opposite the bunk beds. I've been watching craigslist with little luck.

2.The mirrored closet doors. One door is broken so I have to buy a new set. Ms. Thang and Cutecumber both enjoy dancing and twirling in front of these big mirrors so I am buying a set exactly like this and hoping to install it better. (One door was always coming off track..any ideas?)

3. The hat and belts are not staying here. That just appeared one day. :/ I'm also wanting to get them a small flat screen tv and possibly mount it to the wall. (btw, LOVE those hangers. You would not believe the amount of clothes fitting in there right now.)

The foot area of Cutecumber's current bed:

1. That bow holder is a joke. It doesn't have enough room for all the girls bows and they all end up in the bathroom anyway. It's out.

2. The chain of stuffed animals. I hate this as well and it is NOT staying. Ms. Thang is packing away the ones she wants to save as I type this, and I am about to reduce this down where the keepers will fit in Cutecumbers toy box. (I hate to admit this, but there are many nights I have to get a chair from the kitchen and pick out one for each of my girls to sleep with, only to have them change their mind the next night. I am such a sucker!)

3. There is the 'after-thought" shelf again. Maybe it can be part of the collage on this wall? I'm having trouble coming up with that whole wall area.

The door:

1. This is a jewelry box that Ms. Thang got for Christmas. LOVE IT! Cutecumber can't play in it and it holds quite a bit. I really need to print out some pictures for her because it still has the photos it came with. It will probably go right back in that spot.

2. We painted this door for Ms. Thang just after we moved in. I'm ready to paint over it. It was nice for awhile, but it's time for it to go. It will return to boring ol' white.

And that's more than you ever wanted to know about that room I'm sure. lol I'd love to hear any ideas you have or feedback on my ideas. Mainly I need help with a the wall opposite the bunk beds. What to do..what to do?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Quick makeover

I bought 2 little star mirrors the other day at Salvation Army for a quarter a piece. They were really beat up, but since the back was removable, SUPER easy to makeover.

Using the wallpaper I also found at a thift shop,some black paint, and black ribbon, I revamped them for the girls room. (They are each about the size of my hand.)

You can click on the picture to enlarge and see how icky they really were in the before shot. I wanted to make the ribbon have a bow at the top, but I knew Ms. Thang would veto that "baby-ish" idea. I think I made good choices here. A touch of whimsy and fun for Cutecumber, but the black gives it a bit of teen edge.

That's what I'm hoping anyway. We'll see what Ms. Thang has to say about it when she comes home from school.

I gave them their little bag of v-day treats before I sent them off.

Scented colored pencils (on clearance @ Big Lots in the school supplies)

Giant lip smackers from Target (The Scientist got Dr.Pepper flavor..his favorite soda that he never gets to have lol)

Hand shaped suckers from Walmart- The scientists is a "ROCK" hand, Cutecumbers is "I LOVE U" and Ms. Thang is "PEACE". They are really cute.

The girls also got some hair accessories (big pink rose headband for Ms. Thang) and the Scientist got some magnet clips shaped like flies for his magnet board.

Here are a couple of them holding the giant valentine his "wifey" made him out of flame printed duct tape. She couldn't have given him a better gift. He absolutely loves it.

Happy Valentines day to everyone! I hope your hearts are bursting at the seams! :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Is Spring really in the air?

These are a few of the things I am really lovin' in my house right now and as I uploaded the photos, I realized they represent Spring. I am SO ready for SPRING!

Here are some tulips Honey bought me for absolutely no reason other than the simple fact he loves me.

They came at the end of a very hard day and a friend told me that means he is just very in tune to me. I loved that and I think they are so cheerful in that bright sunny yellow shade. They demand your attention and force you to smile.

And here is a shot of them from the other side of the room, showing that my bundt wall is finally complete thanks to a garage sale gift from my Grandma K.

Also on the list of things that make me smile are a couple of tiny birds I've recently found at thrift shops. I showed you a cute little blue guy earlier today, that I found yesterday, and then there is this little red bird I found a few weeks ago.

I set him atop a LIVE sign I also found at a thrift shop, and liked it so much, I glued him there.

Are any signs of Spring popping up around your house yet?

Thrift shopping trip

I went to a few thrift shops in town with the girls room in mind. I was disappointed! I haven't had much luck at all lately, but I did find a few things.

I got the two small star mirrors @ the Salvation Army, $1 for the pair. I got 1/2 off everything (out of the blue and we also bought the scientist a TV for $40, but knocked that down to $20!) so actually I paid a quarter a piece. They will soon be revamped. They are pretty beat up.

I also laid the paint swatch up there. Ms. Thang wants the 5th one down, Shimmering Summer pool and I want the one below it, #6 Lyric Water Dance. I'm about 90% sure we are going with her choice. It isn't photographing very well, but you get the idea. It's a lot more aqua than it looks here, and so is the trash can. Ms. Thang's color choice actually looks a lot more like this, not as dark, but in the same hue.

I got the wooden trash can @ Target in the clearance section. Not exactly thrift shop, but still thrify.

It was originally $19.99 (who pays this?) and I got it for $4.98. Ms. Thang is not very thrilled about the butterfly on the side so I might paint over it, or just get lazy and turn it around lol. I also have considered recovering it with the red polka dot wall paper I found @ a thrift shop awhile back. (also in the photo above.)

At first I thought it was wrapping paper (that is were it was stored @ Helping Hands) but then I realized it was a nice thick wall paper and glossy to the touch, almost water proof. I've thought about how to use it in the room and here are some of my ideas (although I wont use them all)

recovering the toy box (here it is now currently in the girls room.

The pillows on top are actually a very turquoise/aqua color and a bright red strawberry. I can't tell you how excited I am to get rid of that orange paint that gives everything in that room a neon glow! Everything always looks like this in there. (I got this toy box free on a local mommy website and painted the flower on it to go with the old tropical theme.)

I've also thought of using the polka dot paper on the new mirror stars, framing the paper as the background or mat to a cute print, or using it over the butterfly side of the new trash can.

There are so many things to do with it, and watch, I probably wont use it at all lol. It was $1 for the roll. Can you think of new ways to use it?

Also picked up this adorable bird..just can't say no! 75 cents

Ms. Thang and I came up with the cutest idea for "art" above their bed. I think I might just save that for the big reveal. I'm really excited about it and happy we came up with something we both like. That, in itself, is a small miracle.

I'm hoping to paint sometime this week. Still not sure of when the beds are coming in. It says something about the 21st, but you know how that goes. I am shipping them site to store for free with Walmart. I still haven't started on Ms. Thangs quilt either.
I honestly need to catch up on some housework that I've been neglecting. I could have done it yesterday, but instead spent it with the family. We went to see Gnomeo and Juliet at the drive in, followed by Tron (Honey's into that..not so much anyone else) but we had a great time.
Today I'm using every trick in the book to get the kids to help me out around the house. Threats, bribes, and music. Wish me luck!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Bit more cause I'm proud

Here are a few more pictures of Cutecumber's quilt. I finished tying it off and am ready to start on Ms. Thangs quilt tonight.

Of course my entire yard is shaded but whateryagonnado?

(click to know you want to)

I am SO happy I took Katie's advice and went with the black ties. It really makes it!

I think we have narrowed it down to 2 on a paint color. It's going to be either Shimmering Summer Pool or Lyric Water Dance from Walmart. (wish they had their colors online!)

I also plan on doing this type of board and batten on the lower half of their wall since it already has a chair rail.

And hopefully the bunk beds will come in soon:

It's all coming together. Any suggestions on wall art?

Nap Time

I had to buy some new sewing machine needles because apparently when I am making quilts, I tend to break them. Coming home from the store, Cutecumber stumbled in through the front door, eyes half-closed, and said that she was going to take a nap.

After my mini heart attack, brought on by the shock of that rare announcement, I skipped off to quilt in peace!

Then I hear...

"MOM, can you take off my shoes?" I get up and go into her room and remove her shoes and start A Bugs Life in the DVD player before she has a chance to ask me for that too. Staying one step ahead, that's the name of the game right?

I return to my sewing machine and just as I sit down...

"MOM, I need a tissue."


"MOM, take my clothes off."

"MOM, take my pony tails out."

"MOM, I need to poop."

"MOM, put my shirt back on."


I started ignoring her until I heard a little movement behind me as I tried to thread the needle. (I still haven't even threaded the needle yet!) and I turned around to see Cutecumber sitting on the chair behind me. I gave her the evil eye.

"I not sleepy now," she says.

Of course she's not, but I sure am. Funny how that works isn't it?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

One down, one to go.

I finished one of the comforters for the girls room. This one is Cutecumbers. (sorry for the poor lighting but it's cold and I don't want to do one outside)

Here is a better shot of the fabrics:

Not the cutest out there, but the cutest in my colors and price range. ;)

I'm pretty happy with it. It's FAR from perfect, but it's a custom quilt for super cheap. Here is a little numbered break down of what's going on and how I did it.

1. This fabric is actually a thick curtain that I got awhile back on something like Craigslist. I got 4 of them and plan to use two as actual curtains in the room and then one cut and used on each of the quilts. There are two solid bands of this fabric on the quilt and a few squares of it here and there also. Doing the solid bands cut my "quilting time" in half.

2. My squares do not match up perfectly, but imperfect means "made with love" in my book. I want to add the yarn ties to it, but with the squares being off, I'm having a difficult time deciding where they should go because normally they go wear the corners all meet. I'm thinking white or black yarn.

3. I got the teal (its more green than it looks in the photo) flannel for the backing in a section of bolts for $5 in Walmart and there is enough on the ONE bolt to do both quilts. The other fabric was in the bin of scraps or on serious discount.

I am too cheap to buy batting so I used these blankets from Walmart on sale for $7 each and cut them to fit inside. Here is a quick tutorial on how I did it.

It has a really nice weight to it. (I would NOT suggest getting these blankets for anything other than and under blanket because they pull apart and leave gaps and there are strange discolored areas too fyi.) Then I just sewed it all up, turned it right side out and sewed around it again for a little added support. Hard to see here, but this is a close up of #3 in the picture above and shows the border.

I made it a little on the small side because bunk beds are a pain to make, especially if the comforter is large. I cut about a foot off along the edge of the Scientists comforter and sewed it shut for a better fit. Now if I can just do this again for Ms. Thang. Hers has the same fabrics, but she is adding zebra print to the mix of course and I'm going heavy with it. :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy V-day from the Scientist

This year for his class Valentines, I am printing out this photo and sliding a real pixie stick in his hands thanks to precise cuts from an Xacto knife. (I used a digital one here for effect lol)

In the brick I plan to write who it is for with a sharpie. I think it will go over pretty well! (btw, this was picture 2 of 4. Not bad!) It's a spin on THIS idea.

**Update** here is a photo of the real deal hanging on my refrigerator. This one in particular is for Ms. Thang's bff who is also the scientists proclaimed love, or as he calls her, his wifey. lol

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Merging ideas

Right now I basically have a blank canvas for the girls room make over. Their beds are being replaced by this:

(walmart for $170 right now)

Furniture wise, that leaves the tall white dresser with a TV on top. Like I said, blank canvas.
Cutecumber is a bit young to have much say in anything. Ms. Thang has a few requests.

Turquoise and red
zebra print
mirrored closet doors

When I picture turquoise and red, zebra print is not what I had in mind. I saw something more like this:

She sees something like this:

I know my idea is a little on the younger side, and I guess I represented Cutecumber more to compensate for Ms. Thang and her loud teen design. I already allowed our den to be a bit on the loud side and I let Ms. Thang have a lot of say in there since it is really more of a playroom and I wanted it to be fun. I don't think I can handle two rooms like that lol. I am hoping to meet somewhere in the middle for the girl's room. These are a few other photos I have saved with the turquoise/red theme to draw ideas from:
More me:

More her:

I've decided that adding a bit of black will probably anchor the design and keep it from looking too babyish. I'm thinking something in a damask more than a zebra, but we'll see lol. I plan on making quilt type comforters (in stripes like the photo titled "More me" above) and letting the girls pick some of their own fabrics to personalize it, but all in coordinating colors.

I already have some curtains I think will work. I hope it all comes together. :S

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fun before and afters!

I think these are my favorite kinds of posts :)

First, remember that I redid my bedroom

but I failed to show you the desk area because my monitor went out and then the temporary replacement monitor took up all of the new desk. Well we got a new monitor for $60 (sweet) so here is the improved corner desk area:

To cover up the cords (except at the bottom of the desk but seriously you never see it really) I used this foam stuff you use to keep pipes warm in winter (it's already slit up the back) and then I just covered it in wrapping paper turned over to the white side. Sort of silly but it worked! I am still loving my galvanized organizer from Goodwill and chair from Helping Hands.

And a before and after shot

I feel like it went from it's 20s to 30s. I little more grown up, a little more defined. I will take the time to show you a closer look at all the little changed details sometime but I have more to show you today in other areas.

You can see my fake out chunky baseboards! I stole the idea HERE from House of Smiths and I LOVE THEM (and her blog)! I still can't believe it only took $14 to do the whole bedroom, granted there are doors on 3 walls (2 on one wall) but still! Here is a better shot of those:

I also completed another project this week. We ripped out the carpet and put peel and stick tile in the Scientists room. This was supposed to be a cheap fix to make the room easier to clean and it is, but I am actually REALLY impressed with the stuff! They look and feel so realistic and went on in a few hours. It will be easy to recarpet over in the future if we choose. Here are a few photos. I've said it before but it is really hard to take a photo in here with the sun coming in that window.

(just a quick minute to note the little hand held mirror hanging on the Toy Story poster. The Scientist is working night and day to wiggle those few remaining baby teeth lol)

and the before and after shot:

The photo really doesn't do the flooring justice. I KNOW is just peel and stick, but it's so nice!

Since we had to take the doors off of his closet to do the floor, I went ahead and painted it inside and I'm thinking of just leaving the doors off since it opens up the small room a bit more.

I still need to put 2 small baseboard pieces on and paint the top half of the closet. I also want to add trim and frame it out, but what do you think? Should I leave it open or is it just showing off clutter? You can see a little bit of the blue robot I painted on that right corner. They really pop now with the new flooring. Remember this red guy?

Well here he is now.

(and I even replaced the face plate that the Scientist kindly screwed in so tightly it cracked. Such a little helper lol).

Next the girls are getting a major overhaul in their room. Stay tuned! :)
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