Thursday, February 9, 2012

More on weight loss

Down 20 pounds down since Jan. 1st! .

My pants are still in the "fat girl" department, but my shirts are now just an XL. Feels good to have some more options. I'm happy to see the progress in the photos because although I've lost quite a bit, I feel like I still have the same body shape (not good) just smaller sized, but the pictures allow me to see the real difference. As happy as I want to be about the weight I've lost, it's a little depressing to see "saggy belly" rather than flat. It feels a little pointless to trade one bad look for another at times, but I'm hoping since I've lost so much so fast, my skin hasn't had time to bounce back as much as it can. I'm coming to terms with the fact that it will never be the same. I mean, I had 3 beautiful children and it shows. I'd willingly do it all over again for a saggy gut. Totally worth it! So although I'm not going to have abs of steel by the end of this, I've still gained so much. I can do a lot more activities now without gasping for air and needing a rest in between. I can go for walks with the kids and I don't even THINK about how far we've gone and how far it is to get back. That is so nice. I can't even tell you.

I hit a rough spot last week and the week before. I was doing everything right, but the pounds were not coming off. I know everyone hits a plateau and I'm just confirming that it's true. 2 weeks and I had only lost a pound. Then suddenly this week, it's dropping off again, so hang in there and stay strong!

Also, a bit on the TMI side, but because of my obesity, I had a lot of complications due to PCOS (google if you want, but basically I have ovary issues/hormonal issues) and my monthly cycle was irregular, major weight gain in the stomach, fatigue and acne. I've now had 3 regular periods! My stomach is going down and my energy is really improving. Unfortunately my acne has gone out of control, but I have a dermatologist appt on the 7th of march and I'm hoping he can shed a little light on the issue.

It feels really good to take myself off the back burner and pay some attention to my own health. I've also got a dentist appt in the near future and I just got a brand new pair of glasses. I don't feel like a better me at all. I feel like I am finally ME again for the first time in a long time. Sounds silly maybe, but finally doing this, watching what I eat, working out, getting in shape, it has given me confidence and I care about myself enough to wear flattering clothing, and care about my appearance in general. It jump started my system and I'm thinking more clearly and climbing out of that depression I had been in and I wasn't even aware of how deep I was in there. I WANT to make friends. I WANT to leave the house. I have ambition and I'm starting to make goals and get excited about my future instead of the opposite.

Anyway, corny, but a little weight loss is changing me drastically from the inside as well. I'm improving my way of life. Go me :)

12 more to go until I hit my birthday goal on March 2nd!
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