Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Trying something new

I bought these two chairs today on craigslist and I'm going to attempt to reupholster them. I paid $30 for the pair and they actually delivered them too, so I won't be out too much cash should I fail horribly. The curved back is what drew me in, but of course that will be the "interesting" part to figure out when recovering them. Fabric in this area is pretty limited, and I don't want to dish out much money anyway since it will be my first attempt. Half of me wants to refinish the wood in almost the same color, and then pick a safe small print fabric in neutrals, but the other half of me wants something bold and graphic.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm an aunt!

My brother had a son! Weighing in at only 5lbs and 9oz but taking up a BIG space in my heart....

Meet Kaleb the cutest nephew in the whole wide world!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Picture overload

I'll tell you more about the trip later, but for now, here are just a handful (a big handful so grab a drink) of pictures from the trip. In short, we went to the Ft Worth zoo, camped in Arkansas with my dad and family, and then hit the Rain Forest Cafe on the way home. I have A LOT more camping pictures and family pictures, but I'll be uploading those on Myspace. If you've got me added then check them out there, if not, then you probably don't know everyone enough to care anyway. :) Enjoy!

The zoo!
It was SO humid and hot already and we were just in the front door! (That's me, not a fat giraffe in case you were wondering)

Everyone look at the cam! or not....

She loves the aquatic animals more than anyone there that day I promise you.

I thought he was dead, but he was just napping in the shade. (Thank you for moving a bit and letting me know!)

I think the zoo keepers handle this alligator by the nose entirely too much!

Pretending to be happy and not hot.

Penguins. Yes they stink and the water is really that color. *ba ba barf!*

I was jealous of her stroller!

Rhino has the right idea!

Scientist cracks a smile while observing bears.

Happy to be cool in an inside exhibit.

The boy loved the elephants best.

A bite to eat at Fuddruckers because our GPS (Carmen the Garmin) lead us to a Joe's Crab Shack that was temporarily closed. That's how she is.
Back at the good ol' Motel 8 lol
Little water baby!

My honey smiled "real hard" or got splashed. One of the two...

That's better!
He wrangles the smaller two while...
Miss Thang does a graceful handstand.
In the van, she takes a pic with the vanity cam.
Cutecumber hasn't quite grasped the concept that this is a face only her mother could love. If you click on it and look closer, she only has 3 teeth which really adds to the look lol
Miss Thang and her cousin getting soaked to stay cool!

Our Darth Vader tent
My Step mom added little fairies and birds throughout the clearing. So cute!

The scientist helps his uncle with a bad bug problem.
Cutecumber hangs in there despite the heat!
Got her wet and made her day!
Last night there, high on smores and sun burned cheeks. Looking like his daddy...
We stopped at the Rain Forrest Cafe on the way home. The waterfall is LOUD! but adored by children.

It was fun, and much needed, but I am glad to be back in my air conditioned home, in my desert dry town, in my much missed state of Texas. I'm refreshed and ready to take my life by the horns again. Getting away does that to you, and if you haven't done it yet, DO IT!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Home Tour Challenge- Master Bath

Here is the bathroom that my honey and I share. It's the only bathroom with a tub (the other has a shower only) so when the kids are in the mood for a soak they come in here. Other than that, it is rarely visited by anyone other than "the grown ups".

HAHAHA! Who am I kidding! If you have kids you know darn well they are trying to come in there every ten minutes whether it be to tell me that they need a pen (which could not wait the 5 minutes it takes me to pee), or to play in the sink and squeeze out all my toothpaste making a "concoction" or "potion" of some sort. But as far as guests go, this bathroom remains out of the public eye for the most part, so the decor is thrown together and lacking, but it's decent and serves it's purpose!
Here it is when we bought it:

And here it is now:

What I love: I really like my glass containers. I want more in varying sizes, but trying to find things that look good in glass and actually have a purpose in the bathroom is more difficult than you'd think. I mean, a giant glass jar of tampons would be useful, but not the most aesthetically pleasing, and although colored marbles would look pretty, it's to small of a space to put items without purpose kwim?

What I hate: Pretty much everything else! Someday it will be gutted and redone with a sleek, spa-like feel, but for now..well, there it is! If I had to pick one thing, it would be the huge WALL of a mirror that is peeling at the bottom, and the hideous light fixture that never seems to have matching bulbs for more than a few months.
I hate the tub too, but at least I can hide that with the shower curtain.

What I want: Other than an entire remodel, I'd really like a "floating shelf" which is actually what I requested and although I shouldn't complain about what I got because he did put up a shelf, that is so not what I asked for! lol Apparently the idea of it "floating" above our heads was something my honey feared and decided to go with the "super duper support" look instead.
(*I saw these the other day and thought they were cool)

What I need: I could really use some new towels! I want the giant blanket kind. I'm fat and I want to be covered! Mine are really hitting the raggity stage. I've had these since Christmas of 04 now that I think about it, and some before that. ..wow. Does anyone else debate the white or no white towels? I'm tempted to go with all white so I can bleach them without fear, but then I worry about staining them with hair dye or make up. Maybe I'll do a mix?

Something old: Besides my towels? Hmm, the little blue trashcan is older than my marriage because it came from my honeys apt before we got together. So no telling how old it is. Could be 10+ years. ....Ok well lets add trashcan to my list of needs. I want one with a lid anyway. Yes, I have just decided that every bathroom trashcan should have a lid. Pass that on.

Something new: Aside from shampoo, toothpaste, etc.. nothing is really new at all. I think the newest item would be the mouthwash dispenser (you can see it on the shelf) which I wanted so badly. I have OCD issues with labels on plastic containers and the mouthwash bottle was like needles in the eyeballs. I thought the dispenser would be like a godsend, but it's a leaking piece of crap and now I just keep the bottle under the sink. I got the dispenser from Lowes. Don't get one there.

Good bargain: Hmm, I guess the giant clock which needs batteries and has for about 2 years. I got it at the Salvation Army in their discounted Target items. I think it was like $2 or something, but ya know, seeing as how I never use it, it's probably another big WASTE of money like the mouthwash dispenser.

Most expensive: Nothing! I do like the little bathroom rug and paid more for a really plush feeling one. I don't remember how much, but I do know I didn't buy the cheapest one in the right color which is what I normally do.

The unexpected: I think everything is pretty much what you would expect. Well except maybe the fact that I have a basket full of acne medicine and I'm over 30.

I do use a Clearasil container for my q-tips though. That's sort of unexpected and very green of me don't ya think?

Most meaningful: I really like the picture of my honey as a tot on the pot and my son as a tot on the very same pot at my IL's house. I wouldn't hang this type of "art" just anywhere, but it seems fitting here and it makes me smile! I also like the shells, which I feel every bathroom needs in some way or another. My shells are actually ones we collected from the beach in South Padre during a vacation, and some that my mom brought the kids from CA while she was there.

Where is the bird: Um.. I need a bird in here!

Ok well now that the bathroom has been reviewed I know that I have been neglecting it in there. I need to get out some of the dead weight (clock that has only had batteries for about 2 months in 3 years and a mouthwash dispenser that I don't use) and maybe do a little "here and there" to give it a more finished appearance. What do you think about the idea to liquid nail moulding to the actual mirror as a frame? I think it would shrink it up some (at least 3 -5 inch boarder) and hide the peeling at the bottom. Would that work? Any ideas for the closet area behind the door? I suggested converting the lower shelf into something like this (but deeper) to a friend for rolled up towels. Maybe I should do something like that also? I know it would reduce the amount of towels the shelf could hold, but I'd rather have 4 great towels than 10 rags anyway.
Ok well that's my bathroom folks, more than you ever wanted to know! And if it wasn't here is one more lovely visual for you, that I removed from the back of the toilet before taking photos.
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