Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The scientist vs Santa

My oldest was all about Santa. She loves to get into the whole idea of him even now that she is "onto" the whole thing. I was just thinking about this earlier in the year, about how lucky that is since she is the oldest and has to play along for the sake of the younger two for quite awhile because of the large age gap.

What I didn't know, was that this was the year that the scientist would give me hell about it! He's never really been into it. Even at ages 2-4 when it's supposed to be magical (and a great threat for bad behavior) he didn't care. He only waved at Santa in the mall cause I told him to, and always had that questioning look in his eyes. "Is this for real?"

Well last year my Honey bought a Santa suit. He loves to dress up and it's something he always wanted. He was convincing as Mr. Claus (it is a great suit) and his hopes were high that the scientist was going to be excited once and for all, but I knew it wouldn't work. That is his dad and the scientist is Mr. Observant. While everyone else pretends that Clark Kent looks nothing like Superman w/ his glasses on, our son let it ruin the entire movie for him. It was just too obvious to overlook. Major plot hole lol

So, my honey, elated that he finally got the suit he always wanted and high hopes that he was going to pull it off for our then 4yr old, snuck out the back door.
The front bell rings, I open the door, "It's SANTA!" I said, my honey does a perfect "ho, ho, ho!" with twinkling eyes, and our son walks in and says "That's Dad." I literally saw my honey's shoulders sag and sulk, and if there had been a rock at his shoe, he'd have kicked it.

The scientist gives me a look that said, "Are you serious?" I think he even looked around to see who it was we were trying to fool because it couldn't have been HIM. I had to do a lame cover story. Something like, " Yes, he was trying to fool you, but you are too smart! You knew he wasn't the REAL Santa."

He kept his thoughts to himself, although his eyes said, "For you mom, I will pretend to believe and stay a child one more year."

That was last year. This year, he's been trying to catch me in the lie since Thanksgiving.

We saw "Santa" at walmart giving free photo ops to normal children willing to believe that Santa's full beard can grow from one row of follicles above his upper lip. My son, however, strolls by, gives an obligated wave and says with a little smirk "I know he isn't real and he is just in a costume."

I say, "Shh, you're right. (looking around to make sure other little kids can't hear me) You are smarter than those little bitty kids, but we don't want to ruin it for them. Actually, Santa is so busy making gifts in the North Pole, he has to send out helpers so everyone can tell the helpers what they want, and then all the helpers tell Santa."

He knows I'm lying. I'm OK with that, and we give each other some knowing smiles. I'm sure to tell these "lies" with an unserious and playful air. It's not about making him believe the lies, it's about playing the game lol

Sometime in early Dec....
"Mom, how does Santa get in our chimney if the flue is shut?"

"He is magic and puts a finger to the side of his nose and POOF goes up or down."

Few days later from the back of the van...
"Mom, if Santa is magic, why does he need reindeer and a sleigh. Why can't he just POOF to our house?"

"Then the reindeer wouldn't have a job. Poor little things would be bored to death up there at the North pole without anything to do."

Week later as I'm tucking him to bed...
"Mom, why doesn't Santa use his magic to make the other Santa's look more real?"

"It's really strong magic and if he did that, they may not be able to get the beards off ever again!"

....and so on and so on it has gone this entire Holiday season. He's keeping me on my toes, but it's just a matter of time before he asks me one I can't answer. I'm cherishing this time though. When he is old enough to know the truth, but young enough to play the game rather than just calling me out. I've decided that once Christmas is over, I'll let him win. I'll tell him he is just too smart and figured it out, but in return for being "in on it" he has to be responsible and not ruin it for others.

He's growing up so fast.

Christmas 08, just after he ruined Santa's moment by knowing it was "Dad" lol

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Home Tour Challenge: Kids Bathroom

Well, here is the kids/main bathroom. It had quite an overhaul about 2 years ago.

Here it is when we bought it: I'm guessing they were Longhorn fans or something. That is the only thing that can explain the paint choice.

There was also a tub in there (which we now replaced with a shower, but you can see some of the old paint I had in there before the big makeover)

And here it is now:

What I love:

I like the colors. Although I plan on changing it to warmer colors way down the line to go with the tile, this color palette is cool, calm and modern for the kids. It feels clean.
What I hate:
It's tiny, but we have helped that situation a lot with the remodel. I think we gained about 6 or so square ft. tiles replacing the vanity with a pedestal sink, and the tub with a shower. Not a huge amount of space, but it makes a big difference in such a small space.
What I want:
I would like some art work in there. Maybe something above the towel rack. I also want a pretty basket to hold Ms. Thang's hair stuff, rather than the pink bucket, but it has to be long and narrow and I'm having a hard time finding something like that.
What I need:
New towels but guess what everyone got for Christmas? With their names embroidered too. :) I am thinking of sewing a loop on each one so they can hang it on a hook. I need to replace the towel rack with 3 hooks or find those utensil hooks that can hang from the rack I have. It already looks a little cluttered with their robes and just the one towel though. I'm thinking of making them hang their robes in their rooms. Maybe a hook just inside each of their closets.
Something old:
Some of the wash rags in their cabinet are Christmas stocking stuffers from years ago. They are those kind that unfold in water that you get at the dollar store. There are a ton more not pictured here because my son thinks he needs 6 at a time and most are in the wash.

Something new:
The towels I'm giving for Christmas. I should take a picture since I haven't wrapped them yet. If I don't, they are white (so I can bleach them clean) with their names in light blue.
Good bargain:
How about that pink Easter bucket that holds the blow dryer, curing iron etc... I think it was 50 cents and all the shampoo and soap because I got it super cheap with my new couponing skills.
Most expensive:
The shower. I can't remember how much it was exactly, but the whole bathroom makeover was under $1000 and the shower was probably 80% of that.
The unexpected:
For this I will show you a few of the pictures from today, just before I cleaned it.
Note the bag of bird seed on top of the cabinet. Don't ask. I didn't.

Clothes pile in the corner.. typical. Squirting bath toys...typical. Plastic hammer in the shower that was supposed to be on top of the fridge because someone was being too wild with it.. probably not so typical.

Most meaningful:
The time my honey and I spent redoing this thing with our own hands. And when I say "our hands" I mean his. I was pregnant lol. But we did have a good time. High on paint fumes, total body exhaustion. Good times. I clearly remember my roller painting his skin as he reached up high and showed me some belly from under his shirt lol
Where is the bird:
no bird here, just bird seed. :P

Santa's just around the corner!

I'm feeling that childhood excitement and anticipation! I am so ready for Christmas! I've got 3 of them this year. First there is the one here with the kids of course. I'm sure Honey will set up the camera in the corner and we'll have another video of me looking like crap. Actually, it's so funny because now when I watch those videos I'm like, "Why was I so self conscious? I looked GREAT!"

Anyway, after that video debut, we are off to my in-laws for more presents and a yummy Christmas lunch. We'll linger and probably reheat it all for dinner too. They have a piano. I wonder if I could get my brother-in-law to play songs that Ms. Thang knows on her violin. How cool would that be? The scientist plays a mean harmonica too. You think I'm joking, but he has his own metal piece with the case and everything. He leaves it over there and the girls (including cousins) are not allowed to play it (because of germs but everyone is convinced it's because the scientist is the only BOY) so they try their hardest to sneak and use it since it's forbidden.

On Saturday morning we are headed to my mom's in Carlsbad and plan to stay the night. She got us all tickets for a nightly river ride to look at Christmas lights. I can't wait! Wednesday (our minpin) is going on her first road trip. She's ready to chase her great Aunt Emmie (mom's pom lol) around the tree.

We are pretty much done with all the prep work. We still need to get my FIL's gift, and a couple of things for my grandma's cats (yeah cats, so!) and I'm supposed to be cleaning the bathrooms right now, but opted to write this little gem instead. Maybe I'll take some pics of the kids bathroom and do a little home tour challenge in the process. It'll be motivation to clean!

Speaking of clean, I love to light a candle when I'm all done for that final touch that says, "This house is cleansed!" and although it is $9 (yes I know but you can find coupons!) the Febreze Home Collection Green Tea candle is great! It smells so good and lasts forever. You can light that thing for about 5 minutes and your entire house smells fantastic all day.

*I just googled it to find the actual name and saw that you can use the lid as a base. I like it even more now. Also, the glass is so nice, I'd use it as a vase for flowers near the bedside or since it has a lid, for q-tips or cotton balls etc.. in the bathroom. Actually have you seen those resin water vases at Target? I wonder how easy it would be to do that? Hmm..
Ok, I'm rambling... Have a great Christmas!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

New addiction

Couponing! I have always envied the girls that bragged about saving $50-$100 off their groc. bills, but I always thought they were buying things they didn't need, or getting 50 cents off of a name brand item when they could have saved $1.00 buying the generic in the first place. I could sometimes save a couple of dollars here and there, but it seemed that there were never coupons for what I bought, or it wasn't enough savings to waste time clipping for.

Boy was I wrong. I started watching a few threads on a message board I'm a part of and began catching onto some of the lingo. Doubling and tripling, manufacturers coupons vs store coupons and how to stack them, etc...

Hearing that people were paying a few cents for items I used or getting things free, well, I wanted to do that too! I've now been at it for about a month. It takes some work researching ads, going to 3 or 4 stores instead of one. I also find I'm making a few more trips to the store, spending more time there than usual following my coupon list rather than a quick groc. list, and I stock pile items so I have large amounts of certain things. For example, right now, I have enough cereal to feed a third world country, but I hope to even it all out in the end.

It's become addicting and well, there are definitely worse things to be addicted to. I get a sort of "high" when they ring it up, scan in my coupons and there goes $20-$50 off my total. Watching my husband put that money back in his wallet and give me a knowing smile makes me feel good, and it also helps me feel like I am helping financially, which is something I don't get to do often as a stay@home mom.

Making those frequent trips gives me a little time away from the kids, or sometimes I take one and have some one-on-one with them. It's exercise too! It's a walk I wouldn't have taken without motivation, but apparently, I'm willing to take a walk for $20. :P

Today was my best trip yet and I have to brag! This is a combined trip to Target and Walgreen's.

2 bottles of ALL x2 (my fav brand)
2 Swiss Miss mix
2 Purina dog treats
2 Old spice deodorant (Honey's fav)
2 Nivea lip gloss
1 Energizer pack (2AA)
1 Gain fabric sheets (my #1 brand)

Totaling (with tax) $19.93
Factor in the $7 Walgreen's register rewards and my total is..


That is less than a dollar and item! I am so proud. :)

Some women actually get hundreds of groceries for free. Check this out:

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Picture outtakes

Well here is our official Christmas picture for 2009!

I think we did fairly well. The scientist's shirt was untucked and his pockets were out, but we cropped that problem. Ms Thang insisted Wednesday be in the picture and her goods are there for everyone to see, but who's looking at that, (did you just go back to check it out)?? Cutecumer is once again without socks or shoes, but she isn't screaming!
So I bet you are wondering what the other pictures looked like if this is the best one of the session right? Well, wonder no more. Here are a few of the pictures that didn't make it into the card this year.

Not sure what happened here, but I vaguely remember the dog and the boy being reprimanded through my Honey's smiling teeth, because apparently I was busy trying to deal with a 50lb weight in my right hand.

Here is one where Cutecumber visibly shows how much she trusts her siblings to keep her from falling off the brick:

Who can blame him for those "bedroom eyes" considering my hand is on second base.

And although I had to work with a baby and an animal, the scientist proved to be the most difficult to work with. Putting him in front, where no one can see his antics, these are a few of the results when shouting that last minute "SMILE!"

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray...

Well the snow missed us. Drat! I really wanted to see some, but it looks like we may get a little of the white stuff in a few days. I won't be holding my breath though. I'm a little lucky that it didn't snow because I do have a few errands to run this afternoon and I don't have to worry about slick roads or making the baby sick while I'm out.

Now that I mention it, I'm not really sure what it is about snow that makes me want it so badly. I think it goes back to those school days when you wake up, look outside and your mom says those magic words, "No school today!" Now that I can look back, reflection shows she wasn't as thrilled as we were, but being a mother myself now, makes that all clear. lol

Even as I got older, I enjoyed working on "snow days" because all my jobs were dealing with the public and on days with dreary weather, you didn't get many customers and most of the day was goofing off with your coworkers.

Now, snow is something different to me. I still have that excitement when I look out the window and see the snow, but now its so symbolic. Really, it's a cold blanket of death, snuffing out the remaining green life of summer. It's a clean and beautiful death though. Necessary for the rebirth of spring, which is really my favorite season. I love new beginnings, but this dieing of the old is important.

I can't help but reflect on my life and things that are dying with in me. Some that harder to accept, and other things that I wish I had let go of long ago. The "chase" is gone now that I am coming up on my 6th year of marriage to my Honey, but the comforts and dependability of a long term relationship are popping up like little flowers in the spring. I've never experienced these things before. I can't say that I don't miss the chase at times, but I enjoy these little flowers even more. Knowing where my honey is, not because he told me, but because I know him and his habits. Picking out a gift he likes without it being on his "list". Things like that.

I've been letting the snow fall on the parts of me that strive for perfection. A perfect home, perfect wife, perfect mom. I'm learning to let the little things go. It's been an ongoing struggle for me in my life, but I feel a change. I feel myself letting go and not panicking as the reigns slide out of my hands. I'm giving them to God more and more, and I can't wait to see what this spring brings. I still have a long way to go, but I already feel calmer, happier, and less worried about things that never really mattered in the first place.

I love the symbolism of each season, and although I'm all about spring, I appreciate the necessities of winter. I want to see that snow!
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