Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years Resolutions

It's that time of year again and although I am always extremely ambitious and have high and unattainable expectations, it really is a good time to review the things that I need to improve on and any change, no matter how small, is moving in the right direction!

My resolutions in no particular order are:

Get moving!

I'm changing it up a bit this year and instead of setting my sights on weight loss, I'm just going to focus on a symptom I have that causes the actual weight gain. I'm vowing to work out in the mornings and even Mall Walk after taking the kids to school. The side effects of this SHOULD be a healthier me, including NOT going back to sleep with Cutecumber in the mornings. I hope this fixes a couple of issues as well, like late night snacking and putting off errands until midday when I have to rush before picking up the kids, but I'm not focusing on all of the side effects of this resolution, I'm just going to focus on one thing. Get up and get moving!

Good Bye Potty Mouth!
That is such an appropriate word for it isn't it. Potty Mouth! I don't know what happened to me this past year but the profanity has really gotten out of control. I used to have a problem with tossing the "SH" word around frequently amongst adults (we all know this means My Honey and that's it lol) but lately I find myself using stronger words with adults and letting the minor ones slip in front of the children, even...*blush* making a joke of it here and there with my oldest. Eek! I've always thought it was a trashy habit, especially when women do it, and I don't know why I thought I could pull it off with more class than everyone else. I can't, and I want to be done with it. So get ready for a lot of "Shhhoot!" and "Ffffunny bone!" and "Goosh darnit!" in the near future.

Self explanatory, and there isn't a person alive that couldn't focus a bit more time on Him, but let me elaborate and be a bit more specific about what I mean for me. Honey and I have really grown a lot together this past year when it comes to religious maturity. We are at a point where we really need to find a church and have used a million excuses not to pick one, like Honey never having a Sunday off, and trying to agree on what type of church since we come from different backgrounds. But the time has come and we need to skip the excuses and actually start testing a few out. I'm nervous to go without Honey and entrusting my children with people I've never met, but I need to have faith because I feel Him telling me to do this. Trust in Him..isn't that what it's all about?

I've been getting the house in tip-top shape for the new year. I'm hoping to have the house completely clean before the 1st as a gift to myself and then it's all about maintaining! I've let chores with the kids slip through the holidays and I need to get them back on track with that. Sometimes I find myself wanting to do it all myself or feeling guilty for making them do anything when their plates are full with school, homework, and just plain ol' being a kid, but I have to remember that teaching them how to do these things is my job and learning to balance everyday life and everyday chores will give them the tools they need to be great adults.

I've got plenty of areas in my life that could use improvement and the list could be a mile long, but these are 4 things I KNOW will make me happier and like I said before, even if I only take a few baby steps in the right direction through this next year, I will be a better me. I remember how many times I "quit" smoking for New Years. I remember how many times that I picked them back up. I know each time I smoked a little less frequently and it weighed on my mind and heart a little more. Finally, almost exactly 3 years ago today, I quit for good, after years of baby steps. I used to feel such guilt and shame when I smoked. Subjecting my children to the smell, and the risks I took with my health each time I picked one up. Embarrassed that my kids knew it was wrong and yet I continued on, no will power to quit and set a good example, even for them. Today, Cutecumber will never know a mother that smokes, the Scientist has long forgotten, and I've turned something so negative into a positive, proving to Ms. Thang that you CAN change if you really want to. Keep chipping away at your problems and eventually nothing will be left. Good Luck!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oh yeah and...

This was the best dollar I ever spent.

None of the clothing.

No, not the purse either.

The hook! (I actually got 4 for a dollar in the dollar section of Target.) I put it on the inside of my closet door.

Now, you're about to learn a bit of an embarrassing fact about me so that I can tell you why this is the best dollar I ever spent. The story is...

I'm a gum consumer. I actually EAT (and swallow) gum. All the time, everyday. I should probably be on one of those new crazy obsession shows but hey, it's gum! It's not like I eat toilet paper or laundry detergent (these are actual episodes) because gum is meant for consumption. Don't tell me it sits in my stomach for 7 years either. It doesn't, K?
Anyway, that brings me to my point. I have an array of different gum brands (up to 5 packs) in my purse at all times and the kids are aware of this. Anytime we smell something sweet or fruity one of the kids says "It smells like mom's purse!" And ya know, a purse could smell worse!

Lately, a certain toddler has become Little Ms. Grabby Gum McGrabberson and I've found my purse dumped over and a wrapper trail leading to her bedroom. So this is the best dollar I ever spent because little hands can't reach my purse and my gum is mine ALL mine!

and..I'm totally showing off my organized closet.

Bedroom makeover in the works

I got a new corner desk from Target for Christmas.

It's this one, but was actually down to $77 for a short time and I ok I bought it myself! lol

This is currently our corner desk area:

It's small but it has to be. It has really worked out great in this spot, but when we (by we I mean Honey) put it up, we did it fast out of necessity and really neglected a few things.

-badly placed middle shelf ran right into the light switch so I couldn't put moulding on it and Honey had to cut the corner off. (We have a lift-top printer..oops)

- Quick sanding job made for an uneven surface. I can't write anything on it or it looks like an 80yr old filled out my checks.

-No surface area. I do everything on those two little end corners. It's sad really.

-Cords..still working on a way to hide those better this time around.

-See through storage- hate it. Didn't think that through.

-yoga ball chair, fun for awhile but now I want something with a back on it!

So this area is getting the most TLC during the mini make over.

I found these drawers at Goodwill for $5.

Brand spankin new, hadn't even been labeled yet. I'm still reeling over this find. I first saw similar storage on the Pottery Barn website WAY out of my price range. **funny thing, the cashier mentioned something about the manager overpricing stuff as she rung it up and I was like "shh! They might hear you and change the price..PUT IT IN THE BAG!"lol

Another major part of this bedroom makeover is PAINT! It needs it so badly. I have dings and scrapes all over, not to mention the area that the kids have started peeling under the desk area. I'm going with a similar color to what we have already, but toning it down a bit and going a tad more gray so it isn't as "baby blue". The colors are called Teton Sky and Stone blue.

Yes, two colors because on the wall behind the bed I'm doing horizontal stripes! I think it's going to look so awesome! The whole room will be the lightest shade, and the stripes on the accent wall will be in the other shade, one shade darker. Here is my inspiration. LOVE IT!

Click HERE to see the difference the stripes made. My furniture is similar to this room actually.

And one last thing I'm doing is a fake-out chunky baseboard which I'm copying from HERE.

I can't wait to show you the true before and afters! Hope the weekend goes smoothly and I can post the new room on Monday!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas-New Year- Family

Finally the Christmas bug has bitten me. I've been feeling a little blue for no particular reason, just more of a sadness that I wasn't super happy about Christmas like I usually am.

I'm not sure what put me in the mood, but a good start was that my Honey was off yesterday and we had a particularly great time. We've been very much in love lately. I'm actually writing a short little love story based on "us" and needing a few details about his life to fill in blanks has really brought us closer.

I also finally got around to watching The Gospel of John and the prayer Jesus says right before they come to take him just resounded in my heart, and looking over at my Honey with a tear in his eye at that same time just sealed the Christmas deal for me.

My son has really been a joy and blessing lately. With Cutecumber demanding so much attention, and Ms. Thang in the throws of puberty, her sudden and dramatic changes shadow a few of the subtle ones that the Scientist has been going through. One of his top teeth is about to go. I'm excited but sad. He will look so different once he gets those top two teeth! The baby in him is almost completely gone. I've been holding him a lot more, his legs hanging over the arm of the recliner, looking extremely awkward, but I can't help myself. I know by the end of this next year I won't be able to do it anymore and I'm just taking it all in. The bond with a son is so different isn't it? I've been trying to freeze a few of these moments in my mind forever, like his odd collections I posted before. I really love this 6yr old boy and how perfectly 6 he is.

The new year is here. 2010 held a lot of ups and downs for us but we weathered well. Honey losing his job seems like a minor little trip up now that we can look back on it.

I'm thankful that I can buy cookie dough to bake with the kids, hot chocolate to drink by the fire, gas to go looking at Christmas lights, and I do enjoy all those things, but this year those are not the things that gave me the Christmas spirit. This time it was just taking a moment to be thankful for this gift of life, a chance at salvation, and the blessing of a wonderful family to make my life here so much more fulfilling.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Collections or hoarding

You be the judge...

..and these are just the Scientist's ORGANIZED collections. lol

Monday, December 6, 2010

Misunderstood Lyrics

Ms Thang was praising the Lord in Jersey Shore fashion today.
She was listening to Newsboys- Born Again (below) and instead of singing the correct lyrics which are:

" him the best of, everything that's left of the life inside this man..."

She was singing:

" him the fist pump, and everything that's left of..."


Newsboys- Born Again

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Marker Tales

Marker story #1

My mom made a mixed CD for Ms. Thang featuring songs from the 70s and it was adored for years until her granddaughter discovered Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers.

The scientist inherits a portable CD player and scours the house in search of discarded music. I gave him a CD of "soothing sounds" that came free with Honey's hotel room on his last business trip. I also let him have the Similac Lullaby disc that came home from the hospital when Cutecumber was born. But then, he discovered a stash of forgotten CDs under his sisters bed.

He was drawn to the 70s CD over all others in his stolen stash. After hearing it played and sung over 500 times in a 2 day period, I realize he favors one song in particular.
That's the way I like it by KC and the Sunshine band.

Today I was picking up a few things (2 weeks worth of socks and a banana peel) in his room and decided to look through his stack of CDs making sure he wasn't ruining anything of great importance when I saw the 70s cd. Scrawled across the face of it was "Scientists Favrit songs" (the r was backwards) in big bold black marker.
Wonder how long until Ms thang notices and retaliates?

Marker story #2

The other day we finally wrapped some presents while the children were away and put them under the tree. The scientist came home, slid on his stomach across the floor and dove head first into the pile and started counting.

"Dad, tell me some of the stuff I got. PLEASE!!!" He begged.

"You got a box of Capri Sun! You are going to love it. It will be just for you. Well...until someone gets thirsty but they have to ASK you first. "

"Ha!" he said, "I KNOW you're lying DAD! Juice is NOT a gift you give for Christmas. I bet there isn't even a present with that shape under the tree. I'm going to look right now!"

Subsequently there WAS a present shaped just like a Capri sun box.

He is still really mad about it. I'm sure of it because today as I was giggling over his name claim on the 70s CD, I went looking for the marker before he did anymore damage and found it laying on the desk, right next to a fresh new message written directly on the desk top.


Marker story #3
(No this is not another from today. He'll never see another marker for the next 10 years. This one is a bit older but still cracks me up.)

The scientist was about 4yrs old and my grandfather was visiting, doing what he does best, TEASING the crap outta my kids. (my grandchildren are doomed, just like my children, as the teasing is a favored past time on both sides of my family) A few days before, at his birthday party, the Scientist had received a robot shaped pillow that made noises and lit up. He was showing it to my grandpa and the convo went something like this...

"Look at my new pillow Grandpa!"

"Oh that isn't your pillow. It's MY pillow. You can hold it for now, but I'll be taking that with me when I leave."

"NO! It's not yours! I got it for my birthday!"

"That's right, I got it for my birthday. I guess I left it here. I'll be sure and bring it home to my house today."

This goes on for some time until the scientist runs to his room screaming "IT IS NOT YOURS! IT'S MINE!"

Grandpa has a victorious fit of laughter.

Soon the scientist is back, (they can never stay away for long can they?) with the robot behind his back and HUGE smile across his face.

Grandpa says "Oh! I see you've brought my robot back to me."

"No, it's MY robot and I can prove it."

Thank goodness the next few moments happened in slow motion so I can remember every detail for as long as I live.

The scientist slowly pulls the robot from behind his back with his name written in GIANT letters across the pillow, The first letter starting at the eye and the last ending on the robots foot. Black. Permanent. Marker.

"See my name right there? TOLD YOU it was mine!"

The horror on my grandfather's face, knowing full well that he was responsible for this ... PRICELESS!

One more quickie..
Marker story #4

The scientist is constantly asking to use a little electric trimmer to shave his arms or legs.

"Please can I do it. I just want to see if it hurts."

"NO! Don't ask me again. If I EVER find out you were playing with it, you'll be in so much trouble you'll beg me to ground you for life instead cause it would be so much BETTER than the punishment you'll get!"

The threat wasn't harsh enough to keep him from using the trimmer to shave most of the hair off one arm, but it was threatening enough that he used a marker to draw hair back on.

Sharpie- creating so many messes and so many memories.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Mad.. not the angry kind.

These are things that are ridiculously over priced so I'll pretend to buy them for myself for Christmas here in a shameless display of greed and lunacy...

How beautiful! Just look at this soap dispenser! Shining like a diamond with it's classy clean and modern lines and even the soap in that shade of blue.. stunning! Oh to finally have a dispenser that isn't shaped like an animal or plastered with a tacky fish covered aquarium label.

I'll place it in my children's guest bathroom where it will never have a soap encrusted pump or dirty bubbly finger prints on the beautiful glass orb, embarrassing me and accusing me of waiting weeks..maybe months before I actually clean it off. And no, MY children would never abandon it while still turned upside down leaving a ooey-gooey soapy mess for mommy to clean.

And what is THIS?! A deep chocolate striped faux mink throw! It looks and feels just like the real thing!

I can't wait to place this at the foot of my bed where it would add a luxurious and elegant upscale feel to the master bedroom. It will class up the cheap simplistic comforter and tie together all my plastic white baskets filled with unfolded laundry expensive accessories. It wouldn't look out of place like Roman sculptures in a trailer park. Not at all.

Oh I do believe I've died and gone to heaven!

A 7 inch pumpkin cheese cake that no one else in the house knows about! Of course it will never be found by any of children and won't add a single inch to my waistline. I'll eat to my hearts content, one richly sweet sliver at a time.

Bleh... am I dripping with sarcasm today or what?

Sorry, Honey has been working extremely long hours and I'm in need of an escape. Lately, I've adopted my children's mentality rather than influencing them to take on my more mature characteristics.

Just today I almost had my son convinced that girls never poop. When he insisted that they did, I told him that boys pooped stinky smelly poop and girls went poops, which was completely different from boys poop because poops were cute and scented like cotton candy. He was so close to believing me it... then Cutecumber blew out her diaper.

Maybe no post would have been better than
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