Tuesday, January 19, 2010

When hair is not just hair

I took the kids to get their hair cut a couple of weekends ago. Usually My Honey cuts the boys hair at home, but he's been busy, and after a weeks worth of reminders, The Scientist was still left looking like a wookie. When I announced that I was taking him after school, Ms. Thang said she wanted to get hers cut too. She had been toying with the idea of cutting it pretty short (chin level) but in the end, she didn't go that far.
Anyway, I was a little reluctant because usually I leave the hair stuff to her step-mom because both she and Ms. Thang share the whole fashion/hair/makeup gene that somehow eludes me. Hair is just..hair!lol but she pushed a little and I quickly gave in. Looking back, I should have sensed that this was more than just a hair cut for her. She started saying things like, "You don't have to tell the lady anything mom, I will tell her what I want." making it clear that this was something she wanted to do herself. Ironically, I had already decided to let her do it all on her own because I have NO idea what to tell hairdressers when it comes to what I want, let alone what someone else does lol. I didn't even tell the lady what to do with The Scientists hair. I made My Honey do that, and Ms. Thang actually suggested a few things for him, like leaving it long enough on top to "spike", which I admit was totally cute, but of course he slicked it all down the minute he got out of the chair. Change is not really his thing. lol

I took a few glances in Ms. Thangs direction as she got her cut, but mostly I just listened from afar. I was actually a little envious and proud at how easily she explained what she wanted, and how quickly they were chatting away and making small talk. Ms. Thang really has a nack for making friends and feeling comfortable with just about anyone. When it was all done with, Ms. Thang walked over to me, obviously proud and confident, but letting it waiver just for a moment as she waited for my approval.
"Cute!" I said, thinking it still looked just like my little Ms. Thang, and that hair was...just hair. She regained her confident stance and went on about how she had the bangs done a little differently and how they would "flip out and feather" just as she had wanted them too.
Through the next week, Ms. Thang did her own hair. Some times, I'd see a little something I wanted to fix, but I let it go. She was waking up early with her own alarm. She burned her forehead once and her thumb a little later, but happy and proud. She was getting compliments at school, and walking with a new air of confidence and independence.
As I lay in bed one night, I realized that this was a time when hair wasn't just hair. This time, her hair cut was about growing up, doing things on her own, and becoming her own person with her own personal style.
For a split second I wanted to hit the hair dresser in her stupid face and insist she put the hair back on, but of course, this is how things are to be, and I'm thankful that my little girl is growing up in a way that gives her a self-assured walk, and a confident air. That is the goal after all. These are the steps she is supposed to take. I sometimes get so wrapped up in the idea that my purpose as a parent is to gently guide her in a good direction, that I sometimes forget, that my job also requires me to simply move aside at times.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday night

Usually, Ms. Thang and The Scientist are paired up during the weekend, either playing or at each others throats, depending on whether or not The Scientist is doing what Ms. Thang wants him to do or not.

Well this weekend, Ms. Thang is at her dad's so The Scientist has been sharing all his weekend adventures with his little sis.

I caught a few pics of them watching tv like 2 peas in a pod (ignore the fact that The Scientist is stripped down to his undies. It's his usual weekend attire) Not the best picture, but it's a memory anyway. lol

And a few minutes later, as I tended to my farm (farmville of course) I realized things had become extremely quiet and found this:

If you look closely, you can see a piece of paper with little orange finger prints on it. This is The Scientist's latest obsession. First it was required that everyone participate in the "Finger Print Project" while he did a little FBI work, and here it was used as a"Finger Print Scanner" which allowed access into the fort. I had previously rejected to submit a fingerprint in the FBI project, which later came to haunt me as I was not allowed into the fort.
"Your finger print is not there REMEMBER mom? Bet you wish you could see what's in here but you can't, sorry. Maybe you will think of that next time."

Parroting his mother, no doubt lol.

Although I didn't get to take a tour, I still enjoyed the moment. I love watching my kids play together! The best thing about having a sibling is that you have someone who knows exactly what it was like growing up in your home, with your parents. A unique bond for sure.

I remember making forts with my brother. We had floor vents, and would put a sheet on top of one, climb underneath, and neatly tucked the edge under our bottoms, waiting quietly until it came on, surrounding us in a cozy warm bubble. I'd love to go back there and see what kind of treasures lay in the bottom of that vent. Good times. lol

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Morning routine

Lately it seems as though I am living the same morning over and over.

Alarm goes off at 6:30.
Hit snooze.
Alarm goes off at 6:40.
Hit snooze.
Alarm goes of at 6:50.
Turn it off and sit up for a couple of minutes while I keep my eyes closed and mentally local my bathroom.
Pee, brush my hair and get it in a pony tail. (I brush my teeth after breakfast)
I let the dog out, or let her in if Ms. Thang has already let her out.
Find the closest "decent" pants which are usually the PJ's I shed in the night, grab my glasses and head out of the bedroom.
I wake up the scientist first and he always says the same thing.
"Noooo! I didn't even get to sleep yet! Don't turn off my TV."
I put his clothes for the day on his bed and turn off his TV.
**btw, I let him watch a movie every night. He usually opts to watch the same movie over and over all week. This week is Fraggle Rock. Some may think it's a bad idea to let your kids sleep w/ the TV on, but considering this is about the only time they watch it and it's a good noise filter through which they can not hear things that may scar them for life, I find it not only ok, but almost a necessity lol**
Next I move on the the girls room. Lately Ms. Thang is getting up with her own alarm so she has more time to do her hair and eat cereal. I'm glad! She is actually the hardest to wake up, especially when I am trying to do so quietly because I want Cutecumber to sleep in until the last possible minute.
It's part of the kids chores to make their lunches the night before, but they have been lax in that department. I round up the lunch boxes and fix them the same thing every day. Bologna sandwich for the scientist with a cherry carpi sun, orange, chips, and a gogurt. Ms. Thang gets a turkey sandwich, bottled water, chips and cookies.
*I remember when I used to put cute little notes everyday, and mix up their meals with something fun and different. I need to get on the ball again. Poor kids lol
Then I double check the clock, give a yell over how many minutes we have left (I like to leave the house at 7:20) put their lunches near their back packs and I have to sign something for someone.
Ms. Thang usually asks if I can come do the back of her hair.
I take another peek at the boy and tell him to hurry up and make his bed as I head to the crib and grab cutecumber.
I change her diaper and put on her socks and coat, while yelling out yet again how many minutes everyone has and reminding them to take a vitamin.

I put on my shoes and coat, grab my keys and usually at this point Ms Thang is finishing up her cereal, the scientist is finally starting to put on his coat and back pack.
When everyone is ready to go, we pile by the door, tell Wednesday (our dog) to go lay on the couch so she wont run out the door and we start heading to the van. The scientist waves at Wednesday as Ms Thang impatiently waits by the van telling him to "Hurry up!" because she has to wait for him to get in first. I buckle in the baby, get in and ask everyone if they have their seat belts on yet. The scientist's answer is always "No." so we wait...
Finally, I am out of the driveway and on the road by 7:25. The school is less that 3 minutes away. I pull up and we make sure the doors are open and they are letting kids in. (Ms. Thang has to be there @ 7:30 for orchestra and sometimes the doors don't open until exactly 7:30). I tell them I love them and to have a good day. Then the kids get out, walk hand in hand to the cross walk as I pull forward and wait. I take a mental note of what they are wearing as the crossing guard brings them across the front of my van. I love watching them cross together, holding hands. I need to take a pic with my phone someday so I can always remember it. Anyway, I drive off and always tell Cutecumber "It's just me and you kid" and we head home.
We eat some breakfast together and then she lays back down. I check my email and play on Facebook ( love farmville) for about an hour and then I start my daily routine.

So there you have it. Not super interesting, but I wanted to record it. I know I will look back at this and marvel at how much my live has changed someday. :)
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