Monday, March 29, 2010

Dinner conversation

It's been a busy weekend. We had the scientists 6th b-day on Sat. and then a photo session with my ex-SIL (aka friend) on Sunday. My Honey is home with asthma problems and although he went to the ER on Sat morning, I'm hoping to force him in to see his regular dr tomorrow. He still sounds terrible. He is talking like Christopher Reeves post accident.
Anyway, once he is back to himself and back at work, I'll take some time to post pics and do some crafts. Until then, enjoy this little gem from the drive thru line at Fazoli's today:

Ms. Thang- "Eww! There is a hairball outside in the grass! Is it from a dog or what?"

Honey-"No, looks like someone cleaned out their hairbrush or something."

Scientist- "Well, I can't see it that well from here, but it's definitely not an owl pellet."

Ms. Thang- "How do you even know that?"

Scientist- "It would have bones in it."

Me- "SHHHHH! Yes, and could I have a coke with that?"

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Silhouettes - check

Finally finished the silhouettes of the kids.

Here are the frames I found at the Salvation Army for $.49 each. They are about the size of a baseball.

I took them apart, cleaned the dust off with an old toothbrush and spray painted them with a glossy black.

I hate buying frames with pictures in them. Especially when the person that put the pictures in there took the time to make these over herself. When I took them apart, the frames were originally gold, and had these pictures of Mona Lisa and a fisherman inside. The photos of the 3 children had been pieced together to fit in the frames just right. It broke my heart that they were loved so much and then just discarded, so I just put everything back in the frames behind my children's silhouettes. I just couldn't throw those kids away, or the old cheesy art either. It's all still there behind each of my kids pics.

I used a photo editing program to make the silhouettes. Basically you take a photo of your child's profile with tons of back lighting (in front of a window) and then adjust the hues, contrast and such until you get a black on white silhouette. Like these:

I added their names in a pretty font to the right of each child, printed it out and hung them up. What do you think?

I'm wanting to get 2 slightly larger frames and doing one of me and my honey too.

I finished making a few Ghostbuster party decorations today, and wrapped up the gifts. Tomorrow I am making frosting for the first time, and I'm going to play with my Wilton decorating kit. Should be fun. I also get to take Wednesday (our dog) to be spayed in the morning. I've had to withhold food and water since 6pm and take her in at 8am. Poor girl. :(

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The Scientist turns 6 on Saturday so we get to celebrate his birthday on the actual birth date! I'm not going to do a sappy post about him growing up just yet. I feel it coming on though, you've been warned.
He is going with a Ghostbuster theme this year. He's watched the old cartoon episodes on dvd a million times over. I didn't even mention this when asking him what kind of party he wanted because Ghostbusters, although awesome, don't have very many party items out right now, which means custom stuff by me, aka more work for me. This was a suggestion my dear husband made and the Scientist jumped right on it. It was actually a frantic ploy by Honey when the boy started leaning hard towards a "puppy" party theme and homophobia set in and "real MAN" themes were flying out of Honey's mouth at lightening speed. "Spiderman, Hulk, Superman, Cars, Army, Star Wars, Ghostbusters?" and that's how it all went down. He wants a protonpack and ghost trap from the 80s, and he won't be getting it, although Honey tried to get one on Ebay and bid the ridiculous amount of $75 on it and lost thank goodness. Who was that proton pack really for I wonder? lol
I'm a little happy that the party has been reduced to a handful of friends and family due to a few no-shows and previous plans or recent visits. Basically, I just had to buy green and red party decor, and make a cake. I'm nervous about the cake. I plan on doing a simple layered cake, tinted green inside, with white frosting, red piping, and the ghost logo on top. I got an awesome cake decorating kit for Christmas, so the pressure is on a bit. I've been tempted to practice a few mini cakes, but who has time for that!?
I want to pay someone to clean my kitchen right now. I still have a ziplock full of "gold dollars" from that time Honey used a 20 dollar bill in the stamp machine. Any takers?

I still have a few unfinished projects I want to do before party day. The little silhouettes of the kids for one thing. I have two done and hung on the wall, but I still need to do one of Ms.Thang. She's been quite the teen lately so I put it off yesterday. I bought a used Little Tikes Playhouse for $30 the other day thinking it was too small for the oldest two, but that Cutecumber would get a lot of use out of it. Wrong. Cutecumber loves to run around it, while the scientist spends all his time at the built in gas pump, fueling every wheeled toy in the backyard. I printed out some fake credit cards, laminating them with tape, to use at the pump.
I figured Ms.Thang would be disappointed because she is too big for the playhouse, and would pout when Honey brought it home because she didn't get anything, but she is the one I find inside of it the most. After school she pulled a lawn chair in, grabbed her ipod and stayed in there for a good couple of hours while I did some laundry and she "watched" her siblings.

She looks so much like her dad there. Crazy...

Anyway, have I mentioned that I love Spring?
This is the first year Cutecumber can actually run around outside. She loves it. She's like a little magnet, repelling from anyone that gets too close. Run run run run, bounce off mom, run run run run, bounce off Sis, run run run.... it's cute, and she sleeps so well! I might be able to watch Lost tonight without fighting the little monkey in my arms!

Monday, March 22, 2010

cookie pedestal and doilies

I love cookies and usually eat them right out of the package beside my computer, but how pretty would they be in this?!

Maybe I'll think them too pretty to eat? Doubt it! I can't claim the idea as my own because I did copy one I saw on a blog awhile back, and I WISH I would start saving the sites along with the ideas so I could give credit. If you come across this post, and you want some recognition, please comment and I will do so.
Here is how I did mine. 3 easy steps:

1. Buy a cheese plate and candle holder at the thrift shop (I paid $2 total).

2. Use E-6000 glue (I love love LOVE this glue) to adhere the candle stick to the bottom of the cheese plate.
I actually turned the candle stick upside down because the bottom side was flatter and had more
surface for glue. Make sure to get it nice and centered. I put a phone book on top and left it for a few hours while I visited with family.

Step 3. Paint! I cleaned off the dust and then hit it with some satin white spray paint. Wah-La!

I think it's really cute. I might make another in black. How awesome would that look on Halloween with little pumpkin cookies? Or even in a wedding display with a dish of cream cheese butter mints?

Hey, have I mentioned that I love my husband? I really do, and especially so after his little weekend project. Actually, I guess it was more of a last minute Sunday night project. Remember this end table I bought from Craigslist to convert into a coffee table? Well, I got it and it was awkwardly tall which I had suspected. Fortunately, my Honey recently bought a metal cutting tool and shortened the legs for me!

It's the perfect fit. I had contemplated painting it off-white like the fireplace and other pieces in the room, but I sort of like it as is. Well, really I would have painted it, but the handles and knobs are brads rather than screws and I'd probably end up doing more damage removing them than if I just left them alone. So... I have decided to try something new. I thought of using this doily decal (in white) from Etsy and putting it on top of the table.

I love it's country feel, but with the clean and new look of a decal. I thought of it all on my own! (Which reminds me, NEVER look at page 92 in your 2010 Spring issue of Do It Yourself magazine.) The 35 dollar price tag put me off though. It's really not that bad of a price, and I super-bad want it, but I pride myself on being cheap, (mom you must be so proud!) so I looked a little more and found this decal for $5.

I think it's going to be really cute, and if not, I can peel it off and I am only out $5. This actually mimics a pattern I saw painted onto a sidewalk once and have ALWAYS wanted to do in the back yard. How pretty is this?

Or imagine it with overlapping lacy doilies stenciled along the walk in an English garden setting with roses and overgrown trellis. I'd think I was in heaven. Seriously! And check out this tree!

Over the top or work of art? Either way, it's neat!
I know when you first hear "doily" you either imagine the cheesy red ones that people glue onto valentines or a little old lady with one on every surface in her home, covered in dust and yellowed with age. But look closer. They really are beautiful. Like little hand knitted snowflakes or meticulously ornate spider webs. So neat...

Anyway, I'm sure I've pushed doilies on you enough now, but I hope the next time you spy one, you'll take a second to appreciate its unique beauty.

And on that note, I'm going to order my $5 decal flower/doily wanna-be and call it beauty.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Le sigh...

In an hour, spring break will officially be over. There won't be another one quite like this. Cutecumber learned to say "socks" and "chip". The Scientist told me I was "the best mom in the whole world" without prompting. Ms. Thang had a great time at her dads and came home looking refreshed and relaxed. Not a sight you see often on a soon-to-be 13 yr old. Everything is life threatening these days.

I had some moments where I wished school would start again and my house would stay clean for more than a blink, but today, the last day, I let it all go to the wind and we had a fantastic day. A perfect day. The kids treated each other with kindness, and my honey and I shared laughs and held hands. One of those days that makes a million bad days still worth it all.

I'm ready for the old routine again, but with a new state of mind. Spring break did it's job. I feel a mile away from "the edge" instead of two steps away with a stick of short-fused dynamite in my pocket.

I love my life. xoxox

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thrift shop Thursday

I might have to make a habit of this. I'm only out $5 and shopping therapy works. I had a mission this time. Picture frames. I wanted 3 oval frames for a silhouette project I'm doing, and a more ornate frame for my Eat Cake print. I found what I was looking for and scored something else as well...

This is the new frame. It's not exactly what I was looking for, but I like it. Instead of printing out a new smaller one, I cropped the larger print. I really need to print it out smaller. I can be so lazy. The old frame can be seen HERE, and I didn't hate it. I just like to use that frame as my temporary one because multiple sizes can fit in it.

And here is the rest of the "junk" atop the end table- turned- coffee table that I am waiting to reveal until after this weekend. (I hope)

The three little frames were $.49 each. I hate seeing frames with photos still in them. It's so sad! If they say anything on the back I'll probably cry. They are pretty banged up, but a little scrub with a tooth brush and some paint, they will be perfect. I found an easy way to make silhouettes and can't wait to try it. How lucky to find 3.

Sneak peek of my lovely children (minus Ms. Thang). She's the reason these will have to wait...

I have cool plans for that cheese plate (89 cents) and wooden candle stick (99 cents) which is weird pricing right? Seems like it should be the other way around or something, but thrift shop value is not an exact science.

**As a side note, the woman that rung me up is an old coworker of mine. I quit my job and started watching her kids when I found out I was pregnant with my son. She screwed me over big time. It was "payday" and she came home with a load of shopping bags, and a giant Sonic slush in hand. She had gotten off work early and apparently went shopping with her sister. I wouldn't have cared at all, had she not sat down and promptly told me that she could only pay me half of what she owed me. I continued to watch her kids free, for 2 weeks until she found someone else. She complained because I had stopped cleaning her house as thoroughly as I had before and because I wouldn't agree to watch the kids extra hours so she could have "free time" (single mom). I pretended not to recognize her. I'm feeling kind of guilty about it.

We went to the park!

Here are a few pics. This park has been here forever. A bunch of the toys are original. They aren't beautiful, but they are well built and fun.

First, I made them pose before I let them play. My oldest is with her dad for spring break, or I would have forced her to stand on that empty red one.

Cutecumber has her mind set on the possibilities this little park holds.

So she runs!

And runs some more!

The scientist is making friends

And yelling at his new friends to "go!"

Practicing that alpha male mentality, notice his pose...

Cutecumber works hard to get those tiny legs over a curb. Why are there curbs?

I trap her in a swing for awhile and laugh as she tells her shadow to "get away!"

The scientist brings me "treasures" like smashed bottle caps and pecans. *Note to self, check pockets thoroughly before washing.

We left before he dug up any hypodermic needles. Always better to leave on a good note.
Hope your weather is allowing you to get out in it!

Need it!

No it's not some awesome ceramic bird or lemon art (although I do need those too), I'm talking about getting out of the house!

My hair is dirty and my favorite fit-me-just-right pants are in the washer, but I'm going to throw this hair in a ponytail, wash my face, put on jeans that I think make me look fat and go out with the kids.

I'll report back here when I'm done and let ya know what we did.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So me

You have probably seen this sign around somewhere. It's actually a propaganda poster made (but not used) by the British government during WWII circa 1939 (thank you wikipedia) and I've seen it popping up recently on t-shirts, commercials, and of course, home interiors. I like the quote and have wanted it somewhere in my home as an inspiration, but really when I sat down to actually print one out and use it, I realized... I always follow this advice. I live it everyday. I'm not one that freaks out or gives up hope that tomorrow will bring a better day. I mean, I have my moments, but big picture, I'm not a panicky person. I don't even have any current obstacles in my life (thank you lord!) that would require a reminder that deep.

So, one day, I'm looking at magnets on Etsy (because that's what everyone does on a Tuesday evening right) and I come across a humorous take on the Carry On poster and it is perfect! If there is one thing I need during difficult times in MY life, it's humor. So, I whipped this up on Fireworks (a program much like Paintshop pro I've heard), and printed it out on plain ol' computer paper. I grabbed a frame I had laying around (thrift shop find of course) and ta-da!

I love it! The font and details of the crown are cuter than they appear in the picture, but it's hard to get a detailed picture on my camera without using the flash. I'm going to keep my eyes open for a really gaudy and ornate frame cause I think that suites it a little better, but for now, this works just fine. If you want one, just tell me the size and color you want, leave your email address and I'll send it to you. :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Coffee table

I can't find exactly what I want for the right price. I want to pout, but ya know, sometimes things like this force me to think outside of the box and I end up with something unique, unexpected and fabulous. Of course I could end up with something weird, awkward and out-of-place as well.

What I mean is, I wanted something 30 by 30, square or round, and white. Not too modern, not too ornate. Anything that I find and fall in love with is upwards of $300. I THINK NOT!

I know someday I will stumble upon the perfect table for the perfect price, but until then, I needed something to go there.

Here is what I am picking up tomorrow from Craigslist for $40.

It's a square end table that measures 23 by 23. It's also a little taller than your average coffee table at 23.5 inches. Making it about 5 inches taller than the seat of the couch.

Here is where it's going so you can visualize:

I may leave it as is, but I'm leaning towards painting it white, leaving the legs dark, and adding new knobs. It's going to be a weird height and on the small side, but I want room to move around around it easily. I'm hoping it turns out interesting in a good way. If not, I figured I could probably use it between the two chairs, and if not there (it is a small room with a lot of couch already and limited furniture space) then I can use it elsewhere in the house. Like where? I don't know! Stop acting like my husband.

Speaking of my Honey, someone sprayed his new truck with pink silly string the other day. It was just a little bit on one door. We figure it was probably a couple of kids. We had a similar incident with the lighted reindeer around Christmas time. Someone "mounted" them on each other which prompted some interesting questions from the kids when we pulled up that day. I wonder if we are getting pay-forward for things my little Scientist will do in the future lol.

This week I've left the blinds open and the outside lights on, thinking that may distract anyone from trying it again. Wednesday is beyond happy to help and alert us to anything and everyone that may even THINK of touching his truck.

My honey is getting a kick out of our little barking alarm system. :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Projects complete

I finished snazzying-up (it's a word) some of my recent thrift shop finds.

Remember this crate?

Bought it for- $.50
I used white spray paint, (already had on hand), a black sharpie marker, and came up with this!

My dog Wednesday was trying to snuggle under my elbow as I wrote the words and bumped me a few times. I could have been more creative, but I like it MUCH better than the Easter bucket that's been there for a year.

And remember this mag rack I got for a dollar?

Well here is what a little spray paint and wood glue will do. (it was a little rickety)

I realize where it's at. Don't judge me!

I did paint the bulletin board white also. I haven't hung it in the laundry room yet and it's blank, so not much to really show you. It's basically going to be the "to do" list holder, and probably something to track my weight loss, or motivational quotes or inspirational pictures. I'm thinking of putting a quote across the top actually. Just need to find the right one....


The weather here has been fantastic this weekend! I love it. I went to a few garage sales on Sat and scored. The best deal were two pretty "shabby chic" plaques to hang beside my giant clock for 75 cents each. I wanted something a little more rectangular but I like them. I'm not sure what they are made of. Maybe plaster or a thin cast iron. They are really heavy. I try and stay with things a little more "clean" and I could always paint them, but I'm leaving them as is until I figure out what exactly I want to do. I'm thinking of doing a green band on that wall centered behind the clock. I just need to find a green that goes well with the living area and the kitchen since this wall divides them and is more of a giant pillar between the two.

I also used the red star I picked up from Goodwill the other day and stitched it into the center of my Dollar Tree wreath. I think I should change the color. It's feeling a touch too Christmas-y to me. I keep doing these super "country" type things, including the shabby chic plaques I just got, that stray a little from the clean look I really like, but there is this softer country side to me and I suppose it all meshes well enough. I finally finished recovering the other chair pictured here too, and in the background you can see something I got more for my husband at a garage sale and spent $2 on it which is high for me when it comes to second hand items lol. It's one of those things you use to blow the fire in the fireplace. I have no idea what it's really called. I just knew it had an eagle on it and that seemed "American" and that is right up his alley. It made my whole fireplace area seem more colonial though. With the fireplace moulding, the fabric on the chairs, and now this eagle embellished "fireplace puffer" I have a strange mix going on in there, but to me it flows. If I had to name the style in there now, I'd call it Clean American Country. Yes, I like that lol.

My Honey found this little worm at Dollar General. He looks darker when the plant has plenty of water and dries out and lightens in color to let you know when you need to add more. How cute is that! If you know me, you know I need all the help I can get. I've been cursed with two black thumbs. :P

Right now, as I type, I have three things drying and waiting for a second coat of spray paint. One is a bulletin board I want to hang in the laundry room. The other is the green magazine rack from my Thursday trip to Goodwill along with the wooden crate from that same trip. I was brainstorming trying to figure out what cute saying I could write on that little crate as I lay in bed last night. It's going to hold Ms Thang's hair accessories, like curling iron, blow dryer and head bands. Some of my ideas were:

"Bows and things" or "Princess gear" but that just sounded too young for a 12yr old.
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" ..too deep
"Girl stuff"- not cute enough
"Hair crap"- rated pg 13

My honey asked me what I was thinking about. He pops out an idea and I think I'm going with it.


I like it!

I'll post pictures of that tomorrow. Oh, I also found this little flower print at Big Lots for $1.50. I think it looks so cute here by Cutecumbers chair. Man I need a new camera...

I also got a new bedspread at Target. See it here. I'm waiting to put it on my bed but when I do I'll post pictures. I need to do a Home Tour Challenge anyway.

Ps.. Dang all Easter candy. Dang it all to HECK! **nomm nomm nom**

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thriftshop Thursday

It's pretty windy, but Cutecumber and I needed some fresh air. (sounds better than, "Hello, my name is Angel and I'm a shop-a-holic" doesn't it?)

I stopped at the Salvation Army first. I think of my grandma every time I go. She would take me on a certain day when I was younger and you could fill up a brown paper sack with anything in the store for $5 and she'd let me get one of my own. This is where I learned three valuable lessons.

1- How to shop on a budget
2- How to create your own "treasures" with someone else's crap and a little imagination.
3- How to pack!

You'd be surprised how much you can cram in one paper sack! Rolling shirts, filling vases and shoes with little things. It's no wonder I rocked Tetris. lol

I also hit Goodwill on the way home. So two stops and here is my loot:

How cute is this purse? I have never understood how some women can pay $100 for a name brand bag when there are a ton of cute purses for $1. Yep.. 1 dollar! It's like new.

And here is a dirty old magazine rack (not to be confused with a rack for dirty magazines!) I know it's dirty and ugly, but with a coat of white or black paint (I haven't decided which) it would be so cute next to a reading chair. It takes up way less space than an end table, and all I keep there are magazines anyway. I thought about having my Honey streamline it a bit for me with his saw, but sometimes when I let him handle my "treasures" for too long, he gets ideas of his own. Next thing you know, I have a car shaped rack next to the toilet holding crosswords.

Here is the main loot.

Let me break it down:

Mirror in a cherry finish. I'm pretty sure this was straight from Target's "damaged" pile because I saw the same mirror there. The brown paper backing has been torn off and it has a chip on the top that can easily be fixed with a marker. -$2 (half off wall decor today!)

Blue mini cake plate. I like it blue, but I'm dying to try a spray paint on it. I've seen it done and it supposedly lasts. It's worth a try @ $.70.

Bell shaped glass dome- $.25 and I have no idea what it is actually, but I'm going to put something decorative under it and call it pretty. I hope it's not a fancy butt plug or something equally as horrifying. I always have a fear of finding out I am "repurposing" something gross or stupid.

red and green striped pot- $.70 It matched my living room so I got it. I've killed every plant I've ever had, but a friend has inspired me to try pretty succulents which are supposed to be easy. If it dies, I can probably use the pot as part of a Christmas display.

2 bunnies for a total of $.75 and 3 carrots (made of metal springs) for 19 cents each. I got these to try out in my spring display, but I only ended up using the tiny bunny. The carrots are just too bright. I need to tone them down somehow.

Artichoke type ceramic thingy- $1. I'm gonna paint it and put it somewhere. I just don't know when or where yet.

Crate- $50. I plan on painting it and using it on the kids bathroom shelf. It's really narrow and I hope it fits (crossing fingers). It will hold curing irons, head bands etc...

2 metal stars - $.50 for both. I'll probably paint the red one, and I already used the white one.

Glass dome- $.20 I gotta stop buying these. I'm obsessed and cant stop!

I usually get Cutecumber a little doll or something as a "shut up" toy...err cause I love her, and she chose this instead. She's bored with it now, but I've kind of fallen for the little guy and here he sits next to my desk. It holds a picture and since she found it, I'll probably put a little cutecumber pic up there. -$.25

You thought you were going to get away without seeing my spring display today didn't you? WRONG!

Now I'm off to find some lunch. I'm starved!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ever so slightly overwhelmed

Monday started out well. I had a great weekend and for once, I was on top of the laundry game, and made a small, but noticeable dent in my "to do" list. My honey decided to play hookie and for a second I thought we might have a fun day together, but quickly realized he was going to sleep the day away. He needed it though. My grandmother called and was unexpectedly headed my way and wanted to stop by. I loved that someone was coming over when the house was clean. That never happens!

I went to pick up the kids from school and my grandmother was pulling up just as we were. She gave little spring gifts which were a huge hit. The scientist got an egg shaped football. Ms Thang got a long tube of bubbles with a giant wand, and Cutecumber got a little egg shaped cup. She even got me a little pot of shamrock. So neat! I've never had any and it looks great in that big empty spot of my spring display. (I know I've showed this little table 3 times now. Look at it and love it!)

The kids ran outside to play with their gifts, and my grandmother and I had a good talk about her recent trip to Kansas. Time had slipped away from me, and as I waved goodbye at the door, all the responsibility I had put off for the visit came flying at me. Literally! Cutecumber came running from the hallway with a boogery face. The scientist started twirling around on one knee chanting "I'm hungry" over and over, and Ms. Thang asked if the boy had already done his homework. No, blah...

I whipped up dinner, a white chili recipe that usually goes over well, except I used canned chicken instead of slow cooking it myself. I thought it was OK until the Scientist said he could taste bologna and wondered if I snuck some in. I just couldn't eat it after that. Yuck.

Homework went well, and both kids handed me a piece of paper explaining that this week was "Incredible kid" week and I had to write a letter to each child explaining how awesome they are so that it can be displayed in the hallways on Wed. I was a little excited. I love to write and my kids are extremely awesome so I had plenty of material to work with. I remember noting that the word "awesome" was misspelled in the instructions and feeling pretty confident that I would do the kids justice and perhaps blow the other parents out of the water. I'm not really competitive, so I'm not sure where all of those feelings came from, but I'd sure be eating it all later!

Tues morning I lay in bed and listened as Ms. Thang went about her morning routine, with the cough of a 80 yr old chain smoker. There is no history of asthma with her father or myself, but that girl has the weakest lungs. It's always strep throat, tonsillitis, bronchitis, wheezing, coughing, etc... and I was just ready to get to the bottom of it. I kept her home from school and made an appointment. Long story short, she's on a trial run of allergy meds, stronger antibiotics, and an inhaler which she has to use everyday before PE or physical activity and as needed.
*When she called to tell her dad, he told her she was a REAL nerd now lol. Poor kid, glasses and an inhaler the year before Jr High

While I was at the appointment, my new sectional came in (My Honey was here for delivery) and although I love it, I'm a little mad because I have always heard people raving about microfiber, but no one told me I was going to have to brush it so that all the fibers are going the same way and reflect the light equally. I know what you're thinking, and it does sound crazy, but it can't just be me. I took this picture in the "unbrushed" state... don't you want to pet it?

*I know I need to finish the other chair. I said I made a dent in my "to do" list, not completed it.*

I finally have a chase on one side which I have wanted forever and enjoyed laying there watching my son play with a friend. He was so excited to have him over, and I was impressed at what a sharing and well mannered kid the Scientist is. They played with trains, light sabers, and made guns out of Lego's. It was great to see him be such a boy. Poor kid has had to play more than his share of "babies" and "My Little Ponies" having a house full of sisters.

His friend left and once again I found myself behind because I wasted time watching the boy. Dinner was rushed again and after baths and homework, it was time for Lost and then bed.

Morning comes and guess who forgot to write the "Incredible kids" papers? That's right ME! So I wrote both of theirs in less than 5 minutes each. I suck! It was a rushed morning, and I didn't even dress Cutecumber as I headed out the door. I just hid my half dressed baby in a giant blanket and practically kicked the kids out of a rolling van in front of the school.

I get home and open the door to a ringing phone. Ms. Thang's new inhaler can be taken at home because her PE is first thing in the morning, so they are sending it back.

I don't think I'm getting any mother of the year awards soon unless they make one for moms that only spend seconds on letters about their child's "incredibleness", take babies half naked and dangle them from their arms while they balance a purse, keys, and the phone. Oh, and lets not forget I had no idea that PE was in the mornings and the school year is practically OVER!

Goals for today:
Tell your kids how awesome they are.
Make lunches and sign papers tonight so the morning isn't rushed.
Plan dinner.
Surf for the perfect coffee table/ottoman
Play Farmville <--how did that get there? :P

Little funnies:

*The scientist has been getting excellent conduct this week. Ms. Thang teased him on the way home one day.
Her: I guess that bad kid was your evil twin. Is he finally gone?
Scientist: Yeah, I'm the good twin. I stabbed that evil twin with a knife and killed him!
Ms. Thang and I were left wondering which twin was actually in our company lol

*Spell checker highlighted "her PE" and suggested herpes. lol

*I asked my Honey if he would go to 7-11 and get me a candy bar. (that time of the month, so I was practically asking for medication) and Ms. Thang says, "I don't think he should have to because he has worked hard all day." This is funny for two reasons. One, because he had stayed home from work that day, and two, my honey actually thought she meant it! When he came back with TWO candy bars, and Ms. Thang innocently smiled and overly thanked him, I knew he had been played. She's got mad skill.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Guess what I did?

I said I wanted to make something and I actually made it in less than 24 hours!

I went to the Dollar Tree and grabbed 1 styrofoam wreath form, and 2 bags of moss, but I ended up just using one (with some left over). Then I used my glue gun and a little scrap ribbon and created this:

My Honey brought home a little bouquet of white tulips (how sweet right?) and it inspired me to get started on the spring display. I'm still not finished, but it's coming along. I want something substantial in the middle. I'm thinking of getting a decorative bird cage cause I have wanted one for awhile now anyway. I don't know how to get that depth I'm looking for. I need more layers..more color. Fabric? Organics?

I also finished this robot in the Scientists room. Isn't he cute?

**By the way, if you'll notice the face plate to the left of the robot's foot, it has been screwed in so tight it cracked. That would be courtesy of the Scientist, and due to his "helpfulness" I have about 20 cracked light plates/electrical plates all over the house. He wanted to make sure he got them all nice and tight....

Anyway, it felt good to get some projects done today. I forget how much I love to craft and paint!
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