Monday, August 31, 2009

Thrift shops, murder weapons, and photo evidence of misbehaving

School started. Both are doing great so far. Miss Thang has her first orchestra class today. She is going to play the violin this year, and is actually using my Honey's violin from his 5th grade year. Aside from desperately needing a new case (which I pushed the order and it should be in on Tues. so Miss Thang you can thank me later) it was in pretty good shape. Now, I just need to purchase some ear plugs....

The scientist who started K this year, finally stopped complaining about being bored after the first few days. I guess they were doing a lot of repetitive "line standing" and "place sitting" that wasn't extremely stimulating for him, but by Friday he came home with a homework assignment to tell the story of "The Gingerbread man" using cut out figures and I was thoroughly impressed.

The baby fell down on Saturday and busted her lip. I was in the kitchen washing dishes and my Honey was keeping an eye on her in the living room. Apparently she pulled up on a side table (that is wobbly and I've been meaning to get rid of) and it toppled on top of her. I heard the noise from the kitchen and asked the usual "Is everyone ok?" The answer took a little longer than expected, and I met my pale faced honey in the doorway just as a trickle of blood came to the corner of her mouth. For a minute I thought I was going to have to pick my Honey up off the floor, but although he stood silently, he did not pass out. Cutecumber was fine, but Honey still showered her with guilt attention for most of the day lol

We cleaned out the garage this weekend too. THAT WAS A JOB let me tell ya! But now we have the makings of a garage sale and hopefully enough cash to buy Honey a nice tool box. He actually took Thur. and Fri off so that we could get it all done before the weekend, but spent those two days shopping at thrift shops and second hand stores. I scored a pretty pale yellow pitcher and an odd metal antelope horn mounted on a black square of wood. I don't know why I just really liked it. I later googled for a picture of it, and came across a REAL horn that looked similar and was priced at $995. So I think I got an ok deal at $5 and no animals were harmed making mine. Odd but cool right?

I actually got it off of Craigslist, and as I was going to pick it up I got sort of freaked out, thinking I might be meeting some weirdo waiting to kill me. Just as I was sure I needed to call my Honey, tell him my specific location, and to call the cops if I didn't get back to him in less than 5 minutes, I arrived at the guys house and I guess it looked ok, because I totally forgot about calling, walked up and got my horn. The guy was really nice, and made me laugh a bit as I walked away and he gave me a "thumbs-up" and said, "Stay cool!".

When I got in my van and started to drive away, I remembered how scared I was just moments before and although the guy looked totally normal, my imagination got the best of me and I started to wonder if perhaps the art piece had been used as a murder weapon to bludgeon his wife to death or something and here I was, taking away all evidence. Quite a good plan on his part don't ya think?

Wow this was not how I intended this post to go, but that my friends, is the mind of a stay-at-home mom without the stimulation of her 5yr old son and 11yr old daughter during the day anymore.
Let's hope the baby starts getting mischievous soon so my mind can stay focused! I do think it will be awhile though. Look at this innocent face!

One last thing before I leave you feeling confused and uncomfortable, I was looking for the picture of the horn on my camera card and came across a picture that I am assuming my oldest took of the scientist. I'm wondering if this was a photo set up, or if she locked him out and forgot to delete the evidence. Does he look staged or truly furious? I shall investigate and report back later. LOL (look close and you can see his new "metal" tooth which he claims makes him part robot.)

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  1. YES he totally looks way mad at big sis and she thinks its funny!! Good one Miss Thang! lol I like the horn thing and laughed at your being scared to meet the guy selling it cause I tend to do that sometimes but I dont buy things as much as you do from peoples homes or ya know pick up things from the free stuff site and all that so I am glad not to get myself into those predicaments (HEYSI). I am sad little one got a boo boo and laugh that you Honey was pale for the fact ......and that is cool that Miss Thang is gonna do the honey did some kind of sax or something that we just donated to a neighbor who works as a assistant to the band director and was gonna sell it but the person who needed it couldnt buy all the sudden..we feel good for helping out and that thing was OLD and we didnt need it, Wylie wont be playing anything any time soon I am sure and if he is like his mama it will be never lmao NICE POST SISTA!!


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