Thursday, September 3, 2009

baby phenomenon #304

As a mother, tons of things happen that mystify the mind. Like, how did a pickle get in the dryer lint trap and how did it turn pink? lol These are things I just explain as baby phenomenons.

So, phenomenon #304-

Cutecumber lives up to her nickname and is cute cute CUTE! Not just to me, but to anyone near her and already, before she is even one, has received numerous gifts from strangers, including and almost exclusively from men lol. Yesterday as we were walking out of Albertsons, the deli worker not only offered, but begged to give my beautiful girl a cookie. The thing was the size of her whole head! As I pushed the cart out to the van, she held it with two hands and nibbled it ever so daintily. Such a little girl! As I placed her in the car seat, most of the cookie fell to the ground leaving her with about a quarter sized piece and two chocolate chips at the most. She didn't even notice and for that I'm sure I am thankful lol.

Now for the phenomenon part of this story. How is it, that I can barely get an entire gallon of semigloss to paint 4 tiny walls, yet she managed to put, not one, but TWO coats of chocolate on her face, hands, clothing, car seat and a good portion of my van with two tiny chocolate chips!?

I did work it to my advantage though. I was cleaning up the mess with a baby wipe and realized I had to pick up my oldest two from school. She was clean except for a giant smudge on her shorts and the front of her shirt. I just didn't have time to change her. I went to get the kids, and as they climbed in the back, I said, "Sorry if you smell poop, I didn't have time to change her clothes."

If only I had a camera!!!!! LMAO

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