Thursday, September 24, 2009

Webkinz sneak into my kitchen

So a few weeks ago, I buy this cute little pitcher/creamer? at a thrift shop knowing that even though it has my favorite persimmon color (it looks more orange in the photo), the black trim wouldn't look good in the kitchen, and I was right. It stands out like a turd in a punch bowl.

(try not to envy my manicure)

Anyway, today I was dusting (more like moving items around to make my old stuff feel new again) and I happened to notice the bottom of the creamer.
For those of you that are not "in the know", GANZ is the same company that makes webkinz. If you don't know what webkinz are, I'm sorry you're missing out and jealous you are not addicted. No wonder I was so tempted to buy it even when I knew it wouldn't go well in there. lol
It is a cute little item though right? I may end up giving it to my mom because her colors are similar to mine, but more "spice" so black might go. It would make a cute Halloween arrangement too with themed suckers.
Speaking of halloween theme, have you seen the new monster stuff at Target? I think it's really bright and fun and I am hoping to get a few items on clearance after the holiday for the Scientists.
Costumes for this year:
Me- a mom, I'm being a party pooper this year
Honey- Kung fu master
Ms Thang- Alice (in wonderland)
Scientist- Mario (nintendo brother)
Cutecumber- Pumpkin
Both the girls have the cutest striped stockings, and the scientist is really cute in his too. I don't know what made him decided to be Mario, as he doesn't even really know who it is, but he was persistent and I have to say he looks darn cute!

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  1. That Ganz makes lots of stuff, I have some lotion by them!


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