Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Christmas (skip if the word makes you cringe!)

That's right! I know about half of my *cough* 200 or so readers probably just rolled their eyes and I admit that I can see how prematurely mentioning Christmas could possibly be annoying, but as the weather cools, I start imagining logs in the fireplace. That leads to visions of my family in red and green pj's with cups of hot coco and before you know it, my scene is including a tree and gifts. I can't help it!

Now I'm not singing Christmas carols quite yet (katie) but I am browsing silently for gifts. Ms Thang is getting harder and more expensive. A $10 barbie doesn't cut it anymore, and having just had her birthday, what she needs is... well, NOTHING! I had a hard enough time trying to figure out what to get her then, or suggesting things to family, but now I need to buy multiple items and it's going to be tough. Off the top of my head: clothing, electronics, cds/dvds, money, but those seem so...impersonal. She will be the hardest to shop for this year. I'm thinking of getting her a tall stand up jewelry box. She has a ton of jewelry and I thought that seems sort of grown up. Something like THIS, what do you think?

Now the scientist doesn't really need anything either, but he is at the age where every toy commercial is targeted toward his age group and I'm sure to get a million ideas from him this year. I'm thinking train accessories for his track table. They are pricey, but he loves them and a few go a long way. Plus, I am already thinking that a big track set will have a great resale value later down the road, unlike 3 broken transformers and bent up hotwheel tracks.

The baby is a little difficult since she also just had a birthday and her needs are nil. I'm thinking I want to go the clothing route since babies go through sizes so quickly and she really won't care what she gets as long as Santa brings her something fun. I thought about a little potty, but I'm still wondering if I should just skip that whole thing this time. It would cramp the small bathroom, it is pretty gross really, and why not use the money to buy a stool to get up on the real potty that she can later use to wash her hands as well. Sorry.. getting side tracked.

Now my Honey is easy. Not that I really know what he wants now, but he LOVES to make a list lol. Luckily he is good at varying the price range from a LED lighted key chain to a $500 tool box.
We usually try and spend the bulk on something we needed and pretend it's exactly what we wanted, like a new vacuum for her, and a printer for him, or something along those lines, but we always get something else that we know the other truly wanted. I'm hoping to get a new recycling center like this, but I've hinted for 3 yrs in a row and nothing. Honey (silently and would never say) hates recycling. I am a bit of a nazi if I see someone throw a recyclable in the trash. Maybe if I promise to chill out....

A few other ideas floating in my head are:
*a new towel for each family member. Extra large with an embroidered name. I'll probably keep 1 or 2 extras for guests or whatever and get rid of the rest. We have 5 family members and 20+ towels. It's stupid and encourages them to toss it in the laundry after one use. That adds up an unnecessary load or two pretty quickly. Plus, I know exactly who to yell at when I find one on the floor. That should help teach responsibility too..yeah, I might as well put this on the actual list.

*I want to get the dog one of these. Stupidly expensive, but these ARE just ideas.

Well, cutecumber just woke up so you are released from my holiday talk for now, but prepare yourself for more. We've only just begun! <-- you thought that was going to lead you to a Christmas carol didn't you?

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  1. I am totally working on Christmas. I alwasy say I am going to start early and never do. This year I feel on the ball, it really is a nice feeling.


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