Monday, October 19, 2009

Random Fall Pictures

I had planned on taking the girls to the pumpkin patch, but we went to my in-laws house to pick up the boy, and ended up spending the day there in the garden. My son goes there every Saturday to spend time with his grandfather. He LOVES it. There is a playhouse my father-in-law built for all the kids a long time ago, but the older girls never really got into it. Now, the house has been turned into a Sprinkler Shop, full of pipes and sprinkler parts galore. Throw in a million different types of veggies and fruit trees, an 13yr old lab named Shelby, a rusty car my brother-in-law will never let go of, and you have a little boys piece of heaven on earth.

Here are some of the pics I took:

This was just before we left. That is actually the neighbors house. Note the line in the grass. Our house was the first one that looked seasoned for Fall. My honey scalped it late Sept. and turned off the sprinklers.

And then a quick trip to the grocery store. My cutiepatootie in a sea of carts.

The playhouse turned Sprinkler Shop. Initials above the door for each grandkid. It is tall enough for her to stand, she was just peeking out.

Cutecumber with Grandma (*note hairbows are gone)

Apples in the tree. They are DELICIOUS. I wasn't even washing them, just polishing the bird crap off and going for it lol

The kids on Claudia (Uncle G's car)

Few edited pics: (I may have to do a reshoot here with different clothes)

He keeps offering his uncle 100 pennies for her, but he just can't win!

Cutecumber and her grandpa. Mouth full of apple and her hair in its "let's go home" stage.

Maybe we can get around to that pumpkin patch this week. :)

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