Friday, October 23, 2009

So it IS true

You know how you always hear about those moms that are up late finishing those 2 dozen cupcakes or sewing a last minute costume that they JUST found out about a few hours before? Well that really happens lol. At least the costume part and well, to be honest, I wasn't sewing it, and the last minute part was my fault, but still. I felt like some sort of cliche as I stayed up finishing last night, and at the same time, I felt like I was part of an elite group that has been doing this since the beginning of time (well.. at least since the beginning of Kindergarten). We are not just women, we are MOM! Here us roar..ok yeah, sorry I was up late.

Anyway, the situation: The Scientist was to dress up as a story book character. Easy enough right? Then I read the line under it and things got difficult.

"There can be NO accessories such as swords, eye patches, wands etc. as we will be moving from room to room and these items tend to get lost or mixed up. PLEASE NO ACCESSORIES."

Now tell me a story book character with out accessories! I considered a character in the book Morning Dance, with a bear that is in his pajamas for some of the story, but there was just something weird about sending him to school in pajamas. His are practically long underoos, and not that warm. Anyway, long story short we decided to make him THING 2 from Dr. Seuss's Cat in the Hat. I sent in the form telling the teacher what he would be, along with a copy of the book per request.

What I forgot was that he would be dressing up that following Friday, and Thursday night, as I got ready for bed, I lay my glasses on my night stand and set them right on top of the iron-on letters I had placed there so I would not forget.


But I finished it on time and here he is this morning looking a little sleepy:

Red sweat shirt- Thrift shop- $.75
White fabric- Back of a stained up South Padre vacation shirt
White fabric paint (trim around white)- $2 @ Hobby Lobby
Iron on letters-$3 @ Hobby Lobby
No sew tape- Already had a roll on hand

Not too shabby! Of course my cutie can pull of any look. I tried to get him to put a little blue color spray on his hair, but he was not having it. He is not really into dressing up at all (Which is strange considering his father apparently wore his Halloween costumes until they fell off). It's fun to tease the poor kid with threats of making him appear less than "normal". A little comment like, "Hey, want me to give you a mohawk?" during a hair cut can be hours of fun.

I'll end this with a quick Scientist funny since this is turning out to be a post all about him.

Scientist: (as he is dressing) Are you supposed to have HANDS all over your underwear?
Me: (eyebrow raised) No...why?
Scientist: Well these have HANDS all over them.
Me: Where?
Scientist: Right here. (pointing to the HANES elastic band)


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  1. hahaha that hands story is so funny! The costume was a great idea and turned out so good! One time I was taking the scientist home after going grocery shopping with me and he was ready to be home and back with MOM so I could not resist teasing him by slowing down a block before we got to your house saying "hey let's pull up to this house and see if THIS family wants you to live with them!" LOL he is so fun to tease! I did it like 3 times before he started laughing like crazy but nervously! I am too mean!


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