Friday, November 13, 2009

Cutecumber light-hearted-ness, Deep ending.

She is just over a year old and still not saying much. She understands a lot though and recently picked up on a few new sounds and hand motions, the majority of them being rather sassy. She can swat the dog when she doesn't want to share her toys, and put her hand in your face and grunt when you are trying to tell her no. She doesn't have a problem getting those messages across, but most of her other words are expressed in a loud "ehhhh" which sounds like more of a question than anything. I think it's sassy also, because in actuality, she probably doesn't understand most of what we say, so her questioning "ehhh?" is probably her version of, "What? I can't understand you stupid. I'm a baby remember?"

Something funny she started most recently, was trying to "sing" as loud as she could when my musical clock chimes on the hour (Beetles songs including Hey Jude) which resulted in her being told to hush, mainly by older siblings watching TV.

The funniest part of it though, is that she picked up on the "shhh" hand motion where you put your finger to your mouth, but she got it a little wrong. Instead, she puts one finger up her nose and does the noise with a tongue filled "thhhhhh". Too cute!

Another cute thing she does is push around a little stroller and play, "throw the baby out". This involves her walking along, throwing the baby out and then looking at me until I say, "Uh OH! Your poor baby fell out! You better kiss her!", and she kisses the baby and puts her back in. Then she repeats it. It's funny to watch her try and muffle the laughter as she throws the baby out again and waits for my reaction. Sometimes she is laughing so hard, she can't kiss the baby well because she cant bring her lips together enough when she is smiling so big. It almost looks as though she's taking bites out of the dolls face. Aside from her throwing the doll out of the stroller and eating her face, there are some good nurturing lessons there right? lol

She is a fun little entertainer, and loves to make us all laugh. I enjoy watching her little personality blossom and having watched my other two, I know that there are some traits you are born with. Things that make you unique even from day one, without influence from anyone. It's an amazing thing.

From the beginning, Ms Thang was my emotional girl. She wears her feelings on her sleeve. You always know how she is feeling and you know exactly who she is from the day you meet her. She is passionate. Fire and ice.

The scientist has always been logical and literal. You can always see the little gears turning in his head as he analyzes every detail in every environment. He's very serious, but kind hearted and loyal. When he says something, he means it.

And then Cutecumber, although she has only been in the world a tiny blink in time, I notice a few things already. I see that it is hard to earn her trust. She does not smile for ANY stranger. Yet, when does get to know you, she finds a way to entertain you and make you smile. I think she will be a great friend. The kind that is strong enough to lean on, and fun enough to make you laugh. I think she is going to be an "old soul".

Being a mother is the most awesome thing I have and will ever experience in my life!

I know this started out light hearted and got deep, but sometimes, that is how my mind works. One minute I'm laughing, and the next minute I want to cry because if I'm laughing, I'm happy and that is a wonderful thing. :)


  1. I wish I could have met Cutecumber. I mean I suppose I probably will eventually but I wish I could have met her at this stage ...she sound so adorable. I love the baby in the stroller thing. It is so amazing to watch children grow and see their personalities emerge -- and know that they are born with their own identities no matter how we try to warp ...err I mean raise them.

  2. I have three boys and not one of them have the same personality. Even the two that live in the same room; they are completely different in soo many ways.
    Seth is the energizer bunny, you can break a sweat just watching him go. Lucas is a brute, I swear he is going to become a wrastler or sum fin!


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