Thursday, November 5, 2009

Morning from HELL

It hasn't even become the 8th hour of this day and it's been one of those mornings.

1. My alarm was on a giant stack of Halloween crap that I need to take out to storage and sometime in the night, it fell off and was covered up so that I didn't hear it very well and wound up running about 5 minutes behind. Not that big of a deal if that were ALL that happened.

2. Go to The Scientists room and he is on the floor which means he wet the bed. I wake the kids , force him into a quick shower off, and throw his sheets in the laundry.

3. Start making lunches, which I normally do the night before but opted not to for a few more minutes of TV, and find out that The Scientist's lunch box is missing. Proceeded with giant zip-lock bag. (which made me pack it super healthy since everyone and their mother could see it)

4. Check in on the boy and he is building a little bed for a tiny black beetle that has been his shoebox pet since Monday. I hurry him with threats of taking him to school in his underwear and he starts putting on his jeans.

5. Ms. Thang has been yelling for me, and wants me to finish rolling the back of her hair. She's uber picky about it because this is school election week and she is running for class secretary. She's being a real snot. The better her hair looks, the more snotty she's getting.

6. Check in on the boy again and he still has one leg in his pants and is setting up a TV screen for the beetle. I yell this time (even though super nanny says not to, but I'm sure my situation is totally different...)

7. The oldest two are left in the living room to get their shoes on, while I get the baby ready to go. Suddenly I hear The Scientist screaming like he lost his best friend and yep.. he did. Ms. Thang was impatiently waiting to show her beautiful locks to her voters, and decided to throw his beetle out the door to get him moving. COMPLETE MELT DOWN! (for the boy, not for me..yet)

8. I calm him down with promises of letting him get a new bug after school, and remind Ms. Thang that I am the boss and she is one step away from getting her head buzzed bald. (She's scared cause she knows I mean it) and we walk out the door, Just as it shuts, Cutecumber has a shit explosion.

9. I run inside, change her at record speed while the kids pile in the van. Get in, and go to start it but the key will not even turn. It's not dead, it just wont turn. I make sure it's in park and it is. I have to call the husband who is in an important meeting (already know he is in a bad mood because he had to leave at 5am) and I consider calling the kids in sick to school, but remember what kids they are today and give him a call.
He isn't mad, but laughs and tells me to turn the steering wheel because it must be locked. I get in and yep, he was right. I get the kids to school with the oldest being 2 minutes late for orchestra. Luckily her teacher is always running late herself.

10. Finally, I let out a breath I felt as though I was holding since I woke up and decide to treat myself to a Caramel Java Chiller from Sonic, but of course, when I get there, the ice cream machine isn't working.

So there you have it. One of those mornings I'll cry over now because it's just so busy, and one I'll cry over later when I miss the kids as the house stays quiet and still.

Oh I can't end the post all depressing like that! Here is a scientist funny for you..

Real lyrics to Replay-by Iyaz
Na na na na everyday, It's like my ipod's stuck on replay

Scientist's lyrics-
Na na na na everyday, it's like my eyeball's stuck on ya plate


  1. Sheesh it is bad when your day is ruined and it is not even 8 am yet! Well I can only hope the scientist's eyeball will come off your plate soon..LOL! Love, mom

  2. Are you I cried just reading


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