Saturday, April 24, 2010

high chair and chalk board

Finished a few projects tonight and decided to share since I had some time before bed. I really should have waited until the morning to take pictures because, although I'm not a professional photographer by any means, I do know natural lighting makes a world of difference, so excuse the poor quality...

Here is a wooden high chair (pictured in the play room) that I picked up at a garage sale for Cutecumber. Would you believe I only paid $2!

Of course it did start out as a gold, spray painted, monstrosity. Eeek! It's almost as hideous as the table cloth I use for crafting ;)

I had some red paint left over and didn't even have to sand it because the spray paint didn't cover well and had soaked into the wood, leaving it a bit rough and grainy.

And remember this painting I got for $6?


I used chalkboard paint (free from my ils garage)right on the foam board backing that came with the frame. I had to wait 2 days to use it. That was the hardest part! There is a chalkboard of similar style and size at Pottery Barn for $99, and although you can't see it in the photo, the moulding on my frame is much nicer. When I pulled it apart, I saw that it was framed at Hobby Lobby. (Wonder if my friend Nicole did it?) Anyway, I spent a total of $6!

King of Pop quiz...

Q: "Who's bad?"
A: Me!

Stay tuned, because I also found some other great things at garage sales and thrift shops today, including a bowling ball for $1.50! I plan on making a yard ornament tomorrow. I also painted one of the plaster pieces I picked up on Thursday and hung it in the laundry room.


  1. i hope that my house is a awesome as yours! I love all the colors and everything you do to it!!

  2. I love how both things came out. You have tempted me to start going to thrifts stores to find hidden treasures.

  3. You bad, you bad!lol!! That high chair is so cute!.. I love it and it should last forever being made of wood for Cutecumber to hand down one day. I also saw the lawn ornament on FB page it looks great! Oh no how come that hideous tablecloth looks familiar..did I give it to you? lol! I hope not:)I can't wait to see more of your creations this summer!! xoxox mom

  4. Thanks girls!

    Mom- You might have given me that table cloth of horror, but I think it came in a box of free stuff passed around on the Midessa mommy board. Take something, give something box. The one under it on my actual table is almost as garish, but prettier colors lol


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