Friday, July 9, 2010

Scientist's corner

I like this picture for many reasons.

1. I won! He cleaned his desk.

2. When he does clean, he cleans like me. Everything has its place. :)

3. Robots, space men, super heros, gears, toy parts, binoculars, and treasure chests means he is a typical 6yr old boy.

4. Reading awards, ribbons and certificates, ever changing lego display, framed artwork, carved pine cone pencil holder he picked out at a thrift shop, means he's the awesomest 6yr old boy.

I feel like it's a frozen moment in time. Each year this same corner changes drastically. Just last year, a toybox sat here, and the crayon marks of preschool art are just underneath that layer of paint. The pegs on that shelf were always pulled out. The top shelf had a giant stuffed sponge bob and chicken little which he opted to donate just a few weeks ago. Some day this corner will have a poster of a bikini clad blonde , a fastfood work shirt draped over the chair, and half finished algebra homework covered by a hot pocket on a paper plate. lol

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