Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter clearance

I've got a lot of little projects going on and hope to post some updates soon, but I wanted to hop on and post about a few things I've found in the Easter clearance aisles over the past couple of days. I love to find things that are not just for Easter, but can be used at other times of the year as well.(cell phone pics to follow. I'm feeling a bit lazy)

Sprinkles! Target and Walmart (possibly others but these two stores for sure) have the cutest sprinkle kits on sale for 75% off sure to make any cookies, cakes, and ice cream cones extra special. There are glittery sugar sprinkles and pastel candy sprinkles in fun shapes like dots, dashes (?) and flowers. I got 2 variety packs (5 different sprinkles in each pack) originally $2.50 each. At 75% off, that's 10 different fun sprinkles for a little over a dollar!

Target also had a Fancy Nancy Easter book in their 75% off aisle. Cutecumber is a HUGE Fancy Nancy fan and this made her day. It has little windows and doors that open, making it interactive and fun.

I also snagged her a cute little bunny apron there too. Cutecumber likes to mimic me as we clean house. She also wears her apron when making her famous double-decker plastic sandwich, complete with a side of plastic pickles on the cutest little plastic pink plate. ;) It has a velcro neck-piece which makes it easy for her to put on take off herself.

If you keep birthday parties in mind, now is a great time to score pastel colored party decor, perfect for little girls. Pink table cloths, yellow plates, purple plastic-ware, pastel party bags and cute napkins with little spring flowers that would go great for a tea party theme.

You can also find flower candy molds that work for lots of other occasions besides Easter, like weddings or Mother's day.

At Walmart they had funny little alien/monsters ($.75 now) that were supposed to be Easter basket fillers, so I grabbed a few and stuck them on the Scientist's shelves. Colorful, fun, and cheap! They also had a 4 pack of mini magic 8 balls ( $.50 now) and other basket fillers that make great party favors or stocking-stuffers and have absolutely nothing to do with Easter. I'm pretty impressed with the quality of the 8balls too. They are heavy and the message piece actually works, not like the ones in some kids meals that float helplessly in an unreadable position.

Also, while perusing Target I found the PERFECT little side table marked down to $22 from $89! HELLO! It looks great with my new living room chair. Oh, did I not mention that? Yeah, I've got lots of new things to show you! My lamp is done, and I went to an antique store and bought some really cute stuff! I'm hoping to do project filled post on Sunday or Monday, but until then, hit the Easter clearance aisles!

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