Friday, November 18, 2011

Clothes on the cheap/extend summer clothing through the cold months

First of all, "Thank You!" to the women with little girls who outgrew sized 3t-4t and were wonderful enough to donated them!

Second of all, "Sorry" to you guys for the crappy cell pics. My camera had a dead battery.

Now on to my proud haul from today's thrifting trip:

2 shirts, skirt, and leggings

I tried to get things that coordinated with each other or things she already has. Leggings under a skirt is a cute layered look and a great way to extend summer skirts into the next season.

Here she is in the yellow and navy outfit- total=$3 for shirt, skirt, and leggings

And here is what I did with the navy one- total= $2 for navy shirt and jeans

This was really easy. I just sewed the white sleeves onto the navy one. The cupcake shirt was ruined by an encounter with Ms. Thang's make-up bag. This will extend summer shirts into the next season, or summer shirts bought off season at a cheaper prices can now be used through the winter.

Here are more clothes I got thrifting today.

1 dress, 4 leggings, 1 skirt, 1 jeans, 1 shirt

She has the perfect long sleeve shirt to go under that flowered dress, and all the leggings coordinate with other outfits she owns as well.

3 shirts, 1 capri, jeans, pants

The white w/pink flower blouse and the green capris (has polka dot cuffs, so cute) are a little large. I bought those for next year.

The black glitter jeans with embroidery hearts, not my fav, but Cutecumber loved them.

Here is what I did with two of the shirts pictured above:

Again, this was super easy. The nemo "jacket" was part of a dress set, but the bottom was torn on a swingset chain (dangerous btw!)I just cut and sewed the arms onto the other shirt. The new creation is a little large, but in a month it will probably be just right. Only cost me $1 for the shirt and $1 for the jeans.

Guess who was ready for bed? lol This time I used some old leggings that were too small and used them to create the long sleeves. $1 for the shirt, and the brown pants were already hers.

The last bit from today's trip:

pjs, 1 shirt (solid black long sleeve), 1 skirt, 2 leggings

Old Navy christmas PJS (these look like they have never been worn and might end up wrapped and opened on Christmas eve, our family tradition for Christmas PJs)

**Not pictured, princess nightgown, Cutecumber is wearing that now lol

Everything is in great, to like-new condition except both blue jeans and the brown and the black leggings which are in good-used condition. A little fading here and there, but no holes or stains.

So that is:
7 shirts
1 dress
2 jeans
1 pants
1 capris
8 leggings
2 Pjs
and 3 skirts for under $25!

I just have to make some coordinating hairbows and my girl will be stylin' like the trendiest toddlers at a fraction of the price.


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