Monday, August 20, 2012

Thought I might have a few people checking out the blog today and thought I'd do a quick update (to get that depressing post off the top of my page!)

Anyway, here are a few photos I took of the house today. Cell pics, so use your imaginations mmk? :)

Here is the living room today
The window is actually those bamboo type blinds that match the floor. Just made that change and my mom and daughter are saying it's a touch asian and lately I guess I've been leaning that way and not meaning too, but I like it!

 I went with all Shirley Novack prints (poppy theme) cause I just love her!
See that yellow cabinet? Got it at target on clearance. Another touch of asian?

Here is the Kitchen currently...

 The table is a work in progress. I need to refinish it and the chairs were just cheap fill-in (easy to clean) until I figure out what I want. I love these fruit prints I got from my FIL for christmas by Martha Negley. I got the little ceramic cow head holding my aprons at Helping hands, and the fork and spoon there as well (sprayed silver) for cents on the dollar.

 This area has a bit of clutter, but we are organizing school supplies and what do you do with a huge pack of tissue lol. The LIFE IS GOOD sign was a steal at Hobby Lobby with a coupon and perfect for hanging backpacks. The bundt pans were all garagesale or thriftshops. All for under a dollar.
 Here is where things are getting cluttered, but love fiestaware, pyrex, and ceramics. I feel like if I can keep the clutter on top of the cabinets, I wont call myself a hoarder. But things are starting to make appearances on the counter..Im borderline! lol  Everything was a gift, garagesale or thrifted.
Here is the Den/Family room. No LAUGHING! We just renovated it because of a serious water problem with a wall that was not done well when we moved in. Had to get rid of the window and bench seating.

 OBVIOUSLY waiting on a furniture delivery. lol  We got a nice dark brown (not quite as dark as the piano) leather set. I CAN NOT WAIT! I sent my Honey and my son to get the fan and came back with a dual blade mini helecopter lol but its growing on me :)

The walls in the kitchen,livingroom, and den now match (soon the hall as well) and although its a "boring" color, I love the way the house flows together now. Feels more uniform and I like it.
Got those two huge frames on the piano from Helping Hands for $1 each!

I'm thinking of doing a faux cowhide rug with linoleum or canvas. Could go bad, could be great. I'll try and keep you updated on how it goes.

Sorry for the rush update and sad pics, but at least you have a feel for my taste, my home, and can give me ANY suggestions cause I need help! :)

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