Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 7 (I think)

The backyard is a wreck. It was neglected last summer due to pregnancy and has some serious issues that I won't totally blame on my husband's many unfinished projects, but I will point at him and suggest that 99.9% of it is his fault.

BUT...I was watching The Biggest Loser the other day and they had the contestants pulling cars and carrying 300lb men on their backs and when I saw the look of accomplishment on their faces, I was green with envy. I want to surprise myself too! So instead of expecting him to get it up to par, I have decided to tackle a lot of it myself.

Now I'll probably end up taking some before pictures tomorrow. Get ready to be in shock. It's like a nightmare playground, but hopefully Friday's "after" pictures will be testament to how hard I worked. I'm hoping the project will help me be physically tired enough to hit the pillow and fall asleep quickly. I'm hoping I can get it decent enough to allow my kids to play out there and not fear tetanus, and I think that some good old fashioned sunshine (vitamin D) will help me feel more like the old me.


  1. I need some vitamin D!! Maybe I can come over and help you!

  2. I wish! You won't be saying that now that you can see the pictures lol


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