Saturday, March 28, 2009

My little boy is 5 years old!

I'm pooped so I won't say much. Here are some pictures!

How old are ya?
Miss Thang gives Grandpa a fish tie and models it. (We tried to get her to start a new fad, but she wasn't going for it)
Me and my babies! (Recognize the dress Cindy?)

Is she hitting the pinata or is the pinata hitting her? lol

Close-up of his robot cake. I thought it looked like the love child of Wall-E and Eve. (Ps he wished Wall-E was real as he blew out the candles, too cute!)

King of his little world.

Glad you came if you did and wish you could have been here if you weren't!


  1. Cute pictures!! Did you make the cake? It looks great! And I love the way your dinning room looks. And you and the kids look so beautiful!!

  2. Thanks Crystal! I did make the cake. Btw, I'm glad you're blogging too. I love all your pictures. You've really got talent!

  3. That is such a CUTE dress!!! lol I'm glad it finally fits and just in time for Easter colors Woohoo you guys look great!!

  4. Wow you go girl! You are accomplishing so much in such a short time. I love the before and after pics, very motivating and great idea! I hope the play date works out:) Sheesh I feel like I have to go rest now after looking at all you have done the past couple of weeks! LOL from Blesst

  5. I am soo hungry i almost licked my screen when I saw that cake....


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