Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ah hail... (teehee)

Yeah, I know. It's been awhile. I wish I could say I've been busy, but lazy seems more appropriate. I've been on Webkinz. I need to make a post showing off all my rooms. Maybe tomorrow (<--my latest favorite phrase). It's an old one but a good one lol.

Lets recap Easter weekend. It hailed! And boy did it ever. It sounded like a machine gun. We all stood in front of the glass door (we ARE rednecks) with jaws hanging open watching in horror and awe.

Honey: "Wow."

Scientist: "Can I go outside?"

Miss Thang: "I want one!"

Me: "MY VAAANNN!!!!"

Luckily I just have a few little dents that really are not that noticeable, and Honey assures me they will pop out with dry ice. I'm sure they will in 2015 when he finally gets around to doing that. Our plastic gutter is shot to hail (sorry I can't help myself). Ugh, the joys of home ownership. Here are a few pictures:

Really that is about golf ball size. My honey has big hands.

It all happened in about 2 minutes or less.

It caused quite a bit of damage around town and to many vehicles. The drivers mirror is shattered on Honey's work truck and my exhusband had his windshield shattered like a lot of others in town. We got pretty lucky.

That was Saturday, so the Easter bunny had to hide eggs inside this year. Did you know it is hard to hide a bunch of eggs in your living room? We had to get creative and many were left in obvious places, which made the kids like sharks at the scent of blood! They eyed their baskets with slight interest as they drooled over eggs in their peripheral vision, then eyeing each other in that sibling challenge squint. lol
It was fun loading the plastic ones up late at night with my Honey, making the baskets and hiding eggs. Those are some of my favorite times together. :)

Speaking of baskets, remember my "no bunnies or baskets" rule? Well, I did end up getting Cutecumber a pink bucket (for like 50 cents I couldn't say no) but I got a little creative with the other two. Miss Thang got the movie "Marley and Me" so I put hers in a popcorn bucket, and The Scientist got his stuff in (you ready for this) a trash can! He wanted it and loved it so shut up! lol

Here are a few pics of the house in all its post-bunny/pre-kids glory:

(an arrow for the dense)

And here is the table in my best "Martha Stewart" impression and some cookies in my best "Walmart Easter aisle" impression. They taste like crap but they look so pretty! There were more eggs, but these were a few of my favorites. The kids got really creative this year. I loved it.

And a few bonus pictures that are on the cam cause everybody loves a baby!

My Cutecumber


"One more ok, I've got things to do"

That last one really shows off my new floors, but I love her little pose there (close up to the left). We still need to christen that floor Risky Business style. Maybe tomorrow.... har har.


  1. FUNNY thing.... I just (not even 2 min ago) asked you on your myspace what was going on cause you werent blogging or putting up pics... you know I live for your updates lmao... no really.. its a norm for me to check in on you..!!!!!! Great pics and stories (as usual) love em and all your babies!!!

  2. Wow, it's been so long since I've seen your blog(musta been hiding from me, can't blame you) I didn't even know you were preggers, Congrats, she is beautiful. I'm a horrible blogger but I do have a My-Space now.

  3. I just love the Peek a Boo pic... that is so cute!!!!

  4. Wow. Your house looks SO nice!!! How do you keep it clean!?!? LOL If I took pictures of mine, I think you would have a heart attack!! I LOVE the pictures! The one of her on the bed!! OMGosh!!

  5. Love love love all the pics! So sorry about the damage..oh hail no is all I can say about that terrible storm lol. Cutecumber is perfect nickname for baby...heavy on the cute part! My favorite thing about your house is that it is so comfy, not just to sit in but everywhere you look is beauty, art and just a big comfy home feeling in every room, even the laundryroom! From Blesst


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