Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring cleaning, clown wigs, and jars

I'm taking a quick break from spring cleaning the laundry room. I have way too much going on in that small space and not enough organized stations to make it work.

-over flowing recycling bins

- unusable changing table piled with outgrown baby things

-paper goods (paper towels, tissue, kleenex)

- arts and crafts, easels

-board games, play dough, microscopes, moon sand, lite bright, etc..

- vacuum, broom and shampooer

- things I need to garage sale

- huge pink ironing board that we never use, yet Honey won't part with it. (Only he could have an ironing board with sentimental value lol)

- Tattoo supplies

-light bulbs, extension cords, batteries

-bubbles, dart guns and other various toys that have been confiscated

-laundry stuff (duh), but get this, no hampers! Just a couple of baskets that are currently holding unfolded clean laundry.

So far I've sorted laundry into colorful piles, washed a couple of loads, crushed some boxes to recycle, and started a button jar. I have a whole 2 buttons, but it's a start and I always wanted to do one, so yeah, my priorities in there are totally straight.

Fun fun fun.

Speaking of fun, I was checking my e-mail a minute ago and thought I was seeing the Iranian President in a clown wig.

I was hysterically wrong. Ok, not hysterically, but I've been in a tiny room that smells like feet for most of the morning. I'm easily amused at the moment.

Oh, and while I'm thinking of it, I have a bunch of empty glass jars that are virtually impossible to recycle in this sad, non-recycle-friendly town (new word alert, write it down) and I'm trying to repurpose them. I've found a few neat ideas online that I'll let you in on later, but if you have any creative ideas please share!

I'm off to the dungeon again. If you don't hear from me in a few days, send the dogs.

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  1. Did you get your cleaning done? I have been doing that all week. I had some extra days off work and my aunt and uncle are coming, from Florida, to stay for 10 days, so lots of cleaning and reorganizing stuff.


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