Saturday, May 2, 2009

Still cleaning, turtle jars, and epiphanies

Well everything is cleared out of the rooms that did not belong there and it's now all accumulated in my bedroom! So aside from the mountains of junk in there that need organizing, my house is decluttered and feeling clean. I love out-with-the-old ALMOST as much as I love in-with-the-new. :)

Good things are happening in my life. I feel like I have worked very hard to make good choices and I'm reaping those benefits. I'm still fat, need a routine, and more friends, but the people that I hold close are awesome, and overall my life is "purt-neer" perfect.

You know the point of this blog is to watch me grow and branch out of the house, but when Easter came along, I looked around and realized how great my family is all over again. No wonder they are my best friends and I don't feel the need to leave home much. I know in time they will all be living their own lives and I need some socialization so that I don't wind up rocking in the fetal position with a horrible case of "Empty-nest-syndrome", but I don't feel like a social outcast for wanting to make the most of being home with my family any more. I think I was panicking over the idea of needing to get out more, more than panicking over actually needing to get out.

I think I'm going to deal with that as needed and for now, I just don't NEED to have a girls night out. I'm sort of over that for now. I'm sure I'll need that when I'm less fulfilled at home, but for now, I'm good. :) Gotta love spring and all it's epiphanies and new beginnings. But don't mistake epiphanies for "changing overnight" right mom lol.

Anyway here is some Brief and Random News:

-repainted the Scientists room. It's currently gray and boring, but he has requested a robot factory/science lab. You know I'll post pictures once that odd combination hits the walls lol.

-My honey brought me flowers for no reason! And our night life is finally picking up now that Cutecumber is sleeping out of our bed on a more regular basis.

-Bought Miss Thang a new webkinz (Jack Russel) and one for me(Zebra), and even got a little one for a friend of hers that stayed over this weekend (a bear). Really sweet girl too. Here they are in the pool yesterday. I promise Miss Thang doesn't have painted on hair and is not missing arms. Her friend does indeed have eyelashes, and arms as well. The Scientist is actually a floating head as pictured. :P

-Remembered I suck at singstar, but man I can get the scores! I always think I know a song better than I actually do. "It's tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that's right on time. It's tricky, tr-tr-tr-tricky trrrrrrrrrrricky" Yeah... then what? lol

-Grew a turtle in a giant pickle jar. It was one of those things that starts out small and grows over the span of a few days. As a kid, my brother had one that was a Gremlin. Wonder where that is now? Land fill? Donation box shipped to Africa? half eaten by sea life on the bottom of the ocean floor?

-My honey took some vacation time and did a bunch of "honey-dos"! YAY

-Heard Susan Boyle has the Swine Flu (I watched a little tv this week lol)

-Cutecumber is crawling!

Oh I added a new Song of the Month (see righthand side), and you can find the video on youtube, but apparently she's picky about letting people embed it, so no motion to mine.
I chose it because 1) it's catchy, 2)I read a bit about her on the net and she's rather interesting, and 3) as it was playing in the car repeating "poker face", my son was singing along and then says, "That's not nice is it mom? We don't poke peoples faces." :P

I'll try and post more so I don't bombard you with one LONG entry again. I'd rather nickle and dime you to death with little nothings everyday.


  1. The cleaning of Alex's room did not involve petrified hot dogs, however, I had a talk with him about, ahem, cleaning after his "alone time". I told him I didn't want to embarrass him and it is natural, but I don't want to hear it or clean it. Graphic, I know, sorry.

  2. Well I LIKE long posts. But I'm glad you blogged finally.

    Not that I don't see you posting regularly on the board but the Blogs are different.

    Cutecumber is sooo cute.

    As are the other two ... I find it hard to refer to them by their I can't remember them. I know their "real identities." I've met and swam with those little people.

  3. Ms Thang and the Scientist are getting SO BIG! TELL THEM TO STOP. Cutecumber is adorable!!

  4. I can't wait to see the finished bedroom, you always do amazing artwork. I love to see your kids, they are always so cute.

  5. My fav part of this blog was the "poker face" comment from ....uhhh the scientist LMAO i almost slipped and told the whole world!!! jk Im glad you are feeling better about not having a girls nite cause Im not there and you cant go without me... besides I havent had one of those in a LONG time so its not allowed lol so back to reality!! Cutey cumber is so sweet and now shes on the move.. get ready to lose a little weight after all ( a little motivation wink wink) Love u and miss u ... remember to go rent bride wars!!

  6. Poker face.....hahaha! That baby is too cutie!

  7. I am looking forward to Scientist's room when you guys are done! Your whole family is so creative:) Miss Thang's/Cutecumber's is so adorable. Yes changing overnight is better as a "process" lol. I loved the literal scientist's comment, and you are a good mom teaching kids not to poke people's faces LOL! He will definately make more friends in school knowing that!

  8. Mimi- Just threw up a lil'

    Lin- You can slip up once, but after that your dead.

    Hyka- I did! but those hellions won't listen!

    Deana- Thanks! I love the tree in your house. I am thinking of doing something similar in my hall.

    Cindy- You are my only text messager for years. I'd be so out-of-the-loop with out you!

    Honkeie- shut up tattoo planner

  9. Mom, I learned from the best! I don't poke peoples faces either do I.


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