Thursday, May 7, 2009

Torso prayers, money, and hidden messages

Well, if you know me at all, I've probably talked your ear off this week. I am so talkative lately and figured I'd bring that energy on over to the ol' blog.

We've had a streak of good luck around here. My honey got an unexpected bonus in the mail the other day, and being the pessimist I always am, I made him call his boss to make sure it was legit and it was! Not only that, but it's actually the first of a new quarterly bonus.

I spent over $100 on myself buying great clothing (by great, I mean not at Target or the sale rack at Ross). I was not depressed shopping in the fat girl section. Actually the second I bent over in the new jeans and didn't feel the waist trying to slice my midsection in half, it was love.

My size was hard to locate in some stores since I had to decipher all kinds of politically correct section names (women's, plus etc) and at Lane Bryant I suddenly became 5 sizes smaller and had to figure out what color code I am. Not to mention, I'm tall and apparently most fatties are shorties. I started to get frustrated over my hard-to-fit, oddly long waist, until I happened upon a few shirts that were wider across than they were long and then I found myself saying a quick prayer thanking God that I have a waist at all. Yikes!

Anyway, back to our good luck. Honey and I have an on going joke. I always say, "I wish we would hurry up and win that lotto already" to which he replies "I think we actually have to play it first."

Wow, that's some inside joke and I'm sure you're glad to be in on it, but the point is, he actually did stop in and get a scratch off and won $200! So, aside from constant nightmares that something horrible is going to happen, (when things are going great, we pessimists tend to feel impending doom) things here are going pretty good!

I'm excited about Mother's day.(fiesta ware) I hope my honey knows (persimmon color) what I would like to get this year (check ebay). The kids usually make me (I really like the sugar bowl) awesome cards (and the small saucer) and some cute handmade gifts. (or go for the pitcher and make me cry a little) Nothing warms the heart like (fiesta ware) your children can.

Speaking of kids, the scientist (who is officially enrolled for Kindergarten next school year!) is begging me to play a game of Sorry. I can't wait to see what new rules we have this time. You know, the rules that only work in his favor. The child shows no mercy!


  1. The hints cracked me up. I can't believe he won $200 on the first try!!! Great job!!!!!!!

  2. New bonus!!???? How does that happen in economic times like now?? That is awesome and you guys deserve it(and Im a bit jealous). I also died laughing at all your little hinting around. If you dont get what you want ... remind me to kick him in the behind next time we see you lol, he would have to be clueless.

  3. Lin- Thanks! I'm so proud. He worked really hard lol

    Cindy- Jealous? Shut up New Boat Girl!

  4. Wow. I wish we had some of that luck! I love your hints. LOL


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