Wednesday, May 13, 2009

TV talk and fruit creations

Is it just me, or does American Idol contestant Kris Allen look like Rick Moranis in Ghostbusters when he sings?

I won't be watching to see if he stays because tonight is the Lost finale!!!

While I have a minute, here are a few cute retro fruit things I've got my eye on. Say it again with me cause it's fun- A few cute retro fruit!

Lemony fresh apron. If I get this, I am buying yellow pumps and taking pics! lol

Pear canisters by Orla Keily. In my kitchen colors, like they were made just for me!

Apple clip copying a fav Alexander Henry fabric of mine. I wish Cutecumber had a bit more hair!

Pear pin cushion. I want to try and make my own. I saw a pattern online.

There are also some really cute crocheted and felt fruit for play kitchens at The scientist plays in the kitchen a lot, but he would ruin the food in a heartbeat making "concoctions" that include water and other liquids. I'll have to wait until Cutecumber is a bit older to get my hands on these.

Ok, gotta go eat an apple now. :P


  1. cute fruit! I esp like the kiwi, grapefruit that a fried egg? lol.. That american idol guy DOES look like rick moranis! haha prob not the look he was going for..I'm just

  2. I love fake fruit....or was that flakey fruit....

  3. Mom- aren't you bored? Don't you need a sewing project like..oh, maybe some fabric fruit? lol

    Crystal- You just got a sewing machine too am I right? I REALLY think you should practice making...oh maybe some fabric fruit? lol

    Honkeie- Do you sew fruit? Or do only fruits sew?


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