Saturday, June 6, 2009

Honey turns 33!

My honey had only one request this year. He wanted 33 candles on his cake. Not the big 3 candles, but actually 33 individual candles on his cake. Yes, my 33yr old is a big kid at heart. (Don't all women say this? Is there a man that is NOT a giant child? lol)

Well I granted his wish, and along with it, whipped up a quick party in a fireman theme, complete with a fire extinguisher centerpiece which was all funny ha ha to the kids, but on a serious note, I've watched enough episodes of America's Funniest Home Videos to know that although I might win a cash prize and a few laughs if I caught it on tape, it won't be enough to cover a new kitchen should things go terrible wrong!

He really enjoyed it. The kids made him cards. I got him a Texas flag for his new 20ft flagpole (if they are going to see us from the moon, they are gonna know we're from Texas!). Miss Thang got him a new wallet, and the little ones got him each a fancy balloon which they reclaimed the minute he thanked them for it. Later we took him to see the new Star Trek movie and lucked out because it was a double feature at the drive in and we got to watch UP before the space bore began. UP was really good (get your tissue ready) and although I have zero interest in the ST series, Kirk is Hot with a capital H! Which Miss Thang concurred and I'm beginning to realize we are at that weird stage where the "too young" are still hot to me and the "too old" are hot to her. Not liking it. :P

Here are some pics from the day:

The fireman decor as done by miss thang and yours truly...

cake I was so proud to say I decorated in less than 10 minutes because Honey was on his way home from work sooner than expected, but now that I look at it again, I think it looks like it was done in 5 lol

All 33 of em! The front 3 are firetrucks :P

My honey on his special day. His smoker/asthmatic lungs got every candle out on the first breath. I think he was out to prove something...

Two of my rascals chowing on cake. I will more than likely devour whats left throughout the weekend. I have zero will power these days!

Have a good one, and I'll try and get another Home tour challenge post up before Monday. I might do the front yard because Mimi requested gnomes and I want to get some mulch and stuff this weekend. I repainted the little guy just for her too. :)


  1. Looks like you guys had fun. Good job on the cake. I like it.

  2. Mmmmmm, cake. Wait, I need to wipe the drool off my keyboard and go make a cake. Thanx, lol. Glad it was a good day. My moms bday was the 4th and I made her key-lime pie. Today was my sis's 46th bday and 1st anniversary.

  3. oh angel lol jordan and i are at that stage too lol hope star trek was good she and i are gonna go tomorrow night b/c of the very same guy :P

  4. Happy Bday big boy!!! I didnt have his number so I didnt send a text but Danny said he did so that is what matters the most. Looks like you guys had a blast and those are great movies for a birthday.

  5. Crystal- We did, and thanks!

    Mimi- cake is my kryptonite! I have stuff to make a keylime pie but it's filling from the Dollar store out of a can so we'll see... lol

    Jeannie- He is so hot and I love that he is color blind. He'll do a green chick for crying out loud! lol

    Cindy- Well he sent the text to me and I had no idea who it was and without looking at the number or anything Greg said, I bet it was Danny. lol

  6. uh oh do i hear compition with the men in your near future!
    Love that you gave you man a good birthday. I turn 33 on july 9th, what cha going to get me?


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