Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Trying something new

I bought these two chairs today on craigslist and I'm going to attempt to reupholster them. I paid $30 for the pair and they actually delivered them too, so I won't be out too much cash should I fail horribly. The curved back is what drew me in, but of course that will be the "interesting" part to figure out when recovering them. Fabric in this area is pretty limited, and I don't want to dish out much money anyway since it will be my first attempt. Half of me wants to refinish the wood in almost the same color, and then pick a safe small print fabric in neutrals, but the other half of me wants something bold and graphic.


  1. I bet you could go to HGTV.com or DIYnetwork.com and they would show you how to do it. I used to see them do it all the time on trading spaces, but I haven't watched that show for years. I probably would go safe, but I love the style. You have great taste so whatevery you do would be fine. You could go with a cheaper fabric to start and then later get a more expensive one. Good luck.

  2. Wow that looks like a good deal, from the picture they look nice as they are, but I know sometimes you cant see how they truly are in a picture.
    What if you did a bold print on part and a simple coordinating pattern on the other half, might be a good compromise.


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