Monday, August 17, 2009

Busy bee- lame update

Sorry I've been slacking! Here are a few little updates while I have a minute..

I almost finished recovering one whole chair now. I just lack a little trim around the upper half.

Busy week ahead. The 18th my oldest comes home from Tenn. where she was visiting family with her dad. The 19th The Scientist has a short 30min assessment test at the school. 20th is meet the teacher night for both kids. 21st-23rd is tax-free weekend and I'll be doing tons of school shopping. 24th is the first official day of school! And THEN.. then I shall rest on the 7th day lol

Cutecumber's hair has really grown in the past month. Here she is sporting her first pigtails, aka paint brushes lol

A shelf in my kitchen bit the dust the other day while I was at the drive in. Every single item broke except the center picture and 3 of the coffee mugs. That includes my persimmon s&p fiesta ware shakers. I didn't cry! I wanted to, but I didn't. RIP little pretties!

I also have some surprising news, but I can't share until later. I HATE secrets, so share in my pain lol

Sorry for the lack of exciting content, but such is life!


  1. Now I really want to know. Don't leave me hangin. My kids went back to school yesterday. It's Alex's senior year, heaven help me. I work for a head start program, but we won't have our kids until late Sept because we are moving to a diff building that has to be remodeled. I've been horrible about blogging. I'm on facebook all the time. Look me up. Amiann Blount Curl, I know, weird name, but that's me.

  2. I love the material on the new chair! I knew you would do a great job:) I'm wondering if you are going to do the other chair in the same material or coordinate? Aww poor shelf items! I will help you replace and do a treasure hunt for similar items:)


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