Monday, July 6, 2009

Roofs, vacations and pantyhose

Well, I hate to bore you with updates about what's been going on around here, but I don't have time for a well written post/interesting topic, so this is better than nothing right?

The roofers have come and gone. They roofed, they messed, they half-assed cleaned up. I gave them watermelon and smiled cause I got a GREAT deal for a 30yr roof that looks terrific and they also did a fine job repairing my patio. Who knows, maybe the kids can play out there before Christmas.

Speaking of playing, The Scientist finally saved up enough cash to buy a bike. He took to it really well, and we have even gone for a few family walks/rides since the weather has been cool in the evenings. Should I repeat that for those of you that know me? YES, the whole family (My honey too) went for a walk. I repeat, the fat hermit has left the building! lol

This hermit is actually taking quite a step out on the 8th for our family vacation! We are going to camp on my dad's property in Arkansas. It's going to be a blast. My dad has invited tons of family and friends. He's a bona fide hippy, so it will be fun "roughin' it" in a tent for 3 days with the kids. I envision water fights, nature hikes, creepy bugs and watermelon dripping from the chin! We will enjoy a little luxury on the trip though. We plan on doing one hotel stop, and hitting the Ft.Worth Zoo and the Rain Forest Cafe (per Miss Thangs request). She is such an animal lover, but I remember when I first took her to the Cafe and she freaked out over the animatronic gorillas. Not in a good way! Man I love scaring my kids. I blame it on my mother who did horrid things like pulling pantyhose over her head and moaning like a zombie. Talk about rounding a corner and crapping your pants! I can't wait until Cutecumber is old enough for that one.

Ok, well I hope to shower you with tons of pictures soon. That includes vacation pics and a new home tour challenge. I might do a quick one today because I'm feeling a bit ambitious actually. Maybe I'll do a small room like the bathroom and let you snoop in my cabinets. :P

One last thing, I'm going to add a new song of the month. I plan on putting up a song that reminds me of my brother who is very much on my mind lately, so if all goes well, I dedicate this song to The Teej.
Although you jump into life and almost drown, I watch you jealously from the side, with my one toe still testing the waters while you swim and enjoy the water! Check out Float On by Modest Mouse!


  1. It takes you 5 minutes just to pee?

    Jk. I like your bathroom. It looks nice. I don't like the bulbs though But I do like the bulbs all lined up if that makes any sense. lol

  2. MAN!!!! I hate that I JUST now read this and dont think you will see it before you go...being that you were going to be in my area I would love for you to come stay with us!!!! If you do see this before you leave then call me and thats a free hotel for you and the kids can play.......and WOW TJ's hair is super pretty (for a boy lol) call me!!


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