Sunday, September 27, 2009

Halloween is in the air

The Honey and Ms. Thang just headed out to get some supplies. We are planning on making headstones for the front yard. We've never done it before, but I think it will be fun. Honey even bought a fog machine. I promise pictures no matter how it turns out lol.

Just before they left, Ms. Thang had finished decorating her brothers room in paper webs, spiders, and skeletons. It's cute!

I want to make a wicked table display too, but I think it is all going to have to wait until after the girls b-day party next weekend. Cupcakes and skulls just don't mix. Well.. actually it sounds kind of cool, but not for MY girls. They are sugar and spice and everything nice. Lets hope they hold off on the goth look for a few more years.
Speaking of party themes, I kind of crapped out on the girls theme this year. I couldn't just pick a theme that suited them both (1yr and 12yr party) so I just kept finding things that were pink and on sale and buying them. So now it is a total hodgepodge of stuff. I'm going to try and do an awesome job on the cakes to make up for the lacking decor. I'm thinking pink and daisies, but the oldest likes blue, so maybe blue centered daisies on her cake. We'll see...
Well, they just got back with a huge piece of foam so wish us luck in the graveyard business!

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  1. Halloween is so much fun, I am totally getting out the bats and spiders next weekend.


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