Monday, September 28, 2009

Things I've saved.

I am constantly saving images and ideas off the Internet. I'm terrible about knowing where they came from so forgive me if the things I am about to show you came from your site and I am not giving you credit. Also, if you would like to know where I found them, too bad. I have no idea and it probably came from a few years back. If you just happen to know, feel free to tell me, but if you know and feel like suing because you didn't get credit.. get a hobby. :D

These are a couple of displays a woman did in her home that stood out to me. Something is a little dark about them (probably the old photos and frames above because I find them a bit creepy and haunted) but I do like the feeling of them both.
Here is FALL:

I am really liking the corduroy pumpkin. The color of that orange is especially nice and the woman that made the knitted hats for me just posted a picture of crocheted pumpkins she did. Ohhh so tempted to have a few made! (If you want won I can put a word in!) I love the varying heights and soft lighting. I have some large candle holders I want to try out as pedestals , inspired by ones here. These displays are actually what made me yearn a credenza/buffet in the living room.


I love how this does not feel Christmas, just winter. I found a glass dome at Helping Hands (thrift shop) the other day with this display in mind. All the glass and white lights seem cold and serene.

Here is my Fall table from last year which I was so proud of but now I'm finding a bit cheesy. I want to "rich-it-up" a bit this year.

Here is something else I found. I love the ringed display!

I was just telling my mom about this photo/idea because she recently moved and found a "treasure" left behind of old linens. I thought she might be able to do something like this with them for her guest bedroom. I just saw a bunch of these rings in Good Will on Sat. and I should have snagged them up, but I let this idea slip my mind until mom's linens reminded me. It would be fun to do some of these for a kids room using some of their favorite screened, but too small, T-shirts, maybe even painting the rings in really loud colors.

This photo made me want to start collecting globes. If I could just find one that I really liked, I would probably impulse buy it in hopes of creating a similar shelf set up with the same blue paint. It would be so nice in the Scientists room some day, but I know I have high hopes. Girly posters, dirty laundry and food bowls seems more likely.

I'll do more of these posts randomly I'm sure. I have TONS of stuff saved. Maybe posting them here will refresh my memory about all the things I intended to do lol.

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  1. Its funny how sometimes you look back on something you thought was so cute and it looks cheesy, but I think that is what style is about, starting somewhere and then growing and adding to or changing as styles change. I love when I can take an idea someone has and make it mine.
    Angel, you are truly so talented, I admire all the creative things you do.


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