Saturday, September 12, 2009

Morning noise

Sometimes on Saturday mornings, when it's my turn to sleep in, I lay awake for a bit and listen to my family, usually in the kitchen, with old Star Trek episodes playing in the background because Honey loves to cook breakfast while watching Captain Kirk do things he has seen him do a million times. It's probably one of my favorite moments of the week, listening in on them as if I'm watching a reality tv show starring my very favorite people.
Today was fun. I'd give the award for best actress in a day-time drama to Miss Thang for her role in "I don't want to go to the grocery store."
Best supporting actor goes to My Honey, based on great one-liners like, "Fine, then stay here and when we get back you can't eat anything ever again."

I enjoy every second because I know someday, these will be the moments I miss the most.

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