Monday, October 5, 2009

Party for the girls!

Well this was the party that almost never was. It was week 3 of reoccurring illness for just about everyone in our family. Somehow my honey managed to miss it, and with his asthma and weak lungs it would have hit him hardest so for that I'm thankful, but for the rest of us I give a big BOO HOO! It was not fun! The party was scheduled for noon on the 3rd, but after many guests canceled due to illness, and then the scientist got really sick, I decided to throw some decor on the walls, whip up a couple of cakes, and have it on Friday night for the few guests that could make it. I figure the baby just needed some memorable pictures, and Ms. Thang just had a stay-over with her friend and watched movies which is all a 12yr old really wants anyway. Well that and money lol.
So here are the pictures!
Here are a few I took after I put up the decorations. Ms. Thang has her new glasses on here in the first pic. They are pink so it's hard to see them, but I assure you, she looks cute!
(why does blogger always make my photos look grainy?)
Ms. Thang, being the little socialite she is, changed clothes even for this small party and did her hair. Cutecumber looks as shocked as I am that her bow is still in her hair at this point.

Here is one with the boy. He was feeling pretty bad and stayed on the couch for most of the party. :(
We do presents first and then cake. How many times can a kid ask if they can open presents in the span of 30 minutes? 10
They both got a pretty good haul. Cutecumber got a slew of toys, (Blocks, puzzles, stuffed animals) and Ms. Thang got mostly gift cards and cash. I'm usually busy during the gifts and rarely get pics, but here are a few.
They always love the wrapping more than the gifts don't they?
Cake! The candles MT picked out really looked cute and fun. Her cake was supposed to be covered in pretty blue centered daisies but my decorating tool cracked right when I started the white. Drat!

You can see Ms. Thang's stay-over friend. She brought Monsters vs Aliens and they sat in a pile of pillows, blankets, and popcorn for a few hours lol.
And here is Cutecumber. We practiced blowing out the candle for about a week. End result..lip sealed, flame mesmerization
But the rest, was a piece of cake...

Here is a bonus picture of Ms. Thang and her violin. LOOKING like she can play beautifully. :)
Happy birthday girls!


  1. Your girls are both so pretty, looks like a fun party. I love the cakes you made, or did you buy them?

  2. My gosh you have a perfect family. I love that you're even wearing an apron!!! MT looks so practiced with her violin. You know she just holds such a special place in my heart. I just remember how she was so geniunely sweet when we met. How she complimented my hair... AND MEANT IT.. even after it was all wet from I love those pictures. And the cakes.


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