Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Free cycle

I was supposed to have a garage sale last weekend. Actually, I planned it for the weekend before that but life happened and here I am, with a bunch of crap all piled in the corner of my bedroom. I think this is its third location in the past two weeks and with the up-coming party for the girls, I was contemplating moving it (yet again) into the laundry room.

Instead, I decided to Free cycle most of it. YAY! I just reduced my load by more than half in a matter of minutes. And when I say minutes I mean literally. If you have never tried Free cycle you really should. People will take anything for free and fight for it! Which is always entertaining, but really I do love that they rid me of things fast before I have time to change my mind.

It usually goes something like this...

1. Gather a group of similar items like 8 or more shirts for boys 4-6.
2. Put them in a plastic grocery bag.
3. Get online and make a listing (I have 8 or so shirts in size 4-6..easy curb pick up)
4. Go look around the house for anything else that could go in the bag.
5. Check my email with over 10 people wanting the bag right now in less than 5 minutes!
6. Pick someone and give them my address.
7. Set the bag by the curb.
8. Like magic, I never see the bag again.
9. Start a new bag of similar items and repeat....

Now, you may be thinking, "Who wouldn't want a bag of free clothes?" but I assure you, people will come and pick up ANYTHING you list.

It is perfect for items I have guilt throwing away but have no need for, such as clothing store hangers, glass jars, magazines, plastic cups from fast food places etc...

Yes, people have come and picked up those items willingly and thankfully.

It is also great for larger items that you don't feel like hauling off.
Old beat up couch.. gone! (had 2 recliners in it too. Ever tried to move one of those?)
Old dishwasher...gone!

Look and see you have a FreeCycle in your area. You might even score something awesome for FREE!

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  1. Great post -- as always. I always read your blog. I just suck at commention.


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