Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday night

Usually, Ms. Thang and The Scientist are paired up during the weekend, either playing or at each others throats, depending on whether or not The Scientist is doing what Ms. Thang wants him to do or not.

Well this weekend, Ms. Thang is at her dad's so The Scientist has been sharing all his weekend adventures with his little sis.

I caught a few pics of them watching tv like 2 peas in a pod (ignore the fact that The Scientist is stripped down to his undies. It's his usual weekend attire) Not the best picture, but it's a memory anyway. lol

And a few minutes later, as I tended to my farm (farmville of course) I realized things had become extremely quiet and found this:

If you look closely, you can see a piece of paper with little orange finger prints on it. This is The Scientist's latest obsession. First it was required that everyone participate in the "Finger Print Project" while he did a little FBI work, and here it was used as a"Finger Print Scanner" which allowed access into the fort. I had previously rejected to submit a fingerprint in the FBI project, which later came to haunt me as I was not allowed into the fort.
"Your finger print is not there REMEMBER mom? Bet you wish you could see what's in here but you can't, sorry. Maybe you will think of that next time."

Parroting his mother, no doubt lol.

Although I didn't get to take a tour, I still enjoyed the moment. I love watching my kids play together! The best thing about having a sibling is that you have someone who knows exactly what it was like growing up in your home, with your parents. A unique bond for sure.

I remember making forts with my brother. We had floor vents, and would put a sheet on top of one, climb underneath, and neatly tucked the edge under our bottoms, waiting quietly until it came on, surrounding us in a cozy warm bubble. I'd love to go back there and see what kind of treasures lay in the bottom of that vent. Good times. lol

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