Friday, March 5, 2010


I forgot about this thing! Lets see...

Good news-
*My honey finally has normal hours again! It's already less stressful for him at work, and with the weather warming up, the whole family is in a better mood.

*My birthday came and went. I got so many well wished and felt very loved. What more can you ask for?

Bossy news-
*I made my honey promise to turn off the phone for dinner and no more texting/talking while driving.

*I don't know if I mentioned this or not, but my son was getting frowny faces on his behavior chart at school (Its as serious as it sounds) and nothing seemed to be working so I started making him to laps in the backyard from fence to fence. Worked like a charm, and I felt like Lois on Malcom in the Middle. In a good way lol

Embarrassing news-
*I had to attend a school meeting with my oldest to discuss her 6yr plan. Other students were asking things like "What is the difference in credits needed for the advanced transcript?" My daughter raises her hand and asks "So we HAVE to take ALL those math courses?" lol

*The scientist tells me it's "pj" day just as we are about to walk out the door this morning, already a little behind. I ended up taking his pj's to him later, but now, I think he might be wearing boots (the kid lives in them lately) and I'm pretty sure I'll be picking him up today in camo pj's and calf high/dark brown work boots.

Decorating news-
*Painted the family room. I wanted a fun color and let Ms. Thang make some decorating decisions (she wants credit for the flowers, and it's due!) Check it out! I still have some things to do but you get the idea.

I actually bought a curtain with bright stripes, but haven't hung it yet.

I have a rug that goes in this area too, but I'm cleaning it. Our minpin Wednesday's showed her appreciation for us staying out shopping too long.

This is a close up of the dollar tree wrapping paper I put up with the backing when I "built" the shelves. Cute don't ya think?

The little loveseat is also coming outta there and our living room couch is going in it's place because I finally got a much needed Sectional! I'll wait while you throw a jealous fit.........Still need time?....Ok, pull yourself together!

I'll post pictures of that when it finally arrives. Hopefully in time for the Scientists party. Which brings us to...

Birthday news-
Scientist wants a ghostbusters party. I'm thinking I want to do the ghost logo on the top, and green cake inside. I'm a bit nervous cause I got this awesome cake decorating set for Christmas and I feel the pressure to make something super cool with it. I may practice this weekend, cause my super fat butt really needs a bunch of cake.
The boy also wants a proton pack and a ghost trap. $70+ on ebay. We're still deciding. My honey wants him to get it, but I say "$70 for something he is going to pull apart in 30 minutes?" to which my honey says, "Back then, toys were made to be pulled apart and put back together!" to which I say "Ok, do what you want." to which he says, "Ok then" to which I give him the "evil eye" to which he gives me the "I'm not scared, but still has fear in his eyes" face. So yeah... still undecided.

Bad news-
None! :)


  1. You truly have an idea for design. What a cute room.

  2. Ok I am tired that was suposed to say and eye for design. Maybe its not good to respond late at night and on cold meds. =)

  3. I should just give up... an eye for design.


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