Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring's on the way!

Just the thought of spring's arrival is putting me in a good mood. The last few weeks of winter D. R. A. G. O. N. F. O. R. E. V. E. R !

So, although this is sort of random, it all relates to Spring somehow in my life.

I really want to do a moss wreath as part of my spring decor this year. I think I can actually get foam forms at the Dollar Tree and the moss! All I need is my trusty glue gun. I want something like this:

Or this, but a Q of course.

*Next time you happen to find yourself in the wooden letter aisle, look how stupid they make the Q! Most of the time you wouldn't even know what it was if it wasn't nestled between the P and the R.

This is cute too. I want to cover a ball and making a little topiary like this:

And on that note, how cool would it be to cover one of those giant yoga balls in moss and put it in the garden. Too bad I live in an area where tumble weed surfing is an Olympic worthy sport.

Here are a few of my own things I want to use in my spring display. Add some items and height, take some away, but it shows you the look and feel I'm going for.

Ok, so that covers the home decor part, which is one of my favorite parts, but now on to the sound of spring.

Here are a few songs on my spring CD.

The Show- Lenka

Like You Do- Angel Taylor (Ms. Thang introduced me)

Like a Bird- Nelly Furtado

Thank you- Dido

Her Morning Elegance- Oren Lavie (awesome video)

Erase and Rewind- Cardigans (this is actually my ring tone)

Break Down- Jack Johnson

Waiting on the World to Change- John Mayer

Bad Day- Daniel Powter

Follow Me- Uncle Kracker

Drops of Jupiter- Train

Crash into me- Dave Matthews Band (favorite scene in Excess Baggage)

Ok, that took longer than I expected and my kids are begging me to hide a treasure chest. Gotta love Sundays. :)

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