Thursday, March 18, 2010

We went to the park!

Here are a few pics. This park has been here forever. A bunch of the toys are original. They aren't beautiful, but they are well built and fun.

First, I made them pose before I let them play. My oldest is with her dad for spring break, or I would have forced her to stand on that empty red one.

Cutecumber has her mind set on the possibilities this little park holds.

So she runs!

And runs some more!

The scientist is making friends

And yelling at his new friends to "go!"

Practicing that alpha male mentality, notice his pose...

Cutecumber works hard to get those tiny legs over a curb. Why are there curbs?

I trap her in a swing for awhile and laugh as she tells her shadow to "get away!"

The scientist brings me "treasures" like smashed bottle caps and pecans. *Note to self, check pockets thoroughly before washing.

We left before he dug up any hypodermic needles. Always better to leave on a good note.
Hope your weather is allowing you to get out in it!

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