Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thrift shop Thursday

I might have to make a habit of this. I'm only out $5 and shopping therapy works. I had a mission this time. Picture frames. I wanted 3 oval frames for a silhouette project I'm doing, and a more ornate frame for my Eat Cake print. I found what I was looking for and scored something else as well...

This is the new frame. It's not exactly what I was looking for, but I like it. Instead of printing out a new smaller one, I cropped the larger print. I really need to print it out smaller. I can be so lazy. The old frame can be seen HERE, and I didn't hate it. I just like to use that frame as my temporary one because multiple sizes can fit in it.

And here is the rest of the "junk" atop the end table- turned- coffee table that I am waiting to reveal until after this weekend. (I hope)

The three little frames were $.49 each. I hate seeing frames with photos still in them. It's so sad! If they say anything on the back I'll probably cry. They are pretty banged up, but a little scrub with a tooth brush and some paint, they will be perfect. I found an easy way to make silhouettes and can't wait to try it. How lucky to find 3.

Sneak peek of my lovely children (minus Ms. Thang). She's the reason these will have to wait...

I have cool plans for that cheese plate (89 cents) and wooden candle stick (99 cents) which is weird pricing right? Seems like it should be the other way around or something, but thrift shop value is not an exact science.

**As a side note, the woman that rung me up is an old coworker of mine. I quit my job and started watching her kids when I found out I was pregnant with my son. She screwed me over big time. It was "payday" and she came home with a load of shopping bags, and a giant Sonic slush in hand. She had gotten off work early and apparently went shopping with her sister. I wouldn't have cared at all, had she not sat down and promptly told me that she could only pay me half of what she owed me. I continued to watch her kids free, for 2 weeks until she found someone else. She complained because I had stopped cleaning her house as thoroughly as I had before and because I wouldn't agree to watch the kids extra hours so she could have "free time" (single mom). I pretended not to recognize her. I'm feeling kind of guilty about it.

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