Monday, April 26, 2010

On mental vacation

I wanna GO somewhere. I haven't had a vacation since I went camping at Dad's place in Arkansas last summer. I was sort of hoping my BIL's wedding would be a rushed ordeal and we could take a trip to Houston and enjoy some fun things in the area while we were there, but no. He decided to wait and take his sweet time planning it. Something about "I have a whole life with her ahead of me. No need to rush it now. I want it to be special."

I know right? Ppppffft!

The kids don't have any days off until summer, and I really need to be here for them after school so it would have to be a quick daily trip with just me and my Cutecumber, or a weekend trip with the whole family.

Oh, and inexpensive, which translates into "practically free". I saw something in a blog once, where a mother made her home into a Bed and Breakfast for a day and treated her children with little menus by the beside and everything. So cute.. but that is not a vacation for ME. We could always camp out in the backyard, and it would be fun, but I want to get away and relax.

Maybe we can drive a little ways out, rent a nice hotel room with a heated pool, dressed up "fancy" for dinner out, and pretend we are somewhere else. I wonder how much I'd have to tip to have the hotel staff put on a fake french accent.

It seems as if I am surrounded by people going to Disney Land/World and it's making me jealous! How do they come up with the money, time off, and the money? Is it sad that I make myself feel better by picturing a time 30yrs from now, where Honey and I are on that luxurious cruise, having umbrella drinks at every beautiful beach imaginable, and those that went to Disney in 2010 are elderly couples, renting hotel rooms and pretending to be in France. :P


  1. Oh, I know the feeling! Lewis and I haven't had a night alone in a LONG time. We want a nice vacation alone soon. But when we talk about it, would probably love a family vacation first. I dont know how people come up with disney world money... it's insane! Isabel has a big piggy bank just for disney world!

    And you should read the twilight books! I read the first two in four days! my poor kids... Lewis had to do everything cause I just couldn't put them down! Of course i couldnt durin the day cause lewis worked but when maddie napped, and i even stayed up late reading! lol all four are SO AWESOME! WAY better than the movies!!! tehe

  2. You know you all can always come to our invitation and come and go as you please on the river etc, all kids and dog! lol!! love, mom

  3. just wanted to say that the ONLY way we got to go to Disneyland this year was from our tax return that wasn't too shabby ;)

    We probably could have used it much more wisely, but hey life is short....have fun! sooo, we splurged and had a blast at disneyland and lived it up with our tax money. now that money is gone....but it was soooo worth it! also, will had been saving up his vacation time at work for the days off, and he played hookey from one day of school ;)


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