Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thrift shop Thursday

Today I really went out looking for the perfect frame to go around a chalkboard I plan to make for the kitchen using chalkboard paint my IL's have left over in their garage. I found this one for $6 at Goodwill and hope to finish that project this weekend. I've been cooking at home a lot more, due to a new and improved chore chart, and I really want to start putting up the weekly menu to eliminate "What's for dinner?" questions, and to help me remember what I shopped for lol.

At first I didn't like the print inside the frame, although it doesn't actually matter in this project, but it's grown on me a little and I may have to frame a section of the picture and put it the family room which is decorated with primary colors.

I also picked up these two small mirrors for $.79 each and have an idea for them in the kids bathroom, and get this, it's an original Angel design! That's right, no copying this time. We'll see how it turns out soon I hope. It's something I remember doing in art class around 10th grade or so. Thanks for the inspiration Mr. Gilbert*!

I spent more on these next two heavy ceramic items than I normally would @ $3 each, but I could think of two places these would go perfectly and couldn't pass them up. I wish the one on the left (Fleur de lis) wasn't so rough looking.

Problem is, I think the designs on both would go really well with the detailing on my laundry room cabinets, and with a fresh coat of white paint, they would look beautiful and clean in the blank space above my dryer. See:

BUT, the coloring and style would also look good in my living room and there wouldn't be a need for paint, and when I brought them inside they looked even better in there than I had thought..but I don't have a place for them in there. Although I'm tempted to make one. I also realize that I have two and could possibly split them and put one in each room. I'll let you know when I finally decide. Btw, I'm pretty sure they were in someones kitchen because the grease on them is thick and SICK. Definitely gonna scrub those down in a minute.

I need to start looking for outdoor stuff. Next Thursday I'll make that my goal. Happy thrifting!

*Mr. Gilbert was my art teacher and here is an interesting little tidbit about him. I went to his house to help deliver a few things from his classroom and not surprisingly, it was full of artistic things he had done, all with a hippy like flare, and if you had ever met Mr. Gilbert, you wouldn't be shocked about that either. One thing I remember in particular, was that I used his restroom (probably a nosey issue more than a bodily need) and it was almost totally decorated in loud colored, hand-painted Mexican tile from floor to ceiling, but the kicker was his toilet seat! It was made with some type of resin and inside was a REAL rattle snake and you had to sit down with it's mouth and fangs wide open, aimed at your goods!


  1. are you gonna do that to your bath room?!?! that would be so scary! lol

  2. I might make one and send it to you lol


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