Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Crystal the bag lady

JK Crystal!
If you haven't checked out her blog, you should. She's a fun, sweet girl, and her 2 daughters are adorable. She has recently started to teach herself to sew (a talent I envy) and has made some really cute stuff including a few dresses for her girls. She is also a natural behind the camera.

In THIS post, she shows her obsession with gift bags, something I also have issues with. It's not so much that I love them and don't want to part with them, it's more of a need to reuse things, and that has been passed on to me through a few generations.

In my family (this includes my mother, grandmothers, and even my MIL) we have re-gifted bags to each other for years. I get a pretty bag from my Grandmother (who gets the most AWESOME bags, seriously some even light up or play music) and then I save the bag and give it mom for Mothers Day. She reuses and gives it to me for my birthday. I reuse it and give it to my MIL for Christmas. And then back to me, then to my get the picture.

Then of course the bag eventually starts to look a little worn, but now the bag has HISTORY and that can make it hard to let go of as well.

But today, as I do a little spring cleaning in places I neglect all year, I am about to lay them all out and show you my collection, and then...rid myself of at LEAST 5.

There. I said it on a public blog. I'm committed. Please grab yourself a refreshment while I get them out.

............. K

Here they are, and ya know, there were not as many as I thought there were. I sort of remember getting rid of a bunch around Christmas time, when I was trying to put them all away and couldn't fit them back in the bag, cramming a ripping a few into the trash in a holiday fit of's so fuzzy... Anyway, after seeing my "little" stash laid out, I immediately started rethinking my statement about ditching 5 whole bags....

Yes I know the Abercrombie is not really a gift bag, but could you throw him out? (He is really a heavy duty bag and all my bags fit in that one now so I HAVE to keep it.) And sorry about the unmade bed, but I'm doing "Spring Cleaning" which allows me to skip some of my other "regular basis" cleaning duties.

So you know that I kept true to my word...

Goodbye bags. I'll see you at my local Goodwill when you finally make it to the shelves. The one in the upper right has see-through windows and a cute Christmas table setting inside, but when you put a gift in, you can only see the tissue paper. Neat idea, poor design.

So how many bags do YOU have?......

One more pimp out to Crystal: check her out HERE!


  1. aww! how sweet are you!!!?? lol Thanks for that. I love your bags, I think they are cute!

  2. I think I recognize some of those bags!

  3. Mom, you're a bag lady too lol


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