Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Little busy

Honey is changing jobs (starts the new one tomorrow) and has been home for about a week in between the old and new. Although I love having him home, it really cramps my crafting style!

I've done a few things here and there. I'll post about them soon. For now, here are a couple of randoms so I haven't abandoned my good ol' blog entirely.

* Remember when I got everyone's name embroidered on a towel for Christmas in hopes it would help keep the towels off the floor? It was constantly being blamed on "Wudden't Me" who is the southern equivalent to the Family Circus "Not Me". Well, I finally found out who the real culprit was. ME! lol oops

* After dinner last night, Ms Thang goes to the bathroom and lets out a blood curddling scream, followed by a gag filled explanation. It went something like this:

Ms. T: "Oh my gosh! (gag) Who ever spit in the sink (gag) is so dead! I thought (gag) it was gum and I PICKED IT UP (gag) .. I can't even talk about it!"

I look at the scientist and give him a disgusted look, ready to start in on him, and he leans over close and whispers (with a smile).."It was avocado, from when I cleaned off the seed. I am going to save it and plant it."

We laughed for awhile about that one. :)

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