Saturday, June 19, 2010

Can't sleep

It's about 2:00am here and I can't sleep. My Honey is out of town, my oldest is at her dad's, and my other two are passed out. Even my dog is asleep.

I'm going to empty the mind, so let me preface this post with an "I'm sorry for the random rambling."

I have the Bisell Steam Mop and loved it up until the part where it started smelling like a fish died when I used it. I did a little online research and apparently it's very important to follow the directions and use ONLY distilled water or the filter will start to smell like a dead fish. I need to buy a new filter now. Wonder how much that will cost me? I also need to buy some distilled water. Ugh, I should have got the FILTER LESS Shark mop. Hope someone reads this and learns from my mistake.

I want a new ring tone. Something that isn't "now" so I don't have to change it again when "now" is over.

They have one of those air-jumper things by the snow cone stand across from Sonic (you'd think they wouldn't get any business there right?) and the Scientist always asks to go. The one day I took the kids, and the air-jumper was gone. It was back up today though. I'd be really mad about it, but the snow cone was super delish.

I know it was back, because I went to the Dollar Tree in the same shopping center as the stand. I hadn't been in there in awhile. I always let the kids pick out something. Cutecumber got a bathtub book with Ariel on it (Little Mermaid) which she has been watching on repeat in her bedroom all week. The Scientist picked out giant bath fizzers in apple scent "because apples are healthy". Yeah.. so cute, but having a kid on a heath kick when you feel like eating Cheetos and making Coke-can pyramids beside the computer..not so fun.

I grabbed a bag of those popping streamer things. The kind that you aim into the air and pull the string. I told the scientist they were dangerous but that I was going to let him do them anyway because I knew he would be responsible. I loved watching him gently carry them around like they were ticking bombs and telling Cutecumber "no no, these are explosives!" when she tried to reach out and grab the bag. (Which she only wanted because he was acting so weird about them lol)

He did love them too. After some quick instructions, I let him pull the string. He immediately ran to inspect the streamers in the grass, and then smelled the inside proclaiming "Oh yeah, that's smoke alright" and "Look how it totally blew off the bottom!" Boys are so funny.

Tomorrow I need to go grocery shopping. I should probably be spending my time making a dinner plan, grocery list, and clipping coupons rather than posting a bunch of random thoughts on the computer, but where is the fun in that?
Speaking of meal plans, do any of my fellow Mommy-board members ever feel like the answers to the "What's for Dinner" posts are lies?

"We are having artichoke hearts with steak tips and a garlic butter cream sauce with bread made from scratch."
"Talapia with brown rice, asparagus, topped with a lime/tomato salsa. Homemade apple pie for dessert."

My weekly meal plan is more like:
M-Pasta and garlic bread
T-Fish sticks and salad
w-Broccoli, rice, cheese casserole
T-Left overs
F-Pizza night
S-Chicken salad sandwiches
S-Dinner at the in-laws

Wow look, I did end up writing a meal plan. *yawn*, I've just about bored myself to sleep.



  1. you are such a hoot. can I come live with you?
    I agree about the "what's for dinner" question. I like to keep things simple so if it takes more than 30minutes or uses more than two pans I probably wont make it.

  2. Of course you can come live with me! And I'm glad to know I am not the only styled cook. :)

  3. lol @ the "what's for dinner" Maybe they are having Lean Cuisine? hehe

    What's an air jumper?

  4. It's probably not really called an air jumper. It's that big inflatable room/house (usually have them at the fair) that kids can climb in and bounce and jump around. Ms Thang actually gets to play on a water slide one every year @ a summer party her dad throws. She loves it.


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