Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's day

Father's Day questionnaire

1. What is your father’s middle name? Anthony
2. Where was your father born? He was a military brat so..I have no idea!
3. What was the most influential piece of history that took place during your father’s childhood? Vietnam war?
4.Who were/are your father’s role models? My guess would be his own father, My grandpa. And maybe Garfield. lol
5.What is your earliest memory with your father? I remember small things, like pretending to be asleep so he would carry me to bed, or that his hands were always dirty even when they were clean. (oilfield)
6.What is your favorite childhood memory with your father? I was sick at school and he came to pick me up on a motorcycle and all my friends thought it was sooo cool.
7. What color eyes does your father have? Hazel
8.Did you buy your father a Father’s Day gift? No, I don't think I ever have. He's not the gifty type. Wait, I take that back. One year I bought him the most hideous tie as a gag gift and he threatened to wear it at my graduation/wedding etc.. for YEARS lol.
9.Is there anything you would like to tell your father that you could or did not? No. I think my dad and I have a pretty open relationship and all that needs to be said has been said, and anything that hasn't is understood.
10.What was your father’s biggest influence on you? Be yourself, and not to care what others think of you.
11.What good advice did your father give to you? Never be afraid to ask questions, and stand up for what you believe in.
12.What would you like to pass on to your children that your father passed on to you? Both #10 and #11
13. What famous father would you not mind having as your father? Donald Trump. Just long enough to get into the will. :P
14. What three traits do good father’s have in common? Loving, honest, protective.
15. Give us your most favorite quote made by your father. Not really a quote, but my dad loves living, and being adventurous. An ongoing joke with us is what will be stated on his headstone. Here lies John. "Wonderful Son, Husband, and Father. Born 1961, Died in 20** being eaten by a bear while hiking in unexplored forests." or "Here lies John, eaten alive by crocodile while canooing alone in Florida's infested waters." or better yet "Here lies John. Founder of panned gold, mined diamonds, buried treasures, Incan ruins, and survivor of numerous animal attacks, 21 days alone in the wilderness, 2 years on a deserted island, finally meeting his maker at the age of 153 insuring his place as the World Guinness's oldest living man."

Happy Father's Day!

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