Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tea parties, bee hives, and ugly pantries

I sold a few items on Craigslist yesterday and since my in-laws were going to take both the little ones for the day (oldest being with her dad and watching Toy Story 3 without me, *pout*) I decided to go to a store called Tradarama that is packed full of stuff and impossible to maneuver around with a toddler in hand. The aisles are too narrow for a cart or stroller. I don't go there very often at all because of that.
It's super hot in there and a tad on the "overfloweth" side but there are great prices and TONS of stuff. I like the back half of the store. clothes or bedding, just stuff. In one box there are rolls upon rolls of contact paper from every decade since the 70s..maybe some older. I grabbed this roll and although I don't know exactly what I want to do with it yet, I loved it from the moment I saw it. I think I had sheets in a similar pattern as a kid. I know it boarders on the brink of being ugly, but if I do the right thing with it, it could pass into that retro cool potential I know it has. I wish the picture showed the truer colors.

I'm actually thinking of putting it on that EAT in the background..what do you think? Maybe just one letter? I believe I paid $.50 for the roll (lots left) and if nothing else, I'm putting it in my pantry. One day, you'll see it again in the blog of the person that bought my house and they'll show the transformation and say "Now isn't that so much better than that hideous contact paper?" lol But for now, it's my house and it makes me happy so in the pantry it shall go.

I also got this little "beehive" pot and how could I resist it when I had JUST mentioned wanting one in my last post? $.50 and it's mine.

I need to figure out what to put in it and my "owl" pot. I wanted an array of succulents (because I kill everything) but these are too small and narrow at the top I think. Any ideas? I don't have much surface area near window lighting. I may have to go fake..yuck.

Found the "freedom" sign ($.50) and the flag heart ($.75) and hope to make some sort of arrangement for 4th of July. I meant to do it for Memorial day but never got around to it. *oops*

I've been considering a Tea party for Cutecumber's 2nd birthday. I have visions of cupcakes decorated as different garden flowers and little finger sandwiches in flower shapes too. I got all this for $1.00 today. For that price, even if I don't use it for her birthday, I can have a fun tea party with just the kids.

They wrapped my items in bubble wrap. Score for the Scientist who said something cute the other night during prayers:

"...and if the devil ever tries to get into heaven, and you tell him no and he gets mad cause he doesn't like that, just tell him, "You get what you get, and you don't throw a fit!".....Amen! "

I believe I can thank Ms. Flores (Kinder teacher) for that quote lol

I really want to finish a few projects I have that involve etching glass. I have everything together, I just need to do it. I hope to show you those soon.


  1. Seriously, I want to visit you and go to this store!! I wonder if they have something like that here in Arlington or some where close. I LOVE all your little ideas (even the stolen ones) and I'm SO jealous!!

  2. You need to go to fill up that new house! I googled it and you have a bunch! Even one called Thrift Town that says it's clean and organized. I'm jealous lol

  3. What did you google exactly? I googled the name Tradarama and I got guitars in VA.

  4. Oh. It's a giant trift store?? Idk why but I was thinking a huge warehouse, with only those doors that roll up... lol

  5. OMG! I need to make babysitter aragements!!

  6. I googled Thrift Shops in *your town* and a lot popped up. You have a Salvation Army too which I like because they have specials like "Half off furniture on Fridays" and that kind of thing. Ours spins a wheel like a game show on certain days and you can get up to 75% off your total purchase.


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